Your Monday Post #103: Summer Rae and Fandango vs Emma and Santino Marella (April, 7th 2014)

summer rae 1243

Hello All and Welcome to this weeks edition of Your Monday Post, focusing on the topic of Post WrestleMania Divas Bouts. Though this is barely a Divas….or should i say….Womens Singles bout…it is an Intergender Match featuring Two Women Incredibly Over during a point in their careers, who have evolved majorly in the past two years despite Roadblocks. Two Ongoing Sides battled in the Squared Circle as the pairing of Summer Rae and Fandango battled Emma and Santino Marella.

Emma, called up to the Main Roster after becoming a heavily over babyface turned Challenger for the NXT Women’s Championship, had found an alliance to match her own goofy persona, grabbing the attention of Santino Marella, though their partnership went under the radar of a heel couple at the time, Summer Rae, who got her own chants time after time, and the favorite man for the Crowd to also chant Time after Time, Fandango. Battling on the Post WrestleMania 30 RAW in a match soon outmatched by the later debut of Paige who would be crowned the New Divas Champion that night, was indeed Santino and Emma and Fandango and Summer Rae, with the babyfaces obtaining victory. Overall looking back at this feud back in the day and jumping to the current run, its easy to fault Creative for the mis-usage of Emma back then, reduced to a comedic worker rather than the serious competitor showcased in numerous NXT bouts, and its easy to point out the evolution of Emma has worked wonders through a thorough repackaging and through established matches such as the recent bout with Asuka which is easily marked as a career favourite.

– Catherine


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