TNA IMPACT RESULTS: A Fleshing Out Rivalry Leads to The Ninjas Fall (April, 5th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks IMPACT Write Up. The Recent Bouts decided up by fighting rivals Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Gail Kim comes to a head this week per Authority from One Dixie Carter in an Episode suitably titled #Revenge, even though it will only be revenge executed for one of these Knockouts..

We Get to the bottom of the recent bookings made by Gail and Maria in the past few weeks to decide a contender to the Canadians Knockouts Title. Dixie, the head of IMPACT Wrestling, confronts both enemies backstage and questions who exactly both women went to in order to create the recent matches, Maria’s being the Dollhouse Three Way that lead to their eventual ending, and Gail’s being the Bout between the Beautiful Peoples Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky. Maria cant seem to think up who exactly she turned to from upper management (assuming she had at all..) and Gail seems to have gone the same way to try one up Maria’s antics. As Punishment, Dixie, while taking no nonsense from Maria, has Gail defend her Knockouts Title tonight against both her crowned contenders, Madison Rayne and Jade.

Heading later to the match and its Jade emerging first entrance wise as one half of the crowned contenders to the Knockouts Title. Madison follows from Jade before the entrance of the reigning and defending Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, but her entrance is rather weirdly cut half way. When we return to the match, the bell is rung and former TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions Madison and Gail work together to nail forearms to the Heel Jade. After being one upped by their tactics, Jade is whipped to the nearest corner turnbuckle by Madison, who connects with a running elbow to the Knockout in the corner. Gail follows suit, whipping Jade into an opposite corner but unlike Madison, her attack fails to connect as her head ends up driven into the turnbuckle instead as Jade evades.

Jade boots Madison away, turning over to Gail, attempting a boot to her in the corner and missing. Madison runs Jade into Gail, knocking the defending champion from the apron then rolling Jade over to get the first near fall of the match. Madison rolls over Jade to score the second near fall. A Third roll up ends the same way for Madison. Following the fourth failed pin attempt, Gail returns to the ring, clotheslining both Jade and Madison in unison. Gail hits Madison with a forearm twice, missing a clothesline to Jade, who drives her away from the rings center via a German Suplex. As Gail stays down, Madison and Jade go back and forth with forearms, with both crashing to the mat after taking a double boot. Gail limps back in, dragging both Madison and Jade into her clutches and driving them to the mat with a double DDT. First to her feet after this is Gail, trying to fend off the contenders with running elbows. Gail connects with a knee to Madison, climbing up top and arm dragging Madison while securing a headscissor to Jade.

Madison rolls away, leaving it to Jade and Gail in the ring. Gail furthers her momentum as she strikes Jade with forearms once again, whipping her to the ropes but instead Jade dives between them, crashing onto Madison on the outside floor. Gail wastes little time awaiting for Jade to clamber back in and grabs her, taking a kick in the process from Jade, who nestles on the apron. Jade applies a unique choke to Madison on the outside that gets the referees attention. Jade eventually releases and delivers a dropkick to Madison that leaves both sprawled against the floor. Meanwhile, running from the back and to ringside is the Champions Nemesis, Maria, who snatches the Knockouts Title, smacking Gail from behind with it and knocking the Champ from the turnbuckles to the mat. Maria makes her way back to ringside, seemingly acting as if she was only viewing while the referee and Jade make it back to the ring. Taking advantage of the assist is Jade, laying out Gail with an STO. Hebner counts the pin and Jade pins Gail, in turn, winning her first Knockouts Title.

There was a video interview from Jade over her big victory not too long later that seems to have not made it to the episode uploads, but she voiced her proudness at being the Champion, proclaiming that no Knockout will take the title from her.

In Addition, the current tag team champs aka Beer Money aka Bobby (Off to WWE) Roode and James Storm found themselves being confronted by the Decay Faction (Abyss, Rosemary and Crazy Steve) leading to a major brawl in and out of the ring as the heels look to signify their chase for the tag team gold.

(Dixie Carter, Gail Kim and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Backstage Segment)

(Gail Kim vs Jade vs Madison Rayne; Knockouts Championship Match feat Maria Kanellis-Bennett)

(Rosemary, Abyss, Crazy Steve, James Storm and Bobby Roode Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Going to sound off on the Positives first, that being the match in itself. Overall, I Loved the match because of how physical it was and because of the particular spots delivered by various Knockouts. However, this has me bring up the negative, that being the timing the match was given considering it was a Knockouts Championship Match, a match thats supposed to signify importance to the crowd and to the women themselves, thus fans would naturally expect Title Matches to go on for a certain period of time. It makes me feel like the call to only have a small, miniscule amount of Pay Per Views has created an effect on TNA overall, because we would usually (but not all the time) wait till a Pay Per View for the Championship to be defended, and the Girls would get decent time to showcase their in ring talents, rather than have them reduced to a four – six minute match on a regular episode of IMPACT. Though that might not be to blame at all, and as lucky as the Knockouts are to be on Television and have storylines going on every week, i miss the multi PPV format. Regardless, from last year id been waiting for Jade to make that slow climb to Championship Glory, and im proud to know that there’s now a fresh reign going on in the division as much as i respect Gail Kim for all shes done within her time in the company. Jades reign does indeed open a rematch clause for Kim, but also opens the chance for Madison, a yet to debut Laura Dennis, Marti Bell, Rebel and even Maria to step up and challenge. Its a Shame Havok isn’t with the company anymore or Marti could have even had her as an enforcer, maybe even both her and Rebel to allow fresh competitors to step up to the plate (plus everyone knows how good a Promo Girl Marti appears to be). Gail’s Gimmick, to me, has run its course and could be reinvigorated if she was to turn heel, which i don’t see happening if a HOF induction is waiting in the wings this year. Also, I Dont see Jade as a heel lasting too much longer and she could make for an interesting top babyface if shes being treated with Gail Kim Credibility like commentary have seemed to give off. I Do See Madison as a contender soon due to the fact she wasn’t pinned in the match, before Marias Antics cause Jade to turn babyface and lead to either them feuding or Maria manipulating the Knockouts, Rebel and Marti most importantly against her, because Maria, as well as Mike, are too early in their run to switch up personas. Ive been a fan of Jade since before her TNA Days So Despite the Match Length, i couldn’t be anymore happier for her.

– Catherine


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