WWE RAW RESULTS: A Strong Hart Outdone By The Dirty Flair Tactics To Continue A Boiling Rivalry (April, 11th 2016)




Greetings to All and Welcome to this weeks RAW Report, the last before WWE kick off their first european tour of the year. Before the WWE Stars can jet off to compete in the squared circle for the thousands awaiting, Women’s Champion Charlotte has a tough test beforehand, defending her recently won WWE Women’s Championship unexpectedly early against the hopeful contender and generational rival, Natalya.

Speaking of Charlotte, the defending Champion is debating being the supposed victim with her Hall of Fame Father, Ric Flair, but the two turn to all smiles quick upon the appearance of RAWs Guest Host/Star Dr Phil. Shaking hands with the pair, the guest star puts over the twos accolades, but cannot help but address the sneakiness of the two as of late. He makes a claim that Ric is not just holding back Charlotte, but corrupting her, which she easily disagrees with. Phil asks Charlotte what she is standing on, and Charlotte obnoxiously replies that that would be her feet, and Phil sees this exactly as the point, she needs to stand on her own two feet. Charlotte snaps at him but Phil doesn’t hold back, as he hasn’t through the entire promo, as he makes out Charlotte to be the victimizer rather than the supposed victim, knowing that in originality she is better without him and without his cheating tactics. Phil lastly mocks Ric, who eventually follows Charlotte away in disgust.

We Move forward to the championship match, and Dr Phil is given a ringside seat for the match. Soon following up from him is the contender to the women’s title, Natalya, followed by the Champ Charlotte, who again has Ric in her corner. Both are wearing their WrestleMania attires. Phil, keeping an eye from his ringside seat, remarks to Byron that he hopes hes watching to see Charlotte retain in her own way, with his advice, rather than pull out the usual Ric Flair stunt. Upon Charlotte entering the ring, Lilian makes the introductions, beginning with the challenger Natalya and ending of course with the reigning and defending WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte.

Natalya overhears some chants towards her from the near front of the crowd before the match can properly begin. Charlotte mocks Natalya from the beginning as she woos in the face of the challenger. Charlotte tries to charge at Natalya to kick off, but Natalya is quick in blocking this, applying a front face-lock to the reigning champion. Charlotte executes reversals to avert numerous take-downs by Natalya, running her back first into the corner post as she attempts to capture her in a waist-lock. Natalya regroups and recovers from a corner attack by Charlotte, returning to stage one as she attempts to lock up with Charlotte. Natalya seizes the leg of Charlotte with a unique leg scissor. Charlotte kicks Natalya in the midsection with her boot and breaks free of the Queen of Harts Grip. Charlotte counters a unique dragon sleeper like hold from Natalya into a spinebuster, and Charlotte gets the first near fall of the match on Natalya.

Charlotte forearms Natalya, who counters into a armbar variation. Charlotte, wanting no more offense at her, retreats to the outside. Natalya waits for some time in the ring for Charlotte to return, and when she does, Natalya blocks the boot from Charlotte, avoiding a slap from the mercy begging Charlotte and using the same foot to send her crashing jaw first to the mat. Natalya continues to dominate as she nails a basement dropkick to Charlotte, but once again, the champ retreats. Charlotte eventually returns to the ring, reversing momentum seemingly with a chop to Nattie. Charlotte follows this with a neckbreaker and she kips up a short time later. Charlotte unravels her knee brace and executes singular knee drops to Natalya with the exposed knee, and like her last lot of offense, its only enough to get a near fall.

Charlotte’s momentum only continues as she nails head scissor stomps to Nattie. Charlotte wheels Natalya around the ring through the use of both legs before an eventual reversal leads to Nattie catching Charlotte’s shoulder with both her legs. Charlotte locks in her own body scissor to counter. Natalya’s attempt to counter leads to Charlotte forcing herself to the ropes to force the break. Charlotte takes down Nattie and if her taunts weren’t insulting enough to Nattie, she applies Natties own finishing sharpshooter submission. Theres another counter from Natalya, even though it seems to hurt the Queen of Harts more than the target itself. Charlotte chops at Natalya, who fires back with furious forearms. Natalya suplexes Charlotte, though a second is diverted due to a counter. Natalya makes up for it as she flattens the champ with a huge discus clothesline to completely take back momentum. Natalya sets up her sharpshooter but Charlotte slaps her in the face, taken advantage of Natalya’s sell to roll her up for another near fall. The Frustrated Charlotte hits with a boot to Natalya to follow. Once again, Charlotte scores a near fall to Nattie. Frustrated covers only lead to the same result for the champ.

Ric indicates something to Charlotte, who climbs back to her feet and throws Natalya to another side of the ring via the exploder suplex. Stepping over the contender Heel Alexa style, Charlotte begins to climb the turnbuckles, signalling for the high moonsault reminiscent of her Mania Match, only it does not connect this time. If things couldn’t be worse for the Champ shes caught in the Sharpshooter by Natalya as Ric tries reaching for his daughter to save her early from the submission maneuver. The Ref is yanked out of the ring by Ric, and the ref uses this to call for the bell (despite an accidental botch that saw the ref notice Charlotte tapping) and Charlotte is disqualified, but retaining the title regardless.

In Addition to this unfortunate moment for Natalya, there’s other developments both on and off Television for two other women. While Cesaro interrupts his eventual opponent The Miz and Maryse backstage, off camera, Becky Lynch calls out Emma for her verbal berating on Smackdown.

(Dr Phil, Ric Flair and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(Natalya vs Charlotte w/ Ric Flair; Womens Championship Match)

(The Miz, Maryse, JoJo and Cesaro Backstage Segment)

(Natalya on RAW Fallout)

(Becky Lynch on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall i was worried over the match happening this early rather than on Pay Per View, worried that someone as underrated as Natalya would be shafted again in her chance to get a full steam ahead type of storyline but per the finish, as confusing and as botchy as it appeared to be, it appears this has furthered the angle between the generational competitors, and it makes me happy for both, Natalya especially as she gets another showcase against Charlotte on Pay Per View in a match no one can get bored of not only because of the chemistry but because they have both proven before that their matches are a part of showcasing women’s wrestling to its full potential. I Just hope now that they take the route of doing more than just matches every week, adding promos and whatever else that is effective enough to enhance the story, also allowing WWE to show the Total Divas aren’t just there to be “Bitchy Women talking about each other and just hating everyone who comes in” but rather as the wrestlers that they are, as in ring talents so to speak.

– Catherine


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