WWE NXT RESULTS: Reversing Momentum Following a Stellar Showing (April, 13th 2016)

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Hello and Welcome to the Post NXT Takeover (Women’s Wise) NXT Review. Its Safe to Say I Had Legitimately no idea which matches taped at Axxess and So On during the Mania Weekend would make it to Television, but this week we were blessed with answers, as former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley (thats going to take a while to get used to) battled an extremely athletic Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss dished some bliss-tasteful evil maneuvers to a Developing Pro Wrestler in Tessa Blanchard.

Alexa’s Match is the first women’s wise on the card, out alone as my favorite former NXT Tag Team Champions appear to be M.I.A from this bout (Blake and Murphy). Tessa, on the other hand, is already in the ring when Alexa makes her entrance, hoping to reestablish herself as a definite threat in the women’s division and to its possibly toughest champion, Asuka.

Tessa and Alexa begin with a lock up, but both throw it off after a few moments, pacing around the ring before attempting the next offense. Alexa gets a reversal in the second lock up, catching Tessa in a waist-lock before grounding Tessa against the mat. Tessa rolls as a part of her own counter before working on Alexa with a hammerlock. Breaking free, Alexa creates distance between herself and the opposer with a nasty slap, which only fuels Tessa to strike back. Warning Alexa of her mistake, she charges toward her, missing the clothesline attempt as Alexa ducks and applies a waist-lock. Knocking her off, Tessa then attempts her first pin attempt of the match. Alexa escapes it at a count of one.

Tessa nails two forearms to Alexa before whipping her into a slam. Alexa takes more offense before making a comeback with an elbow as Tessa continues utilizing the ropes. Alexa showcases her viciousness with forearms and elbows to the back of Tessa before covering, getting a near fall. Alexa only continues to reverse the momentum as she chokes Tessa against the ropes, followed with some vicious stomps. Tessa’s attempt to hit back is only averted when Alexa pounds her again, and the fierce competitor attempts to wear down Tessa with a hold soon applied. After a few punches toward the midsection, Tessa rolls up Alexa to get her own near fall.

Again, Alexa is the momentum shifter as she hits a hard knee to Tessa upon getting to her feet. She Attempts to (in heel fashion) smack the face of Tessa who blocks it and shouts in the fellow competitors face, and Alexa is visibly seething as her face becomes the target from a load of forearms. Alexa shoves off Tessa, who only comes back with furious clotheslines, Tessa follows this with a neckbreaker before her splash in the corner is averted when Alexa moves. Tessa turns quickly and forearms Alexa again, striding over to her but she is soon met with the same furious face from before, as the heel competitor gives her a furious, freakish glare before sending her down to the mat viciously. Taking her out with a Glitz flip, Alexa pins Tessa and wins the match.

Later in the night, The Former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, two weeks clear of her battle with Asuka (not sure if this was taped before or after Takeover but i can assume it was after) returns to the ring to look to shake off the disappointing loss that saw her abdicate her long earned championship to Asuka. Bayley battles a Woman also looking to rise up the ranks as part of NXTs Critically acclaimed women’s division, Liv Morgan. Bayley is out first, to the happiness of her many fans, followed by Liv, who has had a slight repackaging regarding entrance theme and overall entrance, though furthermore embracing her usual gimmick.

The Match starts with Bayley soaking in some kind chants from the audience towards her, before locking up with Liv, immediately targeting her left arm, and following that with some playful mockery. Liv reverses her hold into a hammerlock, but Bayley rolls out of this in Natalya style before leading in momentum with a reversal. Bayley reverses Liv’s whip, pressing herself to the mat along the way. Liv sees through this strategy, running the ropes easily before using her own athleticism to avoid offense by Bayley and follow this good performance with a possible arm drag that Bayley counters into a snapmare. Bayley takes in the fan support following a low clothesline to Liv but misses the knee drop that follows that when Liv rolls out of harms way. Bayley reverses a waist-lock by Liv, before Liv performs a handspring into a spinning head-scissor, one that sends Bayley whirling into a near corner. Bayley seems impressed by the fellow competitors work as she climbs to her feet.

Bayley takes down Liv with one leg, soon applying a headlock. Despite Liv’s attempt to get back to her feet and possibly counter, Bayley takes her back down, and a roll up does little to loosen Bayleys grip. Bayley drives Liv into a corner, executing shoulder tackles. Bayley rolls away and hits her running back elbow, but another attack is diverted when Liv slips away from the corner. Liv runs the ropes, taking down Bayley and ensuring she does so again as she face-plants her via a singular bulldog. Liv monkey flips Bayley out of a corner before having an atomic drop averted, and Bayley elbows Liv in the back of the neck before flooring her with the Belly to Belly Suplex finishing move. Bayley pins Liv and wins her first match since the hellacious battle from NXT Takeover, which she has to express about in a post match promo.

Bayley, with a mic in hand, answers what many wonder, whats next for the former champ? Bayley first thanks the welcoming of much of the audience, before declaring that the measure of a true champion is measured not by how many times they get knocked down, rather by how many times they get back up. She admits defeat back at Dallas, equally admitting that the credited amazing competitor in Asuka was the better woman on that night, and she knows some fans are angry, and deep down she is also, but she asks the fans not to be sorry for her, because she is still standing, promising at that moment to become champion again. Bayley finalizes her speech as she tells the fans she stands for each and every one of them before making her eventual leave.

(Tessa Blanchard vs Alexa Bliss)

(Bayley vs Liv Morgan)

Thoughts On:
Tessa/Alexa: As Short as this was, Despite some things heard, I Really Like Tessa’s in ring work, and this is the first time ive seen her perform also, and the match to me also felt Heel vs Heel in parts, also showcasing the never lessened charisma of Alexa. I Do Hope this match does its purpose of reestablishing Alexa and giving her a possible angle to work on and to eventually give her title glory, but overall a nice showcase.

Bayley/Liv: Another not too lengthy showcase from the other women, but i have to bring up what A LOT of people have been talking about on social media, and thats Liv. For Someone so Young and for someone who hasn’t been there as long as some others, she has really come far in the time shes been there and in every match Ive seen of hers, something has always stood out. Merging her athleticism to mesh with her ring work makes Liv a standout to me in the future for the women’s division to the point where i hope she also gets a run with the belt or even a Takeover Match, even if it may feel soon, and not to discredit the forever evolving ring work of Bayley, but i had much focus on Liv during this match based on that alone. This almost makes me happy NXT didn’t read my idea of putting her with the Revival in early days because shes such an in ring standout and seemingly a quick progressor. Bayley, in terms of momentum, needed the win and the loss doesn’t hurt Liv whatsoever as shes just taking up Peyton and Billies previous roles as enhancement at this point, and if WWE know what they are doing, then Liv should be accelerated sometime in the future. Bayleys post match promo has me more than certainly convinced she is heading towards a rematch with Asuka at the next Takeover in June as she and Sasha had done at Takeover Respect unless she gets her match early then bows out in favor of the teased angle between Asuka and Nia Jax.

– Catherine


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