WWE RAW RESULTS: Lana, Tamina and All See Red Before Battle on the Grand Stage (March, 28th 2016)


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It is Hard to Believe how quickly WrestleMania has come along this year, with the Grand Thirty Second Wrestling Extravaganza taking place this Sunday in Dallas, and with that in mind, this weeks RAW provided last opportunities to build momentum for the ongoing two divas feuds. While Charlotte battled another of her WrestleMania Opponents, looking for momentum after being swamped by the other this past thursday on Smackdown, Team Brie, after weeks of being tricked by the Villainous Lana and her sneaky allies, looked for a much needed comeback, but one woman short….

Charlotte, the Current Divas Champion, battles one half of her WrestleMania Challengers Becky Lynch in the first divas match of the night, with her secondary challenger Sasha Banks viewing from commentary. Sasha is already seated at the side of the commentary desk when both Becky and Charlotte get entrances, with the note that you can make out fans singing along to Becky’s entrance music. Theres also a recap of Becky’s attack on both the Champ Charlotte and Sasha from last weeks Smackdown, with the boos seemingly not piped out. The Bell rings and both competitors start off with a shoving match as Becky displays her more fiery self by lashing back at the Divas Champion. Charlotte charges at Becky, swinging at her with an attempted forearm of which Becky dodges. Becky arm drags Charlotte around the ring before getting to work on her left shoulder. Charlotte soon counters Becky’s upcoming offense, striking her with a knee and attempting to whip her into a corner which Becky reverses. Charlotte floats outside and shoulder tackles Becky from the apron. Avoiding Becky lunging at her again, Charlotte takes the hair of Becky, using it to throw Becky to the mat. Taking eyes off the current opponent, Charlotte turns her attention to Sasha, mocking her signature pose that doesn’t phase Sasha too much as we come to a commercial break.

Returning from the break, Charlotte is in control as expected with knees to the head of Becky. Becky forearms at Charlotte in retaliation, sending her down to the mat. Charlotte springs up quick and boots Becky in an attempt to stall the Irish Divas momentum. Becky reverses Charlotte’s whip, sending Charlotte into the corner turnbuckles. Charlotte stumbles back, taking an additional clothesline from Becky. Becky pummels Charlotte with another, then lets out a dropkick. Becky fires up, and nails a running elbow to Charlotte in the farthest corner. Like Charlotte hadn’t taken enough damage, she also takes a exploder suplex out of the corner courtesy of Becky. Becky goes for the first pin attempt of the match there, getting the first near fall.

Becky takes in the unanimous support from the WWE universe and looks to set up her signature submission, the Disarmer, on Charlotte, only for the Divas Champ to reverse, drawing her into a roll up that gets her a one count on the Lasskicker. Charlotte starts making the needed comeback with knees and a chop, attempting to pin after and getting a near fall. Charlotte heads out to the apron per being sent over by Becky, taking a springboard sidekick that sends her to the outside floor. Sasha steps up from where she was previously seated and comes face to face with Charlotte, and simply watches as Lynch follows Charlotte outside, chasing her back into the ring. As Becky looks to follow Charlotte back in, the refs eyes are on Charlotte, thus he doesn’t notice Ric on the outside attempting to stop Becky from making it back to the ring. Becky breaks free but is flattened by a big boot from the champ within seconds. Following up from this attack, Charlotte scores the Natural Selection finishing move to Becky for the Pre WrestleMania victory. Charlotte wins the match.

The Second Divas Match features two women ideally responsible for kick-starting the Divas Revolution within NXT, Paige vs Emma, both now on different sides. Paige emerges with Natalya, Alicia Fox and Brie at her side while Emma’s numbers are thoroughly higher than the Total Divas side with Naomi, Tamina, Lana and Summer Rae at her side. Emma and Paige get in a short stare-down to kick off their match, before Emma avoids a lock up with her fellow NXT Alumni, instead viciously attacking her back. Emma leads her to then snapmares her from the corner, kicking her then applying a stretch submission while also stepping on her hair. Emma chokes Paige between the ropes, then hitting the ropes and scoring a running dropkick. Emma goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall.

Emma continues to have control, sending Paige head first into a corner turnbuckle before kicking her against the same corner. Emma then hits the running cross-body to Paige, dragging her from the corner and attempting to pin again. Emma gets a secondary near fall on Paige. Paige begins to fight back as she scores a number of kicks to Emma as the Total Divas declare support from ringside. Paige hits a running knee to Emma in the corner, quickly rolling her out and hitting with another running knee. Paige follows this with a pin attempt, leading to her getting a near fall on Emma.

Emma strikes with forearms, then being caught in Paige’s whip reversal which leads to the Aussie being caught in the hands of Paige. Paige executes a Fallaway Slam but as she plans her next move, Tamina leaps to the apron. While the Total Divas attention is drawn to Tamina on the apron, Lana slinks into the ring and attacks Paige. Emma takes advantage of the assist and pins Paige to win her first match back on the main roster.

However, Emma doesn’t plan to celebrate, continuing to assault Paige after the match. Brie goes after Lana, pulled away by Summer Rae and Lana just stands watch as her team mates get the advantage in the in ring brawl. Unlucky for the villains team, someone has decided to take a stand for the Total Divas and emerging from the back, out comes a returning Eva Marie. The redhead charges to the ring, grabs the fleeing Lana and tosses her to the mat by her hair, standing by her team mates as Lana makes an exit. Eva then acts happy around Paige, Natalya, Brie and Alicia, but none seem happy to see her back.

And Lastly Stephanie McMahon could do little to prevent the former WWE Champion Roman Reigns tearing at his WrestleMania Opponent Triple H in the main event brawl. Despite assistance from the Dudleys, the acquisition of the Usos allowed Reigns to also hit back at the Authority’s Teammates and overall, stand tall to close the segment.

(Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Becky Lynch feat Sasha Banks)

(Paige w/ Alicia Fox, Brie Bella and Natalya vs Emma w/ Lana, Naomi, Tamina and Summer Rae; Eva Marie Returns)

(Brie Bella on RAW Fallout)

(Roman Reigns, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte/Becky: A Unique, Fiery Match with decent time and some great backing crowd wise for Becky, which pleased me considering i was worrying whether some fans were going to force the Sasha Chants during the whole match. I Loved the match as a whole and Becky’s more fiery nature to add to reflect on the importance of WrestleMania to her as a whole, but cant help but stress how back and forth matches have drowned the feud in the place of Promos/Segments. But the timing of Charlotte’s victory is a wondrous mystery booking wise. Sasha is the sure fire winner in a lot of peoples books for Sunday, but Becky has come out with another loss, and right before a Pay Per View, not to mention, momentum is now on the Champion and seemingly Sasha, which, in turn, may make the result for Sunday unpredictable in the Championship Match. I Wouldn’t be surprised if WWE knows about the 50/50 booking this feud has received and therefore are depending on the quality of Sundays Match to silence many, but Sundays Match is one to definitely watch.

Emma/Paige: Loved the Match. Its honestly so refreshing to see Emma get so much of a showcase in this match to remind people outside of NXT what she is capable of, and adding her chemistry with Paige on top, a great match is certainly guaranteed. I’m divided currently on the reveal of Eva Marie as the teammate of Brie and Co for many reasons however. First would be because Logic would see WWE want the babyfaces to be cheered, therefore they could have brought out Jacqueline or Carmella or even Candice Michelle who teased something Mania related several weeks ago to guarantee some sort of pop on the babyface side, and i cant see why WWE would think adding Eva to the match would generate interest. As Much as i like Eva, most people watching are put off with her, even if its for the ridiculous reasons, therefore her addition will be seen to them as a bathroom break, and in addition, the interest should have been generated through the interactions of Brie and Lana which began then was suddenly discontinued as it became more of a Total Divas draw than a singles draw, which cannot be good for the heels this Sunday, especially Emma. Regardless, any interest for me in Eva being added to the team is pondering what she will do for the babyfaces at Mania considering a run as a babyface is sure not to work considering she was already retaining her heel persona upon returning, unless they take the Roman Reigns route of forcing it. I Do Believe Eva will turn on them in Eve Torres type fashion this Sunday, but even more questions develop if this is the case. With Eva most surely gone from NXT and her alliance with Nia out of the way, meaning her training time dissipates with being on the road, who does she and Lana feud with after Mania if Brie is surely speeding up her retirement? Hopefully Mania and next Monday answers these questions because if Brie vs Lana is still ongoing, it doesn’t have much time left.

– Catherine


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