WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Original NXT Womens Division Innovators Collide (April, 8th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks Main Event episode Review. By Episode Review, I Mean Review of One Particular Match, that being this weeks match between Paige and Emma, the second between the two NXT Call Ups turned enemies since Emma’s return to the main roster, a match that sparked for deep attention and focus on the NXT Women’s Division just two years ago.

Welcomed Backstage By Renee is Paige, who addresses Emma as one of the combatants she fought this past Sunday at WrestleMania. Despite the newly found rivalry, Paige still takes time to reflect on the two women’s past history, revisiting the moment the two shared at the first ever NXT Takeover Special when they became the first women to battle over the NXT Women’s Title on an NXT Pay Per View, the first ever to be aired on the WWE Network. Paige adds that Emma was great back then, and when Paige went upwards and evolved in character, Emma danced her way out. In Addition, as sad as that was, Paige says that this supposed “Emmalution” Emma brings up will pass her by if she thinks she can just walk back into the main roster ring.

Sometime Following those rather heated words, Paige heads to the ring for the booked match against Emma. Emma follows with her entrance, completed with an upgraded titantron to suit the new (to the main roster) persona. The Bell is finally rung once Emma enters the ring and unravels and completely removes her shoulder pads, but the heel Aussie cant help but seem displeased at the heightened reactions for Paige from some of the audience. Shaking that off, she locks up with Paige, showcasing her aggression as she forcefully pushes her to the ropes. Paige reverses, forcing Emma to the nearest corner and the two ladies are forced to break.

Following on from that, no lock up follows the last offense, but rather a sort of waist-lock from Paige countered by Emma into a hammerlock. Paige quickly rolls then reverses into a hammerlock of her own, and the two women continue to reverse one another, tying each others left arms behind their backs in the continuing battle for supremacy. Paige applies a waist-lock, before Emma reverses, attempting to choke her out before Paige finds herself doing another reversal. It goes barely anywhere as instead Emma snapmares her and overthrows the kip up from Paige by taking a bundle of Paige’s hair and throwing her backward to the mat, but rather than focus on the opposition she spends time taunting. She reaches out for Paige, taking a kick to the side of the head as she does so, splitting her from Paige somewhat. Emma reverses a whip from Paige, missing a clothesline attempt, ducking under Paige during the follow up sequence. Paige rolls to the side of Emma and hits her in the gut. Paige seems to be setting up for a Fisherman’s Suplex but Emma battles out after a number of punches.

Emma arm drags Paige, but Paige comes back as quick with her own. Paige ducks from Emma’s offense, nailing a forearm. Paige leads Emma to the apron, hanging her under the top rope where she executes her various knee shots. If they weren’t damaging enough, a final boot from Paige knocks Emma back in the ring. After a taunt, Paige returns to the ring to attempt the first pin attempt on Emma, who escapes the count at one. Paige whips Emma to the near corner, charging towards her but steadying as Emma slips out, hitting her with a sudden outside shoulder tackle. Emma sneaks back in the ring and rolls up Paige for a one count.

Emma sends Paige crashing near to an opposite corner with a dropkick, missing the follow up splash when Paige dashes from the same corner. Paige blocks an attempted boot from Emma, taking her down jaw first to the mat and applying a chin-lock while additionally applying pressure to the behind of Emma’s legs. Emma manages to push herself to the ropes and force Paige to break the submission. Paige grabs Emma, who is quick to fend her off with an elbow. Paige returns the favor with a knee, flooring her with a fallaway slam. Paige goes right into the cover on Emma, getting her first near fall of the match.

Returning from a break, Emma is spilling around the ring, impacted by a massive headbutt from Paige. Paige grabs Emma by her hair, trying to lead her back in the ring but shes knocked away by an elbow strike from Emma. Emma begins to head up the turnbuckles, momentum slipping due to a forearm strike, make it a few, from Paige. Paige has Superplex on her mind, but Emma thinks differently, stalling it with some punches before sunset flipping from the turnbuckles and setting up for a possible powerbomb after leading Paige from the corner, hanging on her shoulders. Emma finds a different strategy, launching Paige off her shoulders, over the top rope and to the floor. Rather than await for the count, Emma heads outside and viciously lobs Paige into the barricade. Emma rolls Paige back to the ring, but any attempt to assault is stalled by referee intervention. He looks to check on Paige’s condition, but Emma refuses to wait for any sort of update, drop-kicking Paige. Emma covers, seeing the finish possible there, but is left in disdain as Paige breaks free from the pin attempt at a count of two.

Emma returns to wearing out Paige with a full nelson, had the dropkick not faded her completely beforehand. Paige does not back out, trying hard to get to her feet, before being taken back to the mat by Emma, hold still applied. The Hold is broken after Paige breaks from the follow up pin attempt at two. Emma’s attempts to pin and end Paige don’t end there as she nails a double under-hook suplex to score another near fall. Emma unleashes full fury at the opponent as she hurls forearms at her, stretching her out for her follow up hold, also standing on her hair. Moments after, she tries for another pin, resulting in another near fall. Emma returns to the strategy of wearing out the fellow NXT Alumni as she resorts to a full nelson body-scissor, but the resilient Paige breaks free of Emma’s grip, breaking free of her stronghold and sizing her up with numerous kicks. Paige’s momentum flourishes as she executes a running knee into the corner to Emma, quickly rolling her from the same corner to attempt another, but even those don’t pin Emma as she escapes Paige’s follow up pin attempt at two.

Emma trips Paige into the near corner as she sets up the next move, ramming her with the running cross-body into the same corner. Again, Emma is left in amazement as Paige escapes another pin attempt. Emma tries for a secondary under-hook suplex, diverted by Paige as she scores knees. Emma hits back with a forearm that sends Paige crashing over to the ropes, but Paige uses the impact to gravitate forward and superkick Emma in the face. Paige stumbles over to the fallen opposer for one more pin attempt, but its a near fall once more. Before Paige can execute much else, Emma sneaks in a schoolgirl package pin but like the many before, its another near fall result. Paige sends Emma crashing right to the mat with the sudden Rampaige Finishing Move, Pinning Emma to win the match.

(Emma vs Paige)

Thoughts On This Match:
Before this match even aired, i was hearing nothing other than great reviews about it, as expected from a match featuring two well known foes with such heightened chemistry, and its a chemistry they still hold onto now, combining it with their impressive in ring skill to put on another solid display. The Fall Paige took to the outside looked brutal and the back and forth counters, reversals and pin attempts truly added to the suspense of the match, the crowd also being into it being a great factor on top of Emma’s Oozing Charisma. It Gave the feel of Paige vs Nikki on the very first Main Event episode of 2015, a lengthy, solid battle, only back then there wasn’t as much heightened focus on the division, that being many of its athletes but particular ones, and im loving how important Emma is being made to feel through commentary and through being given time to showcase her progression to even those new to or who haven’t seen NXT. As Much as we all know WWE like to drop a bomb on all things new and/or Great, i have high hopes for Emma’s current persona on the main roster, especially now that the girls are living under the era of the “Women’s Division” that may allow them to flourish similar to those who put on outstanding matches at NXT.

– Catherine


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