WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Onwards and Upwards for the Emmalution (April, 14th 2016)

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Welcome All to This Weeks Smackdown Report, and as various Superstars jet off to numerous parts of europe for the first european tour of 2016, two particular womens superstars stay behind to battle in a chemistry-full spectacle for this weeks B Side show. Former Divas Champion Paige battles the recently promoted once friend turned nemesis, Emma.

But before we get to this, we see someone as full of charisma as Emma, that being Maryse, opening Smackdown with a MizTV segment featuring….of course….The Miz. After buttering each other up for a few moments, former Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder, defeated by the Miz over a week ago which saw him abdicate the championship to the cocky heel, decided to crash their love fest and demand another match for the title, believing the Most “Must See” Superstar may be afraid to defend his title against the original contender, Cesaro. After both Miz and Maryse sucker the fans into believing such a clash would happen, the two instead head into retreat, while Ryder is forced to face the monstrous Baron Corbin.

Moving forward, and we get the mentioned women’s division match between Former Divas Champion Paige and fellow NXT Alumni, Emma. Paige makes her entrance first (more so midway through in actuality) before being followed up by Emma, who has some words in a split screen promo for Paige as well as a recent nemesis she has made, Becky Lynch. (A Full Entrance and Promo for Emma on WWE’s YouTube Means Something Good Right?). Emma reflects on once being the hero, until she was “rejected” (booted from the main roster) then along comes Becky who manages to get opportunities, including the Mania Match for the Women’s Title. This frustrates Emma, who promises to force the fans to kiss the “leather princess” Paige goodbye, and in turn, shes going to show Becky what she learned, that nice girls finish last.

The Bell rings and the two lock up, leading to an eventual reversal from Paige that forces Emma to the corner post. Emma slaps Paige away, taking a kick into the midsection from Paige after. Paige runs Emma into the corner turnbuckle head first for her misgivings, stomping away at her against the same corner. Emma blocks a final stomp and trips Paige into the corner. Emma then nails the running crossbody into the corner to Paige, followed with a flurry of furious forearms. She doesn’t let up there as she also slams the back of Paige’s head a number of times against the corner. Emma is soon restrained, taking her next course of action by leading Paige from the corner for her first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall.

Emma continues on with the aggression as she pulls at Paige’s hair while choking her against the ropes. After a chop to the back, she executes a double underhook suplex to Paige, leading to the second near fall for Emma on Paige. Paige escapes a rest-hold from Emma, sizing her up with kicks and one eventually sends Emma tumbling and rolling to the corner. Paige hits her high knee to Emma, then rolling the villainous competitor away from the particular corner and hitting her usual running knee to follow. This is enough to land Paige a near fall on Emma. Paige lobs Emma’s head against an opposite corner turnbuckle before attempting to hoist her upward on the turnbuckles. After some punches, Paige climbs upward to join Emma, readying for the next move but also posing for the audience, which proves costly as Emma nails a counter that sends Paige nose first into a turnbuckle then fully to the mat. Emma takes advantage of the horrid landing to pin Paige and win the match, walking away with the victory and with a wicked smile as Paige visibly shows signs of pain in the particular nose area per the spot from earlier.

(The Miz, Maryse, Zack Ryder and Baron Corbin Segment)

(Emma vs Paige)

Thoughts On This Match:
The Women’s Roster is indeed limited on this weeks episode due to various superstars traveling to europe, but it didn’t hit the women hard as not only did we get a solid match, even with the small timing, but storyline development in the form of Emma’s promo, which I’d say is Emma’s best yet. In NXT many of her promos were good, but in my opinion, lacked the seriousness showcased in this particular one, and ever since coming (back) to the main roster, even if she has had one or two pinfalls, Emma’s character has looked more promising than ever as has the showcase WWE have gave her, treating her with such seriousness and having given her development. We Now have Two Women feuding on the side with a story that doesn’t lap in with Total Divas or to do with Men, and we have an actual story Emma can feed off of being mistreated for so long to lead to a possible ascension in the ranks and that makes me happy considering Emma is so talented and skilled and only keeps getting better (if anyone hasn’t seen any of her NXT Matches I Suggest you do so). I Expect that Paige may be written off due to the bump (though initially working the tour regardless) as part of a storyline that eventually brings Paige back as Emma’s next opponent to feud with after Becky, and to give WWE time to actually figure where to take the character Paige has, and considering their chemistry, im all for it. I’m REALLY Excited for Emma vs Becky, hoping its not just for a member of the Professed Four Horsewomen to continuously go over then for the adversary to fade out of course, because as much as i like the two, both deserve to be equally pushed. Onwards and Upwards.

– Catherine


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