WWE RAW RESULTS: The Beginning of Difference and Fresh Light On A Strongly Building Division (April, 4th 2016)

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Welcome to the Post Mania 2016 Report and Just Like Back at Post Mania 30, what a memorable night for the Divas…ehem…SORRY…Women’s Superstars…this particular Post WrestleMania RAW was. Not Only was the newly introduced Women’s Championship given the deserved promotion and honoring with an official Coronation of Charlotte’s new Title Reign, But We Also Got Fresh Divas stepping into the Main Championship Spotlight and a Return Five Years in the Making. I Never Thought I’d be Typing this EVER but MARYSE IS BACK!

The First Women’s Highlight on the show came in the form of a promo from Summer Rae, who had competed the night before for Team Lana/Team BAD and Blonde against the Unified Total Divas in a Non Victorious effort. Rae switches focus from the loss she wishes to erase to Sasha Banks, highlighting the Mania Loss for her as embarrassing by claiming for it to be a waste of a WrestleMania moment before being interrupted by the fellow Women’s Wrestler. Staring the Once Tag Team Partner (back in NXT) in the face, she reminds Summer that despite the defeat, shes still the Boss, and she slaps the Blonde Competitor. Summer backs over to the ropes to recover from the humiliating slap as the crowd majorly gets behind Banks. Summer makes her way back in the ring and the match can officially start.

But just when one could think that Summer would lunge at Sasha to get payback after the attack, she instead scurries back to the outside. Summer snaps the jaw of Sasha against the ropes before pacing back into the ring. Keeping up the momentum, she flattens Banks with a Roundhouse kick to score her first near fall of the match. Sasha tries to battle out of the follow up rest-hold by Summer but gets slapped in the face as she attempts. Sasha doesn’t take lightly to Summers actions and drives her into the corner ring post. Following this, she connects with double knees to the face of the blonde, snapmaring her from the corner and hitting double knees in the middle of the ring to get a near fall also.

Summer knees Sasha, having her whip reversed soon after. Sasha avoids the second roundhouse from Summer, causing Summer to stumble a little, but in perfect motion to set up for the Backstabber. Sasha attempts to connect with this but Summer stays hanging to the ropes. Summer darts over, trying to roll up Sasha and getting a near fall from the attempted pin. Sasha reverses the impact of the move to lock in the Bank Statement, to Summers dismay, and the former BFF soon faces submitting, and she taps. Sasha wins the match, regaining momentum from the Mania Loss.

Later in the show, Zack Ryder, the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion, headed to the ring to sound off on the proud WrestleMania Moment, going over the other fellow competitors in the IC Title Ladder Match the night before. He was interrupted by the very man who had come close to capturing the Gold, the Miz, who set him up to defend the gold on the same night. Ryder accepted, and despite looking strong overall, a altercation with Ryder’s father over at the barricade forced Miz’s wife to surprisingly jump out from front row, Maryse, and scold him for his troubles, slapping him. The assault lead to Miz eventually going over Ryder and claiming his fifth Intercontinental Championship, making out with the returning diva whose signature hair flip also returned with her.

And Lastly, Charlotte’s Victory at WrestleMania, a victory that saw her relinquish the Divas Championship to become the New WWE Women’s Champion (Again No Relation to the Past Championship Title), would be honored per a segment featuring the Current Women’s Division and WWE Hall of Famer Lita. As the Championship remained in the ring, Lita welcomed out the Champion Charlotte, who would also have the proud father, also WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair at her side.

Charlotte tries to act gracious upon becoming the new WWE Women’s Champion, crediting her fellow women in the ring for the moment, for making such a moment happen. Stating them as the future, she cant help but sound off at her Mania Victory being most important, thanking her father for making it happen. Claiming to be Immortalized, she turns to thank the audience for being there, for fueling her with their energy that brought her to victory. She recaps over how some of the women in the ring have been there for many years, while she currently has been standing in the ring on the main roster for less than a year, and after an attempt to shut the crowd, she puts over being the Last Divas Champion and the first Women’s Champion (of the era). Turning her attention to Banks and a visibly beaten up Lynch, she says they did it, but more so putting over herself more than her former contenders. Had enough of the boasting, both leave, followed by every other woman in the ring, minus Natalya, who has a mic.

Natalya proclaims that the Women’s Champion needs to learn about humility, recapping over how she had given her some of her hardest matches in the past, returning to the future as she tells Charlotte she does not respect her. Natalya puts over Charlotte’s bragging about how she is Genetically Superior, but she has the Hart of a Champion. Charlotte cannot help but retaliate by making out her family is better than the Harts, a rivalry that has stemmed over generations. This causes Natalya to snap and she takes down the fellow blonde, trying to force her into her Sharpshooter Submission, but the Champ escapes with Ric in tow.

(Summer Rae vs Sasha Banks)

(The Miz vs Zack Ryder; Intercontinental Championship Match; Maryse Returns)

(Lita, Charlotte, Ric Flair, Natalya and the Women’s Division Segment)

Thoughts On:
Sasha/Summer: With the Importance WrestleMania Gave the Women’s Division Match, I Want to see even short matches in a positive light so im hoping that despite how quick the match was despite the said changes, that it was just due to time constraints, plus in the end Summer got a promo and a match with another woman she has much chemistry with, a match that has only happened on small occasions, and it was good to say it could have gone on longer. Luckily this wasn’t the only women’s showcase of the night or else it would have put any spoken changes to the Women’s Division on blast.

Maryse Returns: So FREAKING Happy. Back in 2014 when Naomi and the Miz were feuding during the “Pitch Naomi for Hollywood” Angle, i thought the return of Maryse could have gone down then considering the Twitter exchanges that also happened at that time, but Five Years after the departure, Maryse displayed a return in the making, showing no rust with her Top Level Charisma and retaining the character that many fans of the former Divas Champion came to love. For Years some have wanted Miz and Maryse to engage on screen as a pairing like they have been in real life and now we get to see it in its full glory while pushing Miz back onto TV in a role that is sure to go on for a longtime. I Dont see Maryse returning to the ring, not yet at least, as we know the main reason for her return is due to a cast member slot on Total Divas but who would have thought that Maryse and Summer would actually end up in the same locker room one day? If Only when Summer was managing Mizdow (Sandow) that they had pulled the trigger then..

Women’s Segment: Just like the developments of a Becky/Emma feud for Smackdown taking shape tonight, this segment fully pulled the trigger on finally allowing fresh talent into the mix by allowing great in ring performers to execute angles together to put on matches that surely mean that WWE are taking women as a main draw from now on, and im so excited and happy for Natalya to get the angle both had spoken of wanting in interviews for (and prior to) WrestleMania, because as Roadblock and NXT Takeover Showed, the two have put on five star matches, and even when Natalya has been a squash opponent in a four or five minute encounter with the current champion, they have always been allowed to go to some level and showcase their chemistry and their meshing ring work. As i remind myself that Extreme Rules did a switcheroo (i believe) with Payback (most possibly to avoid injuries in stipulated, possibly dangerous matches right after Mania) the name of the PPV happens to be interesting because will Becky and Emma square off, leading to Becky winning to regain momentum and get payback for losing at Mania? Or are She and Sasha costing Charlotte the title? or attempting to? The Next few weeks look VERY interesting.

– Catherine


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