LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: Twists, Turns and An Ignited Collision (April, 20th 2016)


ivelisse velez 71


Welcome All to another report on a expectedly action packed episode of Lucha Underground. Though the Women weren’t to take to the ring this week, they definitely left their own impact on current storylines. Appearing this week would be Catrina, Taya and Ivelisse.

Taya is up first, taking up the job of informing Mundo of a future challenge. Unlucky for Mundo, his quest to take an “Aztec Medallion” would mean facing Cage one on one, and not just in the squared circle, but be surrounded by the deadly structure that is a Steel Cage. Mundo expresses clear frustrations over this, while Taya assures him that they will shut down the machine….permanently.

Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc, the current Trios Champions for the Promotion, are brought backstage to Dario. Shutting down their muttering and arguing, something well known of the trio, he informs the shocked champions that a new twist has been put on the current tourney, adding the Trios Champions to the Tournament, meaning one defeat will leave the Championships up for grabs. However, he has “kindly” given them a respite by placing them automatically in the final, in a four team elimination match next week.

Sometime later, the Disciples of Death enter into the territory of their mistress, Catrina, who is fuming over their latest defeat, despite assuring Mil just a week prior that the cohorts would not fail. To Make Matters worse, shes left to absorb the fact that Fenix was the one to finish them, asking the three what possible reason could hold her from destroying them. Of course El Siniestro De La Muerte gives Catrina reasons to have faith, at least in him, tearing out the hearts of his now former companions and leaving them lying while obtaining his own power. No One Knows whats to come next as he evolves into something surely more dangerous and monstrous.

Stepping away from the prior matter, Catrina accompanies Mil Muertes to his Star Booking of a First Match with the current Lucha Underground Champion Matanza. No Clear winner was identified when both the Beastly Matanza and Mil Muertes were driven through the roof of Dario’s office, leaving the Jefe screeching as only a load of dust, a confident Catrina and chanting fans remained.

Thoughts On:
Trios Tourney Swerve: Oh My Gosh Poor Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico. Though the pressure of being thrown into the tourney will force them to commit to teamwork rather than strain, the odds are indeed against them against the other qualifying teams. As i know and have a feeling who is walking out the victor due to popularity, this makes me question where the Trios Team of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico go from here?

Catrina/Disciples: Catrina was perfect and solid in her delivery for yet another week and her character was also as twisted as ever, but i NEVER expected the Disciples to split in such a way, but of course its Television Elements outside of the Wrestling. Though Callous and Brutal, there’s definitely focus and attention of Siniestro now and one can wonder where he stands amongst Mil and Catrina considering the Disciples were just outside soldiers and minions, with Siniestro’s turn elevating him to a higher level at the side of Catrina and also as an eventual performer on their side. Has he levelled up high enough to pay his dues to Mil by possibly making the force of the particular heels stronger through assisting Mil in destroying Matanza to showcase dominance that will never falter? Time will tell.

– Catherine


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