LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: The Manipulation In The Trios Tournament Continues (April, 13th 2016)

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Welcome to this weeks episode review on all things wrestling within the Boyle Heights Temple, Lucha Underground. Matanza’s rule continues but takes a backseat for this week at least, as major manipulation is undergone for another week in the set up Trios Tournament, as just like before with The Mack and Marty the Moth, the clever and callous Jefe, Dario Cueto, stacks the deck for Cage by aligning him with his arch nemesis Mundo and his valet Taya as the Trios Tournament heats up.

Switching from the task of ensuring his window fixed to the ongoing, Dario “Welcomes” Taya, Mundo and Cage who await in his office. He wishes to have the current Trios Tournament top the prior, thus he has asked for the most unique teams to take part, which Mundo guesses as a ploy to force him, Taya and Cage to team up on the night. Dario appears to have that planned, but Cage has other ideas, suggesting he switches the idea for a match between him and Mundo tonight. Dario, despite knowing the history behind the competitors rivalry, throws off this suggestion and decides to pit them in the ring as partners regardless, and tries to introduce himself to Taya, who just sniggers. Dario takes this with a little offense then recalls the dysfunction one time between Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico, reminding them exactly where they are now, and this could work with them also. He Knows they have both eluded the gold and the partnership could do wonders, but Cage insists he can win the tournament, with or without them, having his catchphrase hilariously cut off by Dario. Mundo mocks Cage on his way out, before insisting he will win the tournament.

Black Lotus makes an appearance for the first time in a while to be confronted by El Dragon Azteca over her allegiance to Dario and Matanza. Lotus claims she had no choice in the matter, having been locked in a cell, and if she hadn’t chosen to work alongside him, then she would have been torn apart in a cage with Matanza. Shes aware Matanza played into the destruction of their master, and calms the Vengeful Azteca by insisting they will get revenge, but not just yet as Matanza, as shown, is very powerful. Azteca heads into the dark, but not before telling Lotus to stay close to the pairing, which she states is her plan regardless.

Much later in the show, Catrina appears before Mil Muertes in his sacred shrine, disturbing his peace as she summons forth the Disciples who wish for his forgiveness for their past failure as they have been entered into the Trios Tournament. Mil demands them to rise, and they do so, looking to hear out Mil’s decision as to whether he would forgive them more so, but instead Catrina demands them to leave, insisting that they will not fail anyway. She believes that next week will see them a step closer to their former championship gold, and next week, so will Mil, regardless of the inhumane strength of Matanza that surpasses the strength supposedly of the earthquake she had rescued him from.

And sometime following that, we have the main event of the evening as Taya, Johnny Mundo and Cage join forces to challenge El Dragon Azteca, Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio Jr in the continuation of the Trios Tournament. Of course Cage plays up his dysfunction with the heel pairing by barging through their flashy entrance and immediately storming to the ring. Cage kicks off the match for his side against the babyfaces representative, Azteca. After much battling between the babyfaces as well as Cage and Mundo, Taya eventually tags in to assist Mundo in a double team whip that sends Puma crashing into a far corner. Giving him no time to rest, Taya executes a running back elbow in the same corner to Puma, then whipping him into Mundos follow up offense. Taya boots Puma in the head after taking to the ropes, getting her first near fall on Puma.

Taya looks to continue the domination as she throws a number of forearms at Puma. After another forearm, she distracts the referee, allowing Mundo to execute usual dirty tactics from the outside, elbowing the already hurt Puma before Taya nails double knees to Puma by the opposite ropes. This round of offense gets Taya another near fall. Taya seems set to summon Mundo into the ring to continue from where she left off, Puma in one hand, but to her dismay, Cage force tags himself in. Taya assists in a double team attack on Puma with Mundo sometime later, but is sent over the ropes as she looks to further this assault. Rey also manages to overthrow the teamwork of Mundo and Taya sometime later, leading to both crashing into the same corner. He tries to execute a 619 but both Taya and Mundo slip out to the outside. Puma climbs back in the ring and flies between the ropes and between the legs of Rey, diving onto both Mundo and Taya on the outside, with Azteca also performing a dive to the two. Taya rushes to the ring following a lengthy battle between Puma and Mundo, breaking a pin attempt from Puma on Mundo following a basement dropkick.

Taya and Mundo double team Rey to get Mundo a near fall on the fellow competitor, per the interference from Puma. Taya throws off additional interference from Azteca, battering him as Mundo does to Puma. Both Mundo and Taya are launched from the ring by Azteca and Puma. However their momentum is cut by the double clothesline by Cage. Taya returns to the match later to kick Azteca and floor him with a suplex. After a double stomp to Azteca, she charges over to Rey, instead crashing into the corner post. Cage looks to make the save, readying a clothesline for Rey that instead hits Taya. Rey tries to reverse a powerbomb which Cage counters, launching the smaller competitor right into Taya. Cage eventually turns on Mundo, no longer wishing assists from the fellow partners but his team fall in the end as Azteca, Rey and Puma go on to win and advance in the Trios Tournament.

Thoughts On This Match:
Another great showcase featuring the Luchadors and Luchadoras (Taya) this week in an impactful, meaningful main event. Dario’s manipulation continues as the extension of his character traits continue to make an impact both positively and negatively on the competitors by tying up rivals with each other, and there’s no doubt the main event showed especially to newcomers (new watchers) of the promotion that Women can “hang” with the men. Major props go to Taya for the spots she has taken in this match and her ability to go all out and go against the gender discrimination and usual stereotype that Women cannot stand out as much or wrestle with the men, her ring skills and charisma have blown me away since she arrived in the promotion. I Loved every moment of the main event and the time it was given, and the crowds energy just continues to soar with every match given in the temple, adding extra to the match itself because crowd reactions do, in my opinion, play into making moments memorable in wrestling also. I Expected Team Azteca to go over, and its a sure fire answer as to what happens between Cage and Mundo next, they are destined to fight again. Now we question what exactly the Trios Champions are doing as the rest of the tourney unfolds.

– Catherine


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