WWE NXT RESULTS: One Steadies The Course Towards Contendership Status (April, 20th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks NXT Report. I Haven’t had as much time to update the site due to life ventures, but now im back, lets get updating shall we. I Wouldn’t say NXT didn’t have much to offer this week, as it offered us a further insight into the women bringing the next generation of NXT Women’s Performers, as the Ferocious Nia Jax battled a revisiting Deonna.

Arriving in front of the Axxess Crowd is Nia, working with no accompaniment for this particular match. She is followed up by the entrance of Deonna, who has been far from a new face in the NXT ring, having battled a number of matches in her time around Orlando. Unlucky for Deonna, she doesn’t even get a first strike when the bell rings, launched to the corner by the intimidating foe and being further struck before being tossed around the ring with ease. Nia only continues to hammer away at Deonna as she splashes her against the same corner from before, and on more than one occasion. Nia whips Deonna to the opposite corner then scoops her away from it, and executing a shoulder breaker. Nia steps on Deonnas face before nailing an elbow drop. Following a second, she summons her up and storms over to her. However Deonna avoids the possible altercation by averting the attack and attempting to roll Nia from underneath. Instead Nia takes her arm and attempts a forearm, only to miss as Deonna heads to the ropes and attempts a running cross-body. Nia looks for a slam type move but Deonna slips free of her grip.

Deonna tries clotheslines to try and slowly wear Nia down, followed up with a cross-body that falls flat when Nia catches her for the second time. Nia floors Deonna with a Samoan Drop followed with the lethal singular leg drop. Nia demands the referee to count after the move and Deonna is pinned in the one and only pin count of the match. Nia wins the match.

Instantly following from this, we see the former NXT Women’s Champ standing backstage with Dasha Fuentes for a Backstage Interview. Dasha informs Bayley that the current NXT Women’s Champ Asuka will face Nia’s comrade and Total Diva Eva Marie Next Week One on One. Dasha is aware that Bayley is familiar with working with both in the ring and questions her as to what can be expected from the particular face off. Bayley credits Asuka, knowing she is champion for a reason and that she doesn’t need telling how lethal she is because all one needs to do is watch the Last Takeover to get an insight. Bayley then moves onto the Women’s Champs Opponent, Eva, saying no one should look passed her either, saying people should see passed the Total Divas Red Carpet Image because shes tough, remembering shes been in the ring with her also, and if Nia Jax is even involved next week, then anything could happen. Bayley Finalizes by assuring Dasha that if the Women’s Champ is in the picture then she will be watching.

(Nia Jax vs Deonna)

Thoughts On This Match:
Shorter than i expected with the feel of a squash match, not showcasing as much of Deonna than in past encounters. But i must give credit to WWE for making Nia look like a total beast because she didn’t need to put in extra effort or look overwhelmed at the opponents resilience, it was all just about taking out another opponent, and sending an effective statement to Asuka, though a statement in Asuka’s mindset would surely be about doing more than just that. Nia has again convinced me that she is the number one contender coming up, chasing the NXT Women’s Championship.

– Catherine


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