LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: More Drama Post Aztec Warfare (March, 30th 2016)

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Welcome All to a Rather Late Write Up on the Recent Episode of Lucha Underground. This week was Woman/Luchadora a-plenty as Newest Rivals in the Temple Sexy Star and Mariposa squared off, the Trios Champions went to war with their former adversaries again, and Catrina sought revenge for losing her spot as El Jefe to the Temples Original Boss…

But before one can discuss these topics, we see the aligned duo of Johnny Mundo and Taya in action against Mr Cisco and Cortez Castro. The Pairing of Mundo and Taya already standby in the ring as Cortez and Cisco make their entrance together. Taya begins the match against Cortez, taking him down using both his legs, taking to the ropes and taking him down once again before Cortez sends her to the mat via a comeback kick. Cortez goes for the first pin attempt of the match, scoring a near fall result on Taya. Taya avoids a suplex and makes a return with a clothesline to Cortez. Cortez tries to regain momentum again by taking Taya back down. Cisco is tagged, and he assists in a double team maneuver, leading to both men scoring a kick each to the midsection of Taya. A Follow up bulldog from both gets Cisco another near fall on Taya.

Cisco whips Taya into a possible backbreaker, diverted when Taya counters into a hurricanrana. Cisco is dragged from his own corner by Taya, but before she can unleash more damage and pain, Mundo opts to tag in, which seems to take Taya by surprise. Mundo goes back and forth with both Cortez and Cisco for a while until Taya demands to be tagged. Taya tries to pick up where Mundo left off, nailing a dropkick to Cortez as the legal competitor. Taya whips Cortez, but is sent down by a sudden spinning elbow. Taya looks to re cooperate but Cortez charges at her, flattening her with a clothesline. Cortez DDTs Taya but as he seeks to cover her, Mundo runs in, kicking Castro to break it up. Mundo and Cisco go back and forth, and as Mundo tries to get one up, down comes the current rival, Cage. Cages appearance forces Mundo into retreat to another side of the ring, watching Taya trying to make a comeback vs Castro. Despite a kick to the gut from Taya, Cortez recovers in time and gets an assist from his partner Cisco, and the two floor Taya with their finishing move. Cortez pins Taya, getting the victory for Himself and Cisco as Cage eyes from the apron.

Later we go into the backstory of the pair of Marty the Moth and Mariposa, as Marty explains how he was apart of a wealthy tribe, wealthy enough to generate envy from other tribes. When that envy clouded those rivals, they would face the wrath of the described “Greatest Warrior the Aztecs have ever seen” Mariposa. Mariposas Ruthlessness and Viciousness would play a key part in protecting the wealth and Gold belonging to the Tribe that others would try and fail to steal. He adds that the Mask of Mariposa was passed down through generations and that all should beware of this deadly warrior who will face Sexy Star very soon.

From one segment to another, Dario returns to rest in what was originally his office, interrupted by the presence of Catrina, whose vanishing tactics passed even Black Lotus on the outside. Dario seems un-phased by the former Authority Figures appearance, rather welcoming the Mistress of the Underworld and Thanking her for caring for his temple in his absence. However, he fearlessly declares that this is now his temple than hers. Catrina doesn’t deny this but questions Matanza’s ownership, the current holder of the Lucha Underground Championship that once belonged to her own warrior, Mil Muertes. She warns Death will come for it, but Dario continues his fearless speeches, reminding Catrina that his brother, Matanza, does not fear Death. He rests back and Catrina’s magic does its thing again as she reappears at the side of the Boss, believing that even if his brother does not fear Death, he does. Dario tries to overturn things by promising her Disciples a Match for the Trios Titles tonight, then tries to worm her into a partnership. Catrina does not speak on this, simply warning him that Matanza will eventually fall and she will regain control of the Temple one day before disappearing.

Following up from this, as made and mentioned by Dario in the prior segment, Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico would defend the Lucha Underground Trios Championship Titles against the former champions, The Disciples of Death, only this time in a Elimination Style Match. Opening the Match is Angelico taking on Bario Negro (Gold Disciple). Angelico and Bario go back and forth, with Havoc eventually tagged in. Ivelisse is eventually tagged in, arm dragging Bario from her own corner, targeting the left arm of Bario soon after. Ivelisse nails kicks to the back of the legs of Bario while also trying to return to her own partners, scooped on the right shoulder of Bario, who leads her over to the heels corner, tagging the Purple Disciple whose attempt to keep momentum is cut short by a Northern Lights Suplex from Ivelisse, enough to get a near fall. Ivelisse rolls him over to get a near fall once again.

Ivelisse soon ends up on the ropes, with Catrina trying to grab her from outside. Ivelisse manages to escape the grip of the Mistress of the Underworld but the fellow Disciple kicks Ivelisse. Bario tags in and pins Ivelisse, eliminating the Female Competitor on the Babyface side from the Match. This doesn’t stop Ivelisse assisting her folks later with a massive super-kick to Catrina. Herself, Angelico and Havoc Eventually Retain the Gold.

Lastly, Women’s Wise, Sexy Star Gets to Finally Challenge the Ruthless Mariposa in the Pre Main Event Spot, again joined by the Mack who has been supportive of the Luchadora as of late. Star is in the ring with her fellow Athlete at her side while Mariposa is introduced by Melissa as she makes her entrance with the Creepy Marty the Moth.

A Rather Fearful Star avoids an opening clothesline from Mariposa, rolling away from another and heading outside, evasive of the powerful competitor. Star backs off at ringside, unfortunately bumping into her fellow nemesis Marty, who throws her back into the Enemies Reach, back into the ring into the hands of Mariposa. Mariposa nails kicks to Star then throws her into a corner. Mariposa batters the midsection of Star with swift punches, followed by another kick. Star gets choked against the same corner by Mariposa, who heads to the top turnbuckle but doesn’t connect with a standing moonsault. Star uses this to take to the corner, avoiding Mariposas returning offense and attempting to lock in a submission following the tilt-a-whirl head-scissor, countered into a scoop slam by Mariposa. If being caught in the slam wasn’t enough, Star also takes Mariposas finisher, which is enough to finish her completely and award Mariposa the pinfall victory. She only makes a further statement when she unleashes an assault to the Mack after the match, assisted also by Marty. Both Heels stand over the fallen babyfaces to end.

Thoughts On:
Intergender Match: I Haven’t been a fan of Cortez and Cisco But Theres no doubt they are amazing performers. Putting that aside, i didn’t expect tension this early between Taya and Mundo, nor has the story of how they came to meet or why they are aligned with each other been explained at any level, which is a mystery considering the writers in Lucha Underground have done a mostly solid job explaining stories within each rivalry during the time the promotion has been around. It’ll be interesting to see whether Mundo will make a comeback in his rivalry with Cage, and whether Taya will still be at his side by then.

Trios Tag Team Titles Match: I Dont have much to say on the match itself other than another thrilling display, even with Ivelisse gone from the fray early, despite her epic outside comeback to further the angle between herself and Catrina. However, unless its already been taped, all i know is Ivelisse had challenged Catrina at the Season Three Tapings and is now Injured so i fear for this angle majorly after that news..

Star/Mariposa: A Short match, shorter than i expected, but a rematch sure to happen since the heels have the momentum currently and Star has to come out of the fearful shell created through Mariposas insertion into the Temple, which im sure will come to manifest in the next few weeks through either segments or matches or both. However the Storytelling of Mariposas Character was PERFECT in this episode and we now understand the intentions and ideals of the pairing of herself and Marty, but not exactly why they are targeting, or Why Mariposa is targeting Sexy Star at this point. Was she a part of the Rival Tribe seeking out the wealth and Gold of Martys Tribe many many years ago? Time will tell.

– Catherine


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