WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Fallout from RAW Continues… (April, 7th 2016)

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Welcome All to a Post RAW Smackdown Report, featuring all the fallout from the Post Mania RAW that introduced a new (and first) challenger to the New WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte’s Title, a huge return and more. As if that wasn’t enough, the focus on the women’s division expands on the follow up Smackdown, introducing a future angle between Becky Lynch and the recently promoted and returned Emma. But before we can get to that, the new challenger to Charlotte’s WWE Women’s Title, Fellow Veteran Natalya, squares off with a familiar rival, especially in the early days of Total Divas, Summer Rae.

Charlotte is shown alongside her Hall of Fame Father, Ric Flair, ready to witness the upcoming match between hopeful challenger Natalya and Summer Rae, and in addition a recap showcases the coronation of Charlotte’s newly won Championship, introduced by the very woman who not only helped paved the way for the oncoming generations, but had the honor of introducing the newly made Women’s Title, Lita. Charlotte had used the moment to boast over excelling to victory, leading to various women walking out on her, minus Natalya, who took up the opportunity to stand up to Charlotte over her change in persona and actions. When we return to the present, Summer is already in the ring while Natalya makes her entrance, with Charlotte looking on.

Natalya begins the match by attempting to roll up Summer for an early finish, with the leggy blonde breaking off at the count of one. Summer reverses the follow up waist-lock by Natalya into one of her own, but Natalya launches Summer over both shoulders, taking her to the mat. Natalya works on the left arm of Summer before having her whip reversed. Natalya dashes out of the corner to avoid Summers attempted splash, leading to Summer hitting the corner turnbuckle head first. Natalya slingshots Summer, hitting her with a basement dropkick to follow, then applying a waist-lock which Summer breaks off from through the use of the ropes. Natalya kips up, but Summer turns to notice Natalya, slapping her. Summer launches Natalya into the second rope, then sending her completely to the floor after kicking her.

Summer eyes the champion momentarily then suplexes Natalya against the floor. Another engagement of the eyes eventually leads to a reference of Charlotte and Summers own history (THANK YOU CHARLOTTE!). Summer rolls Natalya back to the ring, attempting a cover nearly immediately and getting a near fall on the Queen of Harts. Summer unleashes full throttle with hard kicks to the back of Natalya, but like before, its another near fall for Summer on Natalya, who stays fighting. Summer works over the opposition with a choke, but Natalya breaks free by arm dragging Summer close to the corner. Summer regroups, flooring Natalya with a roundhouse kick. This leads to Summer getting another near fall.

Summer continues her momentum as she launches Natalya head first into the corner turnbuckle. She continues this, but a third attempt is diverted when Natalya pushes her away. Natalya blocks the attempted roundhouse by Summer, taking her to the mat. Natalya eyes the Champion from within the ring, painfully locking the finishing sharpshooter submission on Summer. Summer taps and Natalya wins the match, encouraging a possible fight with the Champ as she paces to ringside, but Charlotte slowly backs away with Ric in tow.

In other Developments, Zack Ryder was granted a rematch for his recently lost Intercontinental Title, battling the newly crowned champion the Miz, who had won it for a fifth time through the assistance of a returning Maryse days before on RAW. Maryse would emerge to her own music that hasn’t been heard in so many years to introduce the Miz, and her shenanigans would indeed play into her husband retaining the title.

And Also, Becky Lynch was welcomed backstage by Renee for an interview. Renee recaps the loss for Becky at Mania in the critiqued triple threat, and Becky states that despite that, shes been trying to find humor in these subjects, though no one seems to find her funny, but she seems to find herself in stitches, pulling a joke on her poor busted eye. Becky throws the jokes aside, commenting on the bout with Sasha and Charlotte as the most brutal match of her life, but she assures Renee that she gave it her all, in turn declaring she has not lost her passion. Becky adds that she has the scars to prove that she gave it her all at WrestleMania, and the new women’s title belt is all about heart, passion and the fight to be the best, and thats why when Charlotte made the RAW Segment just about herself, she chose to walk away. Becky is adamant on returning to the title picture, hoping to get back at Charlotte for busting her eye before a familiar face drops by.

In Walks the recently returned Emma, mocking Becky over her facial scar. Despite the cruel gesture, Becky cannot deny the history both women have, which Emma agrees, only she was called up to RAW and Smackdown first. Emma acts offended over Becky being “handed” opportunities while she was sent to the back of the line, which she believes Becky should be at. Becky recalls Emma’s joke over her eye at the beginning of their encounter, and warns her she will give her something similar. Emma remains calm and stays standing, not too phased at the Irish Lasskickers threat, throwing out her own pun as she assures Becky she will “keep an eye out”.

(Summer Rae vs Natalya; Charlotte w/ Ric Flair on Commentary)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Zack Ryder; Intercontinental Championship Rematch)

(Emma and Becky Lynch Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Summer/Natalya: Another Short exchange with an obvious finish to signal the beginning of Natalya’s momentum as her quest for the Championship begins, though Summer as an opponent was a cheerful selection considering ongoing chemistry the two share in every encounter. I Also Loved Summers suplex on the outside and Charlotte sharing the twos history back in NXT, and the short exchanges (which might amount to nothing) have me hoping Summer may work with Charlotte in the future as sidekicks again, though their lack of chemistry as opponents has me put additional doubt into it. Regardless im excited to see where WWE takes the feud between Natalya and Charlotte considering the long standing history between the two families, making me wonder whether Natalya will introduce a legend in her own corner like she did with Bret at Takeover all that time ago. Maybe Jim the Anvil this time? This feud is too good to just be full of back and forth matches in a battle for momentum, thats definite.

Emma & Becky Lynch: I Was Wondering after RAW where Becky (and Sasha) would head direction wise after Mania. I’m not even sure if Sasha will return to TV until after Payback at this rate but im definitely excited for Becky and Emma to go at it considering not only their submission arsenals, but the momentum and focus and importance they seem to have given Emma since returning to the main roster, and the fact that Becky doesn’t need to be faded out and be used as a jobber/enhancement to Charlotte week in week out. It also gives Emma extra chances to showcase her new aggression and in ring talents to those unfamiliar with NXT, but i wouldn’t be surprised if Summer ends up aligning with Emma while Sasha joins Becky again for an eventual tag team encounter, not like thats a bad thing. Lets see where this goes..

– Catherine


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