TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Maria Looks To Aspire the Knockouts in Leadership Business (April, 13th 2016)

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Welcome All to All Knockouts Related Updates you need from TNA IMPACT. This Past Week marked a week since Jade successfully captured the Knockouts Championship, and marked another week of escalation in the Maria vs Gail Kim feud. Maria, still at her sneaky ways, attempted to affirm eventual leadership this week, and this lead to All Knockouts being thrown into the fray, including the Knockouts Champ Herself.

The Professed “First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria brags backstage at Gail Kim being dethroned last week in the booked triple threat vs Madison Rayne and Jade, the same match that saw Jade score her first Knockouts Championship. Moving ahead from that, she says shes headed to the ring to get what the “First Lady” deserves. Heading to the ring she summons out the Knockouts Champion and former Dollhouse Member, Jade, who has oddly kept the Dollhouse theme for her entrance. Upon stepping in the ring, Jade is given a verbal message from Maria that she owes her much and thus she should hand her “her title”. Jade declines, snatching the mic from Marias hand and declaring that she earned the Knockouts Title, and its not her fault that Maria is too afraid to put in some work in the division, in terms of stepping in the ring to fight that is. She adds that if Maria wants the Knockouts Title she has to fight for it, and last she believed, the Champ would be the one calling the shots in the division rather than Maria. Before she can say more, they are cut off by the former Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, who is sure to have problems with the Champ Jade outside of her standing issues with Maria.

Gail starts off by saying that she never thought Maria would stoop so low, but she did, not to her surprise. She adds that Maria wants the power but isn’t willing to put in the work, before turning her attention to Jade, having not forgotten about her rematch clause that she is entitled to, but right now, she has something more important on the mind, pointing directly at Maria. Gail affirms that just because shes the “dog that barks” that this doesn’t make her the boss, but rather the “loudest bitch”. Maria retaliates by calling Gail’s remarks trashy before reminding all of her status as a Lady, or more so as the “First Lady of Professional Wrestling” call those before her Dumb Wrestlers, and the other Knockouts are, in addition, sheep.

This leads to Marti stepping out of the back with Rebel at her side. Marti tells Maria they aren’t sheep as she states, but a “Familia” that she broke up. She addresses the Champ right after, stating that she needs reminding of how or who got her to where she is now. Marti reflects how the Dollhouse ran the division, and it still remains their house, the Dollhouse. This leads to the long time rivals of the revamped faction turned two piece emerging, as out come Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky. Velvet denies that the Dollhouse run the division, reminding them of their status as the “OG Knockouts” and in turn, addresses Maria by assuring that Maria does not speak for any of them. Madison adds to this by agreeing with Velvet’s statement, also reflecting on how she was and still is the “Queen Bee” of the Division and she knows how to lead people. Velvet denies this, leading to clear tension between the two women, though their arguing and biting is drowned out by Maria boasting about how she is still a believable leader. This statement soon ends up being interrupted by TNA’s (and Smashing Pumpkins Singer) Billy Corgan.

Maria tries to butter up Billy by putting over his band and achievements, but Billy sees through it, and he mentions how he and Dixie have talked through Marias Problems, and reflects on how Dixie told him that the strengths of the Knockouts come through diversity and passion. He turns the attention to Jade, assuring the Champ that she wont be passing her title to anybody through gestures or demands, but rather defending it in the ring, booking for her to battle Madison Rayne later tonight, who was not pinned last week in the triple threat. Switching focus back to Maria, he adds that the in ring action the Knockouts bring determines how things run, not Maria’s scheming and dreaming. But if the Knockouts want to find a leader and determine who runs things for the division, they can simply fight for it next week in one match, a ladder match where the victor earns the right to make commands in the Knockouts Division. Maria is thankful for this development but she believes the result doesn’t matter, because she will end up being the boss, pointing directly and poking the Knockouts Champion. This leads to a brawl that Maria avoids involving the rest of the Knockouts.

Jades battle with Madison Rayne takes the pre main event spot. Madison Rayne comes out first without her partner who she seems to be building tension with in recent weeks, Velvet Sky, and Jade also follows suit coming out alone, having finished things with the Dollhouse weeks ago. Madison avoids opening offense from Jade to try grab the early victory, rolling up Jade for a near fall, her first of the match. Jade kicks Madison in the midsection, whipping her into a clothesline attempt that Madison ducks. Madison avoids an arm drag attempt and rolls over Jade for the second near fall. Madison avoids a clothesline again to capture Jade in a crucifix, but Jade counters this into a seeming variation of an air raid crash. Taking control, Jade boots Madison against the mat and she follows by choking the screaming Madison against the middle rope. Jade takes elbows to the midsection after a referee scuffle but comes back with a hard elbow to the back of Madison. Jade chops Madison then gets caught in another roll up by Madison, leading to another near fall.

Madison heads to the ropes to begin her next load of offense, but Jade soon recovers and charges over to Madison, hitting her with a running knee. Jade snapmares Madison after standing on her midsection, scoring a knee to the front of Madison before reverting to a rest-hold. Jade sends Madison back to the mat with an elbow before she can attempt to gather back momentum and she covers her for a near fall. Momentous forearms from Madison only do so much as another elbow from Jade knocks off possible momentum for the also former Knockouts Champion. Jade nails a German Suplex to get another near fall on Madison. Jade tries to execute her newest finisher near the ropes, but to her dismay, Madison clings to the ropes to stay adjusted. Jade gets frustrated again, arguing with Stiffler, and turns, only to take a sudden inziguiri from Madison. Both Women take a while to get to their feet, trading forearms upon doing so. Madison eventually takes over with a barrage of forearms and chops, but takes a kick to the hand before she can continue. Jade takes advantage of this to run the ropes and bring on her next offense, but is suddenly floored by a recovered Madison’s clothesline. Jade escapes a pin attempt by Madison following a Northern Lights Suplex at two, getting Madison another near fall on Jade.

Madison clotheslines Jade under the bottom rope before hauling herself up the turnbuckles, missing a diving cross-body to the Knockouts Champ. Jade looks to capitalize as she boots Madison, dragging her over to the rings center, taking her out with her finisher. Jade pins Madison to win the match and successfully retain her Knockouts Championship.

And Lastly, the Evil Wife of Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, who had some harsh words for the Heel Hardys Brother Jeff Hardy earlier in the night, attempted to get involved in the main event tag team match, passing down a hammer to Hardy from her clutch bag, which was used to KO Jeff with. This assist did indeed play into the twos victory.

(Knockouts Segment feat Billy Corgan)

(Madison Rayne vs Jade; Knockouts Championship Match)

(Matt Hardy and Tyrus vs Jeff Hardy and Drew Galloway feat Reby Sky)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Segment: Overall i thought this was a pretty well done segment, minus Billys Mic Work and Rebel getting Zero Mic Time despite being a Knockout like the rest, who all got mic time, even if it was minuscule at a point. Initially the victor of next weeks sure to be intense match has already been decided as there’s no other victor possible as Maria’s intentions have been more portrayed and more expressed than any other Knockout, and while Marti’s intentions may be for the Dollhouse to regain control again, and while Madison may want to reaffirm her place as Queen Bee, their involvement has only been brought to this point, and Gail is only in the match due to her ongoing angle and status as Top Knockout and Pioneer. I Loved Marti’s involvement in the segment and she, in my opinion, is really strong on the mic, and it could easily plant the seeds for her vs Jade considering they have much backstory in and out of the company, so its a shame that we may not even get that at all. The Beautiful People tension is interesting but i don’t expect it to culminate in either Velvet or Madison returning to their heel ways with Velvet possibly done with the company overall but lets see whether she works the next tapings to be sure.

Jade/Madison: A PPV Quality Match in my opinion between the two Knockouts and an outstanding, thoughtful opponent for Jade to face in her first title defense considering how good of a worker Madison is, though i wish Corgan had laid into why Madison had a title shot for those who haven’t seen last week, or just mentioned the expected rematch clause for those possibly new to wrestling at this point. I Only wish it could have been a bit longer but it got decent time and didn’t feel rushed despite it taking a pre main event slot and the crowd seemed into it. Just hoping now that Jade gets a new entrance theme, having parted with the Dollhouse completely, and because the theme doesn’t fit with her entrance. But i do expect her to be turning face soon, and hopefully her build as champion and possibly following in the steps of Gail doesn’t get drowned out by Gail’s current feud, which doesn’t even involve the championship at this point.

– Catherine


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