WWE WRESTLEMANIA 32 RESULTS: Adieu to An Era, Hello to History (April, 3rd 2016)

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Welcome All to My Report that Ive been long waiting to do on this years Splendid WrestleMania Pay Per View (even though it wasn’t splendid for a certain Shane McMahon…). In All Honesty, this years show was the best EVER for fans of Women’s Wrestling, as, despite some attempt to drive importance in the past two years with the current crop of talent, not only were the women treated respectably, able to compete to the heights that the men can, but in turn, a (somewhat) surprising vacating of the divas title brought on a much positively critiqued era for women’s wrestling within the WWE..

The First Match, though not given the equal importance of the mainly promoted women’s match despite strong build in the first few weeks, saw Brie Bella lead herself and her team of Eva Marie, Alicia Fox, Paige and Natalya to the Grandest Stage of them all to battle Naomi, Tamina, Summer Rae, and a recently returned Emma as well as a debuting Lana. Team Total Divas make their entrance first as a unit, to the Total Divas Theme (WHY? PLAY BRIES! ITS HER LAST MANIA!) followed by an equally strong unit of Team BAD and Blonde, in equally extravagant outfits, Lana and Summer Especially. Opening the Match in front of a sold out crowd in Dallas is Alicia Fox and Summer Rae.

Alicia breaks off from a lock up and fires a load of forearms at the heel competitor Summer, and she only unleashes more damage as she aims some high kicks at Summer additionally. It Takes three forearms and an attempted arm wringer reversal to break free of Alicia’s grip, but her attempt to reverse again falls flat as she is roped towards Alicia. Summer manages to take Alicia to the mat to counter. Summer presses both of Fox’s shoulders to the mat to get the first pin attempt and near fall of the match. Alicia dropkicks Summer to make the quick comeback, following with the usual Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, getting a near fall also on Summer. Summer scarpers to her own corner for a break, wishing no more altercations for the next few moments, then her team mates step in, eyeing out the Total Divas, leading to a standoff in the center of the ring, which the ref is left to deal with as we come to a break.

Returning to the match, we see both Alicia and Summer have hit the aprons in favor of their tagged partners, Eva Marie and Emma, with Eva getting expected boos. Eva immediately dodges an attempted clothesline from Emma, hitting the ropes and sending the Aussie down with a whirling head-scissor. Emma recovers in time to try charge over to Eva, taking a knee to the gut along the way. Eva hits two snap suplexes to Emma on opposite sides of the ring before debating who to tag from her own team, ultimately selecting Natalya. The Veteran Diva enters the ring after seeming offended at how Eva tagged her in, but before she can lunge at the heel opposition, Emma, she takes a hard slap. Emma shouts smack at Natalya then runs her into the heel corner. Emma tags Naomi, who hits a forearm of her own to Natalya before leading her away from the corner. Natalya hits offense, but it does little to knock off Naomi, who hits her swift knees, finalized with a dropkick. Naomi attempts to attack Nattie in the corner, crashing into the turnbuckles instead. Natalya takes advantage to slingshot Naomi to the mat, finalizing the sequence with her basement dropkick which gets her a near fall on One Half of NaoMina.

Natalya, with Naomi in one hand, tags Paige in with the other, and the Anti Diva enters to a nice pop from the Dallas audience. Paige clotheslines Naomi off the top of Natalya’s shoulders, additionally hitting a knee to Naomi in the middle of the ring, running her to the corner turnbuckles after where she hits with a high knee to Naomi. Paige snapmares Naomi, knocked off momentarily via the Jawbreaker from Naomi. Paige ducks as Naomi attempts a running cross-body, leading to Naomi crashing between the ropes. Naomi tags Emma back in, who takes a kick from Paige. Before Paige can try anything else, Emma sends her down with a wheelbarrow suplex. Emma gets a near fall on the fellow NXT Alumni.

Emma works over Paige with a flurry of furious forearms, applying the usual stretch hold while standing on the hair of the fellow competitor. Emma tags in the most unexpected diva to even be competing at Mania if one would ask months ago, Lana. Lana scores a behind kick following an arm wringer and forearms Paige into the corner. Paige shoves off Lana near the center of the ring and takes a chick kick for her troubles. Lana taunts Brie while standing over the fallen Paige, mocking the Yes Chants as she trundles over to her team mates, tagging in Tamina. Tamina runs in and immediately attempts to cover Paige, getting a near fall. The Unimpressed Tamina follows this up with a suplex to get her another near fall on Paige. Tamina applies a chin-lock to Paige as the Total Divas rally the crowd to get behind the babyface diva, whose shots don’t break her off from Tamina, who instead elbows her into a corner before whipping her to another. Tamina attacks Paige, both beginning to climb the corner turnbuckles, with Naomi running in despite not being tagged to assist in a possible double team maneuver. Coming to Paiges aid is Natalya, looking for the tower of doom, but Naomi slips away and herself and Tamina beat up Natalya before Tamina throws Natalya outside. Paige then fends off Tamina and Naomi alone, sending both halves of NaoMina crashing to the outside ground. Paige turns her attention to another side, noticing Summer, a recovered Tamina and Emma spouting on the outside floor, diving onto all three women.

Lana charges outside, urging her team members upward and seemingly forcing them back to the ring. Tamina charges into the ring, clubbing Paige from behind before she can make a tag to Eva Marie. Tamina taunts the crowd then tags Emma, who leads Paige head first into the opposite corner turnbuckle. Emma stomps viciously into the midsection of Paige, having one follow up kick blocked, leading to Emma crashing neck first into the bottom corner turnbuckle per Paige’s reversal. Paige makes the tag to Brie, while Tamina tags in Naomi. Brie goes immediately after Lana, forearming her off the corner apron. Brie sends Naomi face first into her knee, additionally kicking her then connecting with her Yes Kicks, Shades of her Husband Daniel Bryan. Naomi avoids one but takes a last kick, followed by the Bella Buster. As Brie covers, Lana charges in and breaks up the pin attempt. Natalya runs in and sends Lana to the mat via the discus clothesline. Tamina sends Natalya on her way with a Samoan Drop before Eva runs in, kicking Tamina before connecting with her (speediest so far) Sliced Red finish. Eva takes in the crowds boos before Summer sneaks in, taking Eva out with the roundhouse kick, which gets her a pop for the soul reason. Alicia Knees Summer then hits her with the Axe Scissor Kick, caught out by Emma’s sudden underhook suplex. Paige fallaway slams Emma away before walking into Naomi’s rear view. The Legal Diva, Brie, then attacks Naomi. Brie readies for the running knee, catching Naomi’s knee block, but as Brie yanks her upward, Naomi uses the mid flight maneuver to land on her feet and hit a dropkick. Naomi attempts to connect with the springboard moonsault, diverted when Brie lifts her knee to counter. Brie heads to the top rope, pushed off by the sneaky Lana, hoping for Naomi to take advantage of the heel maneuver. Unfortunately, Naomi’s chances of a comeback remain short when Bries counter forces Naomi into the Yes Lock. Naomi submits, awarding the victory to Team Brie. Nikki even runs down to join in the victory celebrations for Brie in what might have been the 1x Divas Champions Last Match..

Leaving the Pre Show Booth, Lita makes a surprise appearance sometime before the end of the show to announce that a new Women’s Title has been created by the WWE, thus, due to this, the Divas Title would officially be vacated on the night in favor of the new WWE Women’s Title baring no resemblance no relation to the previous Women’s Championship, and the Advertised Triple Threat between Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks would be to crown the 1st and New WWE Women’s Champion.

The Now Women’s Title Match takes place as the only Women’s Match on the Main Show, the Second Overall on the Pay Per View. As Suggested and promised, the Divas would each get some sort of special feel for their match, Becky getting new gear and smoke for the main stage, Sasha getting confetti and her theme sung especially by Snoop Dogg and Raven Felix, and Charlotte gets a Robe similar to that of the last robe worn by her Hall of Fame Father, Ric, at his last WrestleMania, and pyro to add. Lilian introduces the Challengers as well as the final Divas Champion Charlotte for the Now Created Women’s Championship Match.

Charlotte starts off by fending off the circling opponents, Becky and Sasha, connecting with a forearm to both combatants. Sasha and Becky make up for it as they dodge a clothesline in unison, taking down Charlotte with chops. Sending Charlotte away for the short amount of time, Sasha quickly turns attention to Becky, rolling her up for the first pin attempt of the match, with Becky kicking out at the count of one. Becky rolls Sasha in return following a drop toe hold, but like Becky, Sasha also breaks free at the count of one. Sasha takes down Becky, covering in a Jack-Knife type pin attempt, cancelled after a count of one when Becky raises herself and Sasha from the mat. Becky backslides Sasha for a near fall, then Charlotte rolls over Becky for a one count. Sasha rolls Charlotte but has her pin attempt broken by Becky. Becky is taken down by Sasha, breaking free from yet another pin attempt at one. Charlotte then boots Becky before she can strike at either woman. With Becky rolling to the outside ground, its now down to Charlotte and Sasha for the next few moments.

Sasha boots Charlotte in the face then chops her, executing a hurricanrana after sending herself to the top rope. Sasha tries to follow this with double knees in the corner, which Charlotte blocks. Charlotte hits back with one shoulder tackle before fending off the re-appearing Becky. Sasha makes up for a failed sunset flip by rolling up Becky, but the Lasskicker kicks out. With Charlotte out, Sasha and Becky go back and forth. Becky arm drags Sasha, working on the oppositions left shoulder. Sasha counters a whip, pulling Becky into an elbow. Sasha runs to the ropes but Charlotte awaits from the outside, dragging Sasha from the ring and laying her out on the outside after sending her, and the back of her neck, into the ropes. Charlotte’s taunting gets cut short by the dive from Becky. Becky rolls Charlotte back to the ring, missing a clothesline upon returning herself, taken down by Charlotte, who sweeps her with both legs. Becky kicks Charlotte away, hitting with another upon getting to her feet, sending her face first into her knee also. Becky DDTs Charlotte to get a near fall.

Becky begins to clamber up the turnbuckles, knocking off an attempted strike from Charlotte along the way. Charlotte elbows Becky in the back then sends her to the mat. Charlotte almost has her, covering her and getting a near fall, and frustration sets in as she bashes the back of Becky’s head against the mat a number of times. Charlotte returns to attempting to pin the Lasskicker, getting a one count. Becky avoids being caught in a figure four despite taking damage from knee drops by Charlotte. Sasha makes it back to the ring, shoulder tackling Charlotte against the near corner. Sasha sets up Charlotte between the ropes for the double knees, caught mid flight by Becky who tosses her all the way to the floor. Becky misses an elbow in the corner to Charlotte, rolled out by Charlotte for a one count. Becky seeks the disarmer but a counter by Charlotte leads to another roll up, another of which Becky escapes. Becky rolls Charlotte into the disarmer at last but it doesn’t come without some eventual distractions per Ric from the outside. Becky still keeps it locked regardless.

Sasha runs in and clubs Becky, breaking the submission hold from the Lasskicker to the Final Divas Champ. Becky tosses Sasha to the outside, attacked by Charlotte from behind within moments. Becky is driven back first into Charlotte’s knee, and she subtly locks in the figure four to Becky, broken by Sasha, who leaps onto both from out of nowhere. Sasha comes close to a three count on Charlotte per the Guerrero-esque maneuver. Sasha knees Charlotte in the face before executing double knees. Sasha attempts to pin Charlotte, broken at the count of two per Becky dragging her from the pin attempt and suplexing her. Becky takes a standing neckbreaker from Charlotte but avoids a big boot, and she floors Charlotte via the pumphandle suplex/rock bottom variation for a near fall as Sasha runs in to break it up.

Charlotte rolls away from the ring while Becky connects with uppercuts to Sasha. Becky rolls over Sasha for another near fall. Becky tries desperately to set up the disarmer on Banks, facing another counter. Becky gets sent to the corner but flees in time to avoid Sashas corner attack, and in turn, nearly takes the springboard sidekick had she not rolled from the corner. Sasha nails double knees then rolls Becky from the corner. After missing offense to one another, Sasha turns the focus to Charlotte, diving onto her on the outside. Sasha gets in the face of Ric, who consistently woods from ringside, and as she looks to grab the Hall of Famer, Becky instead, dives onto Flair, taking him down to the floor. Sasha looks to climb to the ring, but Becky yanks her away from the apron instead.

Rather than head back to the ring, Charlotte, who tries to make a recovery whilst on the apron, instead has other intentions as she climbs from the apron to the turnbuckles. Charlotte floors both Becky and Sasha with the moonsault from the top turnbuckle. Charlotte makes it back to her feet after the massive move and drags both ladies by their hair back to the ring. Both are laid out via a double Natural Selection, but despite the numerous attempts, she can pin neither Becky or Sasha, who stay fighting. The Frustrated Charlotte wedges Becky between the turnbuckles, then scooping Sasha into her arms, ready for a power-bomb, but Sasha tries much to hang on and fend off Charlotte while hanging on the shoulders of the fellow competitor. Both are taken to the mat via a dropkick off the turnbuckles from Becky. Becky goes for the hopeful last pin on Charlotte, getting a near fall, therefore resorts to locking the Disarmer. Becky tries much to keep Charlotte away from the ropes, then Sasha emerges, breaking the hold as she nails the Backstabber to Lynch into the Bank Statement Submission. Becky tries with much might to force herself over to the ropes, to no avail as Sasha rolls her back into the submission. Charlotte returns, locking the Figure four on Sasha while Becky rolls from harms way.

Sasha beats at the knee of Charlotte to try and break any attempt from Charlotte to revert from the current submission to the Figure Eight, eventually managing a reversal. Charlotte locks the Figure Eight to the dismay of Sasha upon the reversal, but Becky drags both arms of Sasha under the ropes, forcing the breakage. Charlotte fires chops to both women, taking a number of forearms from both in the process. Clearing off Charlotte temporarily, they hit a forearm to each other to follow, then Sasha is speared by the re-emerging Charlotte. Sasha clears off while Becky runs Charlotte to the corner ring post, hitting with shoulder tackles before hoisting her upward. Sasha joins both on the ropes, joining in a beat-down on Charlotte. Becky gets knocked off by Sasha, but she returns, knocking Sasha into a dangled position, clambering to the second rope where she nails a German Suplex from. Meanwhile Becky becomes the target of the Backstabber from Sasha but the finishing submission is quickly broken by Charlotte. Charlotte sends Sasha outside then locks the Figure Eight on Becky, and Sasha’s attempts to break this up are dashed by the intervening Ric, as the Boss is just left to helplessly watch the Irish Wrestler submit, thus crowning Charlotte as the First and New WWE Women’s Champion.

And Lastly, Stephanie Participated in another special Mania Entrance for Triple H, who was defending the WWE Championship for what would be the last time against the challenger and former SHIELD member, Roman Reigns.

(Eva Marie, Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox and Brie Bella vs Lana, Summer Rae, Naomi, Tamina and Emma; Kickoff Match & Lita Championship Presentation)

(Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks vs Charlotte; WWE Women’s Championship Match)

(Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon vs Roman Reigns; WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Ten Diva Tag Match: Being away from home to watch Mania I Did Initially miss this match and Lana’s in ring debut, finally getting the chance to catch it, and i couldn’t be anymore pleased with how the match turned out overall, with the crowd seemingly engaged also. The Only Disappointments for me were the lack of ring time Lana got and the ending with Naomi being pinned rather than Lana considering the focus over the past few weeks had originally been on Lana and Brie feuding before the Total Divas transition. The Ending would have logically seen Brie bow out with revenge executed by forcing the enemy Lana into her submission. But Regardless, Brie got her Mania Moment, and her last one, and one she worked for after being on the losing team the year before.

Triple Threat Match: I Heard Much some days before about the divas title being abdicated and as much as the Girls had tried to stand out as wrestlers despite the moniker, i loved the feel of importance the match was given despite build falling apart at some times. The Fact that the girls not only got special entrances, but a plaque alongside two of the nights biggest matches on the particular arena, as well as pyro to celebrate the closure, it honestly felt like it was a main event, if not one of the most important matches in women’s wrestling, in wrestlemania history. I Was overall surprised at Charlotte winning, but not surprised at who ate the pin, with Becky taking the overall Dean Ambrose Fast Lane role. It was one of the best matches in Mania History for the Women in terms of the feel and a Massive Congratulations to Charlotte and her fellow Women on not only working excellently in the match, but for providing a piece of Women’s Wrestling History.

– Catherine


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