TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Drama and Chaos For the Knockouts (April, 19th 2016)

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After a hectic, tiring weekend i introduce to you all this past weeks IMPACT Report. The Most recent episode brought to us a Seven Knockout Ladder Match as Gail Kim, Marti Bell, TNA Knockouts Champion Jade, Rebel, Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Maria all battled with hopes of obtaining the right to rule over the Knockouts Division as its head woman in charge. On Top of that a dastardly Rosemary caused chaos for one particular female competitor in a story thats sure to envelop further in the weeks to come.

In a Surprise Twist, the Knockouts are opening the show as the crowd warmer. Entering first for the match is Former TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim, followed by The Beautiful Peoples Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky who enter together. Marti and Rebel, the remaining members of the long tenured Dollhouse group are next to enter, and as a unit, followed by Maria, who enters to her Husband Mike Bennett’s Music, then lastly entering is Knockouts Champion Jade.

The Match begins with each Knockout throwing offense at each other while Maria plays possum, watching her fellow women fight from the outside. Marti Bell dominates Velvet in one corner, as Gail brings the knees and kicks to the very woman who ended her reign, Jade. Gail hits Jade with an extra forearm then throws her from the ring and to the floor while Rebel assists in choking out Velvet. Marti and Rebel hit double kicks to Velvet following a double whip while Gail rams Jade face first into the apron. Marti and Rebel get pumped up, seeing the devastation they have currently brought in the ring and eye a nearby Ladder, attempting to carry it to the ring. Both heels set it up against the apron but take a double dropkick off Madison and Velvet. Maria lifts the ladder and sends it to the ring, pacing into the ring behind it while Madison and Velvet regroup. Gail, clearing off Jade by sending her into the ring post, is in quick pursuit of Maria, and she chases her around the ladder, eventually sent down to the mat when Jade kicks her.

Maria bolts from the ring, retaining her possum like antics as Jade uses the ladder to knock down Velvet and Madison. She additionally swings the ladder at her former companions, Marti and Rebel. The Ladder eventually falls from the hands of the champ when Gail returns to the ring, booting Jade and sending her to the mat. Gail sets up the ladder while her fellow Knockouts stay sprawled around the ring but as she looks to climb it, the nemesis Maria returns to the ring again, pulling Gail away and slapping her across the face. Maria finds herself running from Gail again, this time in a ringside chase. Gail manages to get her hands on Maria as the chase takes itself to the top of the ramp, but is ambushed suddenly by surprise enemies in the Decay, most especially Rosemary. Rosemary sends Gail down with a kendo stick and carefully hands it to Maria before they take off to the back with Gail in hand, removing her from the Ladder Match in what seems to be a set up plan.

Turning focus to the match, and the Beautiful Peoples Madison and Velvet are currently overwhelming Marti and Rebel. Velvet and Madison whip Marti into Rebel in a nearby corner, following up by lodging a ladder against them. Velvet and Madison then whip Jade into the same ladder, then are ambushed by Maria who rams their heads together then follows this by launching Madison into Velvet. Maria runs from the ring again before she can get into an altercation with Jade, who turns her attention to the ladder of which she sets up in the rings center. Jade begins to scale it but Marti cheapshots from behind, laying out the former comrade with a powerbomb from the near top of the ladder. With the Champ and Marti out of the way, Velvet makes a desperate attempt to make it up the ladder but again Maria is in pursuit. A Singular Kendo Stick shot sends Velvet tumbling to the mat from the ladder and Maria takes advantage to make her way fully up the ladder and retrieve the contract that receives her ultimate control of the Knockouts Division. Maria wins the match, getting a celebratory moment additionally with a Proud Mike Bennett, and in a post match promo backstage, she declares that the changes in the division start next week.

Some time later Gail is seen being carried by Rosemary and the Decay in the back of the IMPACT Zone. After many segments from Rosemary tormenting the captor and former Knockouts Champion, the Decay return and head to the ring with Gail in hand, using their hostage as bait to draw out current tag team champions James Storm and Bobby Roode. Abyss agrees to let Gail go if they agree to a match next week, but despite the agreement, there’s a twist, and as Rosemary clutches Gail once again, Abyss coaxes the tag champs into a stipulated match up for the tag team titles next week. Roode agrees for his own side and the heels eventually release Gail from their clutches.

(Knockouts Ladder Match)

(The Decay and Gail Kim Backstage Segment #1)

(The Decay and Gail Kim Backstage Segment #2)

(The Decay and Gail Kim Backstage Segment #3)

(The Decay, Gail Kim and Beer Money Segment)

Thoughts On:
KOs Ladder Match: Like many other past matches, all i would have wished for was extra time and possibly extra spots, though i applaud the spot between Marti and Jade, who have so much history even outside of TNA that not having the two feud feels like a massive missed opportunity. I Do Like the addition of Rosemary despite the fact she wasn’t in the match, because it made her feel as important as the rest of the competing Knockouts, and allowed her to showcase herself over Steve and Abyss to a level in several segments that brought a different feel to the show. You can tell Courtney is loving her character and has come into her own as the manager of the Decay and her mic work is a definite plus also. She works so well as a villain that she created a feeling of suspense to make viewers sympathize and hope for the heroic Gail’s release. One thing i loved about the ladder match, going back to the topic, is that Maria didn’t lastly deal with Jade before climbing the ladder, thus it didn’t make Jade look weak even though Jade taking Velvet’s spot could have helped further the feud going on between Jade and Maria, though that has yet to be amped up to the level of Gail and Maria’s animosity (watch the next few weeks). Because of Creative soon introducing new Knockouts, i do fear for Marti and Rebels spots in the division, unless there’s something new they are being introduced to in segments that we don’t know, but they seem destined for the enhancement spot in the near future which is a shame considering their improvement and that Creative haven’t fully capitalized on Rebel as a heel.

Decay/Gail/Beer Money: Another suspenseful and enjoyable segment. I Thought Gail’s acting was spot on and that the acting was overall superb and as said before, Rosemary has definitely come into her own in terms of her character. This would have been a perfect build to bring Chris Harris back in to renew the partnership of Gail, Harris and Storm from the early days but i don’t see Gail wanting to manage due to priding herself over being a wrestler. Regardless, im excited to see Decay have a tag title run and the promos that could come along with it. Oh if Only Bad Influence were still around…

– Catherine


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