WWE RAW RESULTS: Splendor for the Sharpshooting Competitor in Good Ol’ London (April, 18th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks RAW Report. As Part of WWEs first European Tour of this year, RAW was brought to London, meaning fans would be (sometimes annoyingly) treated to spoilers due to our timezone. Featured on the show was an Eight Woman Tag Team Match as Paige, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch joined Contender to the Women’s Title Natalya to battle NaoMina, Summer Rae and Reigning WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. Plus Miz and Maryse ended up face to face with the contender to the “Most Must See” Superstars Intercontinental Championship, Cesaro.

Leading the Women in appearances first this week is Maryse, standing alongside her Champion Husband, the Miz. Another Kissy Kissy Moment from the happy couple is crashed, only this time by an eloquently suited Cesaro rather than a frustrated Zack Ryder. After the promo, which also gave a small reference to the Late Roddy Piper, Cesaro would pit himself and the Tag Champions the New Day in a match against the League of Nations and The Miz.

Sometime following, Mauro, filling in duty for Renee who is stuck in the USA for the most unfortunate of reasons, a visa issue i believe (might wanna re-check Twitter after this) welcomes Charlotte, and of course her Hall of Fame Father Ric Flair, backstage for an interview. Mauro treats the pairing to a replay of what exactly happened in the ending of Natalya’s Match with Charlotte last week, that saw poor Nattie disqualified per Rics aggravating intervention. Charlotte, looking happy over this development, labels her still contender as a failure like the rest of the division. Ric tries closing this with the traditional “Woooo” then Natalya steps in, face to face with the Champion Charlotte.

Natalya recalls that despite the interference by Ric, she made Charlotte tap out. On top of this, she informs Charlotte that per Shane McMahon’s Ruling, she has been given a rematch with Charlotte, but not tonight, but rather at Payback. Charlotte is confident that despite this development it will only end the same for her, so Natalya delivers extra news. She Announces that Bret Hart will emerge at Payback to be in her corner, just like at NXT Takeover 2+ Years Ago. Ric is surely not pleased at this development, per his facials.

We Head to our only women’s match of the evening as Paige, Natalya, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks battle Tamina, Naomi, Summer Rae and WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. All Women Get Entrances. It seems at first that Charlotte is confident enough to open against Nattie on the opening bell, but of course the traits of the heel set in as she instead walks away before even a lock up can be initiated, accepting a tag by Summer instead. Natalya and Summer lock up to kickoff the action, leading to Natalya taking Summer down to the mat before being caught in a head scissor reversal. Both Women get to their feet and Natalya has Summer busy in a hammerlock, and she uses her free hand to tag in crowd favorite Sasha Banks.

Summer slaps her way out of the opening arm wringer by Sasha. Of course Sasha does not take lightly, chasing after Summer and grabbing her blonde locks before she can reach out to any fellow heel. Summer counters, and the back of Sashas head crashes to the mat. Summer draws Sasha to the heels corner, and Naomi makes a tag. Naomi gets an arm wringer but is forearmed just as quick by Sasha, who scores one to Summer also, effective enough to send her off the apron. Naomi is launched head first into an opposite corner turnbuckle, and the Boss tags additional crowd favorite Paige into the match. Paige skillfully presses herself to the mat, leading to Naomi tumbling against it. Paige scores a big running knee before whipping Naomi into a corner. Paige rolls Naomi from the same corner following another running knee, looking to connect with another only to be sent down via Naomi’s face-buster reversal. Naomi looks to continue this momentum with a running cross-body, only to be caught in the hands of Paige, who launches her to the mat with a Fallaway Slam. Naomi rolls out, checked up on by her partner Tamina before both ladies become a victim of Paige’s rolling senton off the apron. Paige rolls back to the ring after short eye contact with Charlotte, who tries to motivate her fallen team mates onward before becoming a victim also to an attack from Becky off the apron. Becky takes down the former rival as we come to a short break.

Returning from the break, and its the legal woman on the heel side, Naomi, facing Becky. Naomi rolls Becky over in the ring for a one count, and Becky returns the favor with her own, scoring a near fall. Naomi takes down Becky by both feet for another pin attempt that Becky bridges out of. Tamina tags in as Naomi makes it close to the ropes, but before she can unleash an assault, Becky launches Naomi into her. Summer hilariously bolts from the apron after watching Charlotte fall per a springboard sidekick from Becky. Tamina recovers on the outside and grabs Becky by her foot, dragging her to the ground. Tamina superkicks Becky in the jaw then aggressively bashes her against the floor. Tamina rolls Becky back to the ring for her first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall.

Tamina chokes Becky against the ropes to further her momentum, getting mouthy with the referee who doesn’t notice the outside kick Naomi executes to Becky. Tamina applies a headlock, sending Becky to the mat upon her attempt to break out. Tamina allows Summers tag, whipping Becky into Summers clothesline. Summer tries to finish things early as she covers Becky, only getting a one count. Summer uses the turnbuckles to her advantage as she sends Becky head first into them on more than one occasion, furthering this as she chokes Summer against this same corner. Summer runs Becky into the opposite corner where her team mates await, tagging Naomi back into the match. Naomi aggressively kicks Becky against the bottom turnbuckle, following up with a running dropkick. Naomi attempts to cover Becky following this, getting a one count as Summer had.

Naomi tries to wear out Becky with a headlock applied, which Becky attempts to escape with elbows and uppercuts. Naomi reverses into a jawbreaker and taunts Sasha before her follow up attack is averted when Becky recovers in time to move away, leading to Naomi taking a plunge to the outside floor. Naomi manages to make it back in time to pull Becky away from her respective team members, but is kicked to a nearby turnbuckle. Becky makes the needed tag to Natalya, while Naomi tags Summer. Natalya ducks under Summers offense to deliver clotheslines, followed with a Side Russian Leg Sweep. Summer reverses a whip which sends Natalya to the corner, but she misses a corner splash when Natalya moves away in time. Natalya takes advantage to slingshot Summer to the mat and drop her with a basement dropkick. Summer uses her leg to knock away the arm of Natalya and deliver a Roundhouse Kick in revenge, stumbling backward as Charlotte makes a forceful tag. Charlotte runs in, instantly floored by a sudden clothesline from Nattie. Natalya tries to cover Charlotte following this, but Naomi runs in, as does Tamina. Sasha and Paige run in to clear the two off, while Natalya counters the figure four attempt back in the ring by Charlotte, taking the champ down by both feet and capturing her in her finishing sharpshooter submission. Charlotte eventually taps, awarding the victory to her future challenger. Natalya, Sasha, Paige and Becky win the match.

(The Miz, Maryse, Cesaro, New Day and the League of Nations Segment)

(Charlotte, Ric Flair and Natalya Backstage Segment)

(Natalya, Sasha Banks, Paige and Becky Lynch vs Tamina, Naomi, Summer Rae and Charlotte)

Thoughts On This Match:
Overall a Good Lengthy, Standout of a Match allowing the Women all Good Time, though i cant help but feel Naomi wasn’t being shown to her best level despite how immensely talented she is. I LOVED Summer’s hilarious jump off the apron to avoid Becky. She has so much Charisma and Personality and it was just a genuine LOL moment. Regardless im glad Charlotte took the pin to further the story between Challenger and Champion, and not one of the other women as i expected either Naomi or Summer to take it. All eyes are now on the next week and Payback, where we expect and hope for Natalya’s Match to get the WrestleMania Type of Importance treatment, and where we can also hope its about the women rather than the Legends on the side (with no disrespect of course). Like Roadblock and other past encounters, i expect a definite classic.

– Catherine


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