WWE Divas Championship Officially Retired at WrestleMania 32; New WWE Womens Champion Crowned (April, 4th 2016)


At Tonight’s Thirty Second WrestleMania Extravaganza, amidst reports that the Divas Title was set to be retired indefinite, WWE executed a segment where WWE Hall of Famer Lita would introduce a New WWE Women’s Championship baring no relation to the past title held by the likes of Layla, Moolah and Beth Phoenix amongst others.

On top of that news which is a relief to many fans hoping for more importance in the women’s division, Lita would also reveal that the Divas Title would indeed be retired as reports made out, and in turn, the Hyped Triple Threat between Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte would be instead a battle to crown a New WWE Women’s Champion, eventually won by Charlotte after a lengthy bout. This saw Charlotte be crowned the Inaugural WWE Women’s Champion, retiring her previous title and beginning a new reign. The Divas Championship was introduced as a secondary championship for the divas division back in 2008 alongside the eventually retired Women’s Championship, eventually becoming a staple title for the division with the women’s title being vacated, but, as said, the divas championship was officially abdicated and vacated at Tonight’s WrestleMania, creating an era anew in the stacking WWE Women’s Division.

The Newly Crowned Champion also reacted to her Big WrestleMania Moment Via Twitter..

That and More will be reviewed when WrestleMania 32 Report is posted later today, featuring a rundown of that, plus the Divas Tag Team Match that took place on the Kickoff as well as the Historic Triple Threat between the NXT Call Ups Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch.

– Catherine


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