Former Womens Champion Chyna Passes Away (April, 21st 2016)


Many Hours Ago, it was sadly announced via WWE’s Twitter Page and via various media outlets and Social Media Pages that Former WWE/WWF Womens Champion Chyna had passed away at the Age of 45. The News was additionally confirmed via Chyna’s Social Media Team.

Following the Sudden News Many Wrestling Stars In and Out of The WWE (the company of which Chyna worked for until 2001) took to their Twitter Accounts to express their sadness and send their condolences.

Chyna worked for the WWE, known back then as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) from 1997 until 2001, and during her time, she became the first Woman to Hold the Intercontinental Championship, which she held twice, as well as the first woman to earn contendership status and challenge for the WWF/E Championship. On Top of these accolades, Chyna also was the first Woman to enter the Royal Rumble, Followed Years Later by Beth Phoenix and Kharma/Awesome Kong, and held the Womens Championship which was eventually vacated in 2010. She had many feuds during her career with the WWE, most notably with Ivory over the WWF Women’s Championship, and acted as a manager to D-Generation X as well as the Corporate Ministry, headed by Shane McMahon. Chyna was released (with some controversy) in 2001 as a Stated Relationship with Triple H fell apart behind the scenes, leading to the firing of the former women’s champion. After a Short stint with New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2002, Chyna would return to Television again in 2011, this time for TNA IMPACT Wrestling, working one match for the Company where she teamed with Kurt Angle against Karen and Jeff Jarrett. She also worked a Battle Royal beforehand to build the feud between her, Angle and the Jarretts by Eliminating Jeff. The Duo won the mixed tag team match booked at TNAs Sacrifice Pay Per View that year, but following this, Chyna did not work another match for the company nor make any other appearances. Despite the Fan Outcry for Chyna to receive a Hall of Fame Spot for her work over the years for the Company and for her influence on Women, including aspiring Women’s Wrestlers, Triple H denied such an honor in a Podcast Interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin in 2015, claiming this was due to the explicit images available on the Net to Children.

Regardless Chyna, famously Nicknamed the “Ninth Wonder of the World” indeed left a legacy, inspiring upcoming, current and past women’s wrestlers and leaving behind many accolades that she had accomplished during her long tenured and unforgettable as well as remarkable wrestling career, standing in a division made up of names such as Lita, Trish Stratus and as Previously Mentioned, Ivory to name just a few. Details over the reasoning/cause of her Death has yet to be known. My Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to the Friends and Family of Joanie (Chyna) Laurer.

– Catherine


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