WWE NXT TAKEOVER DALLAS RESULTS: From the Four Horsewoman Era to the Asuka Era (April, 1st 2016)

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Welcome All to The Report on the highly anticipated and again, highly praised, NXT Takeover Dallas Special. As Hyped over the short amount of time that the rivalry has been in existence, NXT Women’s Champion Bayley would clash with the unpinned, unsubmitted hench of #AsukaCity, The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka.

Taking the pre Main Event spot, following up a Match of the Night Candidate in Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura is the women’s division match. Out first is the Challenger Asuka in New Blue Gear and a New Mask to boot, followed by the entrance of the favorite babyface of the division, NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, who also sports new gear. The Two combatants are then introduced by their statuses by Greg Hamilton before this crowd elating match can happen. Of Course Bayley needs to shake off some fan adulation reminiscent of NXT Takeover London to remain focused against the undefeated opposition. Bayley attains her focus, managing the dodge a swift roundhouse that kicks off the physicality of the match.

Bayley tries to target the left shoulder of Asuka when the two lock up, having the potential hammerlock reversed by Asuka, who captures Bayley in her own. Bayley rolls out, managing to send Asuka to the mat momentarily, applying pressure to Asuka’s left arm. Asuka soon knocks off Bayley with a forearm. Bayley recovers as she removes herself from the corner, locking up with Asuka once again. Bayley applies a side headlock to Asuka, who sends her to the ropes. Both women avoid each others returning offense, the sequence ended when Asuka sends down the champ with an elbow. Bayley showcases her athleticism again to avoid Asuka’s oncoming offense and she arm drags Asuka to the mat. Asuka recovers in quick time to avoid a running elbow drop from Bayley, but Bayley is just as quick, moving out of the way of Asukas oncoming kick. Bayleys eyes remain on the target as they ready for another lock up.

Asuka begins to fire kicks at Bayley, having a whip reversed by the champ who scores a forearm upon countering. Bayley counters a whip reversal from Asuka, taking a forearm from Asuka, who retaliates as she did before. Another whip reversal leads to Asuka executing the hip attack on Bayley. Asuka kicks Bayley around, leading to Bayley rolling near to the outside. Asuka watches Bayley force herself upward with the ropes, readying for the hip attack again, but Bayley again is swift in averting, and moves away to avoid the attack connecting. Bayley takes advantage of Asuka being caught between the ropes to deliver a quick clothesline. Bayley climbs back to the ring, to the turnbuckles, and she connects with the spinning elbow. Bayley darts into the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Asuka.

Bayley attempts to continue the momentum as she runs Asuka into the corner, weakening her with some shoulder tackles. Bayley follows this by hitting a running elbow to Asuka in the corner, a second diverted when Asuka launches her over the top rope, sending her to the apron. Bayley avoids a swinging clothesline from Asuka and climbs back to the ring, to the top rope, and she nails a cross-body to Asuka for another near fall. Bayley hits a running knee drop and elbow to Asuka, though a second elbow drop is diverted when Asuka avoids and quickly tries for the Asuka Lock, though Bayley reaches desperately for the ropes using both feet. Asuka unloads with a furious onslaught in the corner to Bayley, though a high knee doesnt connect when Bayley leaves the corner, forcing her up top then stretching her out against the ring post. Bayley scores kicks to the midsection of the exposed Asuka, then hitting with a running elbow. Rolling her from the corner, Bayley goes into another pin attempt, scoring yet another near fall on Asuka.

Before Bayley can prep the next move, Asuka knees her away from the corner. Asuka hauls herself to the top turnbuckle, only to lose some momentum when Bayley suddenly strikes with a running elbow. After two high forearms, Bayley sets herself up on the ropes alongside Asuka, sending her down with a headscissor. Bayley yanks Asuka into one more pin attempt, again scoring a near fall. Bayley attempts to wear down Asuka for a while via a sleeper hold, which Asuka eventually escapes, attempting a single leg crab which Bayley escapes, in turn, using her leg to send Asuka flying to the outside ground. Bayley helps herself up despite sustaining some damage to her leg, using both of her legs to execute a hurricanrana through the ropes and to Asuka on the outside. Bayley rolls Asuka back into the ring for one more near fall.

Bayley makes it to her feet, forearming Asuka a few times, though this barely moves Asuka, who lets out a familiar scream. Bayley hits the third then takes to the ropes, but Asuka does also, blindsiding the champ with a sudden running dropkick. Asuka begins a comeback with numerous kicks, then has her whip reversed, but its no problems for Asuka as she perfects a landing on the corner turnbuckles, taking off from the turnbuckles and taking out Bayley with a missile dropkick. Asuka returns with the lethal kicks, taking an attack from Bayley afterward but recovering in enough time to knee Bayley mid flight. Asuka scores another kick and gets a near fall on Bayley. Asuka gets to her feet, hoisting up Bayley who makes another comeback with a take-down, this time getting the champ a one count on Asuka. Asuka unloads with forearms to the side of Bayleys face, heading to the ropes, attempting to execute a hip attack, only this time Bayley does a counter no other opponent within the WWE has done, catching Asuka midway through the attack, taking the elbows that follow it but standing aground and suplexing the surprised Asuka.

Bayley avoids a first kick from Asuka, but not the second which follows. Both use the nearby ropes to hoist each other up and make a recovery, thinking up the next dropkick scenario, neither of which connect. Bayley stays standing despite forearms and a slap, but she ends up kicking Asukas swift kicks. Bayley locks in a submission on Asuka against the ring mat, focusing on the left foot of Asuka, also using it to drag Asuka away from the ropes to stall any chance from Asuka to make it to the ropes. Bayley smashes Asukas left knee against the mat, and tries to continue the rather heelish tactic by prizing the opposite foot, only for Asuka to avoid the possible outcome. Asuka tries to get in another kick but Bayley returns to the tactic again, elbowing the knee of Asuka, summoning up the strategy of attempting to take out both of Asukas legs. Bayley uses the feet of Asuka to take her down numerous times, but as she charges toward Asuka for the next attack, Asuka leaps upward and suddenly prizes the champ in the Asuka Lock. Bayley eventually reverses into a roll up for a near fall.

Bayley dodges two roundhouse kicks from Asuka and rolls her into a schoolgirl pin for a near fall. Asuka reverses a whip and wraps her arm around Bayleys neck, attempting to pull her down to the mat for another possible Asuka Lock attempt, but Bayley avoids it. Asuka takes a suplex from Bayley, as well as the additional low clothesline, which gets Bayley yet another near fall. Bayley elbows the side of Asuka, also stretching the right arm of Asuka. Bayley attempts to pin again, leading to the same result. Bayley charges, possibly looking to execute her Belly to Belly Suplex Finisher, but Asuka keeps Bayley stalled with a front face-lock, followed with elbows to the back. Asuka dodges Bayleys clothesline, hitting her with the roundhouse. Taking her down, Asuka locks in an armbar, then attempts to bring Bayley down again for the Asuka Lock, but Bayley remains up, trying to force herself to the ropes. Unfortunately for Bayley, Asuka manages to take her down to the mat, one arm tied around Bayleys front with the Asuka Lock Locked. Despite Bayleys attempt to force her body up, Asuka is too much and she collapses on the other side of the ring with the deadly submission still locked. Shock emits from some of the audience as Bayley passes from the Submission, awarding Asuka the victory. Asuka is the New NXT Women’s Champion.

(Bayley vs Asuka; NXT Women’s Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Mentioning the Positives First. Ive been a Fan of Asuka long before her WWE Days, so i couldn’t help but act like a happy, proud fan at watching her haul the women’s title into her arms last night. I Just remember seeing Asuka (Kana at the time) in the audience on the Television at Takeover Brooklyn, wondering of dream match scenarios featuring the mentioned competitor, a match with Becky being one of my all time hopeful dream matches, and holding a title that has gained so much prestige since its reveal moves Asuka a step closer to performing on the main roster one day, as i do believe Asuka will not fall to the Neville or Tyler treatment once that day comes around. VERY Happy for Asuka. The Negatives However…I Can understand the shock from many fans last night to see Bayley more or less submit to Asuka and abdicate her championship in turn, as there was no story other than the story told in the ring, meaning a rematch was surely possible with Bayley becoming victorious in the first. It makes me wonder if WWE have fed Bayley lines in recent interviews about not wanting to be on the main roster too soon to keep surprises as surprises for Post Mania, though, in this current age, moments such as championship surrenders from a loved competitor mean expected promotion someday, as consistently speculated with the likes of Charlotte. So, Yes, Asukas Title win was both expected due to her streak but unexpected due to the belief Bayley would have retained due to the lack of story and the huge backing Bayley has received during her long time build. Regardless, Bayley has had a excellent reign in my opinion, ended too soon like Sasha’s, and unless Nia heads to the main roster at the side of Eva, then i expect Nia to chase the title while Bayley heads up to the main roster regardless of whether Charlotte or Sasha are Champion, because one can expect for Bayley vs Sasha, a renowned bout, to be duplicated on the main roster at some point. But again, Congrats to Asuka, and Congrats to Bayley also on a great reign, an overall great, consistently excelling performance in NXT and in the match, even despite the crowd muting at some times, worn by the previous performance from Shinsuke.

– Catherine


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