Cattie’s Catch Up: Maryse vs Michelle McCool for the WWE Divas Championship (September, 19th 2008)

maryse 664

Welcome All to a New Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up, featuring another midweek flashback at a moment in Women’s Wrestling. This week i shift to the topic of Maryse, who made her return to WWE just last week around five years after her departure from the company. In Late 2008 Maryse received her first push in the company as she eyed Michelle McCool’s Divas Championship, which she eventually won from her in the final smackdown of that year.

However in September, she was still a hopeful contender to the Inaugural Divas Champions Title, and having lost out on her first chance to capture gold at Unforgiven, Maryse evoked her rematch clause, challenging the long tenured Women’s Wrestler for the Secondary Championship Belt (as the Women’s Title was also present at that time as the divisions main title) some weeks following Unforgiven on the September 19th episode of Smackdown. Despite her efforts the French Canadian fell to McCool again before heading back into contention months later.

– Catherine


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