LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Hope, Gold and Favor Sets in for the Temples Vengeful Competitors (April, 6th 2016)

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Greetings to All and welcome to this weeks update on all physical things going on within the Boyle Heights Temple aka an all new episode of Lucha Underground. This week was just as woman-a-plenty, as Ivelisse and Kobra Moon squared off for the first time ever in a lengthy piece of fantastic-ness (i don’t believe thats a word..) Mariposa looks to establish herself in the kickoff of the Trios Tournament and Catrina brings more mystery to her ever evolving character..

Obviously we kick things off in chronological order, thus we go to the opening bout of Lucha Underground this week as Kobra Moon faces One Third of the reigning Lucha Underground Trios Champions Ivelisse. Both Competitors are introduced in the ring by Melissa Santos, not getting full entrances unfortunately but the upcoming match sure makes up for that. The Bell rings and the match opens with both Kobra and Ivelisse avoiding each others offense. The Two Women circle one another to attempt the first lock up of the match, leading to Kobra going right to targeting the left arm of Ivelisse. Kobra is in quick control with a hammerlock, soon broken by an arm drag reversal from Ivelisse. Ivelisse uses the landing to try and attempt to lock in an arm-bar. Unfortunately for Ivelisse, Kobra pushes herself to the ropes, placing a foot against them and trying to force the break. Ivelisse maintains the hold but eventually breaks off.

Ivelisse and Kobra come to a standoff before Kobra attempts her next offense. Ivelisse avoids the attempted clothesline, and they both go back and forth on reversals, eventually leading to Kobra capturing Ivelisse in a head-scissor. Ivelisse slams her to the mat as the hold remains active, attempting a pin attempt there, countered by Kobra into her own. Ivelisse reverses also and both break off before the count is made. Its another standoff between the two competitors before Ivelisse attempts to lunge at Kobra with an elbow. Kobra prizes Ivelisse into a dragon sleeper upon avoiding the offense, but Ivelisse escapes her grip as she knees her in the head. Ivelisse arm drags Kobra to adjacent sides of the ring then sends her to the corner, scoring a back elbow to the fellow Luchadora. Before Ivelisse can try another move, Kobra forces herself upward, wrapping her legs around Ivelisse and she chokes her while hanging on the ropes. Making Ivelisse near fade, Kobra makes her way back upward on the apron, nailing a boot to the groggy Ivelisse, strong enough to get her a near fall on the Trios Champ.

Kobra takes over again as she whips Ivelisse to another corner, splashing her against it. A Second assault is averted when Ivelisse moves away. Kobra reveals another submission that chokes Ivelisse by the ropes, forced to break before a count of five. Kobra further wears down Ivelisse with an elbow as well as by choking her against the second rope with her knee. Kobra keeps up the momentum with another hold to Ivelisse, broken completely by a sudden suplex counter from Ivelisse. Ivelisse gets a near fall on Kobra. Ivelisse brings on the submission style to further the momentum, locking a front face-lock and wearing Kobra down to the point where she ends up on the mat. Kobra breaks from Ivelisse eventually, hitting her with a forearm to counteract, scooping her up for a possible tilt-a-whirl countered into a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Both women are down, eventually going back and forth on forearms upon making it to their feet. This turns into a chop-fest, ending with a sequence of furious forearms from the retaliating Ivelisse. Despite Kobras whip reversal, she is sent to the mat via a super-kick from Ivelisse. Ivelisse hits a secondary then nails an exploder suplex, but to her dismay, its only enough to get a near fall.

While the result sinks in for Ivelisse, Kobra hits with a sudden jawbreaker. She tries to force Ivelisse into the backslide, slamming her head first to the mat instead. Kobra gets a near fall once more on Ivelisse. Kobra has a possible submission ready to set up to retaliate, but Ivelisse breaks free, missing a few kicks before eventually nailing a last to make up for it. Ivelisse hits a sudden sunset flips Kobra for the sudden victory. Ivelisse wins the match.

Moving onward and the Mack approaches Sexy Star midway through a backstage workout. To Her Dismay, the Sinister Dario Cueto, who returned to operate at the Temple recently, has forced Mack to team with his current nemesis Mariposa and Marty the Moth as part of the Trios Tournament. He asks for Star to come out with him for support, knowing he may need her help, but she declines from doing this. Mack assures Star that one day the enemies will pay for what they did, and the overall torture from Marty gets to the head of Star, pumping her towards the final part of her workout.

We Move right to the first round of The Trios Tournament as Joey Ryan, Cortez and Mr Cisco join forces to battle the unexpected and unwanted alignment of Marty the Moth, The Mack and Mariposa. Ryan and Mack initially start off but Ryan is quick on the retreat as he has Cisco tag in. Mariposa tags in a few minutes in with some demand from Ryan. Joey tries to offer the one female competitor his infamous lollipop, but gets a slap (non-offered) to the face instead. Joey strikes back with a punch to the face that knocks Mariposa completely. Mariposa escapes a hold and arm drags Ryan off the top rope. Mariposa follows this with a hurricanrana, followed with a pin attempt that Ryan escapes. Despite an attempt to avoid offense, Ryan takes a dropkick from Mariposa. Mariposa scores one more kick before tagging in the sidekick, the man who introduced her to the Temple (and to Sexy Star) Marty the Moth.

After some back and forth battles, Marty eventually seeks the partnership of Mariposa, who returns to the ring upon being tagged in. Marty assists Mariposa in her familiar double team splash maneuver, getting a near fall on Cisco as a result. Mariposa sunset flips Cisco, who doesn’t connect with a basement dropkick, and Mariposa returns the favor with her own to the face of Cisco. After that short exchange, back to the match comes Marty the Moth per the tag. A Later pin attempt leads to a melee as the various tag partners run in to play clear out duty. As Mack looks for a possible dive to the outside, Mariposa steps in his way to many boos. Mack instead kicks Mariposa off the apron and onto her fellow competitors, taking out everyone, including his tag partners with a rolling senton over the top rope to the floor. Later, Marty force tags himself in, and Mack has enough, nailing a stunner to the said “Creepy Bastard” and allowing Cisco and Cortez to floor him with a double team finisher and win the match for the Trio. Joey Ryan, Cisco and Cortez advance in the Trios Tournament.

Angered at this result, Mariposa re-enters the ring after the Trios victory celebration, hammering down with fists to the Mack, who had indeed cost her and Moth the match. Sexy Star runs in, checking up on Mack while staring down Mariposa. Mariposa demands her to leave seemingly as she backs her close to the corner but Star finds an inner rage within and starts unloading with a vicious assault to Mariposa. Marty eventually pulls Mariposa from the ring but the scars have been left as the babyfaces obtain revenge to retaliate from last weeks beat-down, leaving them standing tall this time in the Squared Circle.

Lastly, Matanza and Fenix clashed in the booked main event for Matanza’s Recently Won Lucha Underground Championship. As Expected, the Insane Monster would go over and crush the former champion, unleashing a beat-down after the match at the command of his brother, Dario. However, the most unexpected of enemies on Matanza’s Side emerges and out comes Mil Muertes as Catrina stands atop the staircase, watching the equally huge competitor clear off the Beastly Matanza. Of Course, the Story of Catrina and Fenix goes way back, and its only weeks before we learn whether its another measure of Trickery from the Mistress of the Underworld…

Thoughts On:
Ivelisse/Kobra Moon: Its Been a While Since Ivelisse has competed one on one in the ring, the last being in her lengthy effort against Mil Muertes, indeed a standout. We’re used to seeing Ivelisse standout alongside her fellow Trios Champions and very rarely has she been apart of the final pinfalls, so seeing a finisher from Ivelisse was also a surprise (as well as nice) twist. The Match was a pure example of what can be done and given when Females can be given a lengthy showcase in the ring/time to shine, and this goes down as one of my favorite matches from both competitors in the promotion, as i never expected them to go on for as long as they did, never-mind in such a technical standout. Though there was little story to it, i feel the match really helped showcase the in ring talents of Kobra to a whole new level, and the only question remaining from this now on Kobras side is where she goes from here now she is no longer undefeated?

Trios Match: Another Great Match on this weeks episode, again establishing another female Luchadoras capabilities to compete in intergender matches. I Wouldn’t have minded for Sexy Stars revenge to be expanded into a few episodes by allowing her to recover mentally week by week with the Macks Tutelage but there’s only so many episodes produced a season and we got to see the fiery side of Star make itself known sooner rather than later. Plus it was in coordination with the heels beat-down last week, so storyline wise, it was perfect in a way as it reintroduced the babyfaces with the needed momentum, the momentum that has been mainly on the heel side anyway. A Sexy Star/Mariposa Rematch is definitely on the cards i would presume.

– Catherine


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