Your Monday Post #104: Kaitlyn vs Eve Torres for the Divas Championship (January, 14th 2013)

eve 601

Welcome All to a Pre-RAW Edition of Your Monday Post, and tonight will feature the Debut of Former WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres on CBS’s Television Show, Supergirl, as she plays the character Maxima. Now to us WWE Fans, its well known that Eve’s transition from heroic babyface to villainess helped spark the best moments of her WWE Career, a career that ended in January 2013 when Eve once again put her Divas Championship on the line against long time nemesis and championship pursuer, Kaitlyn, whom she had retained her championship against numerous times before through many nefarious actions, whether that would be on Pay Per View or not.

For Months, Kaitlyn, overcoming sneaky injury inflicted attacks executed by a plotting Eve by summoning Aksana to do her work, shenanigans from the champion and frustration, would challenge Eve one last time for her Divas Title which Eve had won from Kaitlyn’s Best Friend at the time Layla, months before the title clash at Night of Champions. Eve’s sneaky shenanigans and strategizing was thrown off by Booker T and an agreeing Theodore Long, who ensured that Eve would not retain her title through her usual sneakiness as it would lead to her title reign ending instead. Forced to keep the battle in the ring and through normal rules, Eve would eventually fall to Kaitlyn, ending her championship reign and departing the WWE the same night at the peak of her career as a heel.

– Catherine


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