WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Summer Crushes Her Way To Victory (April, 19th 2016)

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Welcome All to A Report on Women’s Action from last weeks Main Event episode which aired from the UK during WWE’s recently closed European Tour. While Other Storylines focus was shifted to the main show, Women not exactly in storylines for the time being (this was taped before Smackdown) got a chance at a shining showcase as former Team Bella Comrade Alicia Fox battled a Charismatic Summer Rae.

Alicia emerges in front of the British Capitals crowd for the one and only women’s match of the night, with her entrance being followed up by Summer Rae’s. The Twos Match kicks off with a lock up that turns into a battle of supremacy as one tries to maintain power over the other, up until Summer sends Alicia to the mat. Alicia shakes it off easy then charges after Summer, who ducks then attempts to catch Fox in a waistlock. Alicia counters it into a hammerlock then whips Summer to the ropes, but the leggy blonde makes an easy comeback as she charges back towards Fox and nails an elbow that sends Fox back to the mat. Summer tries to avoid the athletic counters of Alicia, but the last attempt fails as Alicia uses both legs to send Summer hurtling. Summer cheap-shots Alicia then knees her in the head.

Summer attempts to attack Alicia in a nearby corner but Alicia backs her off with an elbow. Alicia floats upward to the top turnbuckle but along the way Summer hits a Roundhouse kick, and Alicia takes a tumble back to the mat upon impact. Summer furiously stomps down on Alicia in the same corner, taunting after before resorting to choking her against the second rope. Summer tosses Alicia across the ring then bolts into her first pin attempt of the match, resulting in a near fall on the former Team Bella Member.

Alicia struggles in Summers follow up rest-hold, eventually escaping and ducking from a clothesline in an attempt to roll up Summer, but as Summer had before, Alicia gets a near fall. Alicia uppercuts Summer to make up for it, then ducks under Summers attempted offense and sends her down with a dropkick. Alicia hits a second then boots Summer in the face, but doesn’t end it there, as she forearms Summer against a corner and suplexes her, but like past attempts, this gets her a near fall. Alicia goes for the axe scissor kick but Summer smartly ducks, also trying to fight back with a Roundhouse that Alicia avoids. Alicia rolls up Summer again for another near fall. Before Alicia can spring back into action, she is tripped by the blonde opposer. Summer takes advantage, grasping the surprised Alicia and taking her out with the effective Summer Crush for the victory. Summer wins the match.

(Alicia Fox vs Summer Rae)

Thoughts On This Match:
Its not every day we see Summer get a singles victory, nor via the Summer Crush which will always be my favorite finisher of hers, so im more than happy to see it being used again. That and Summer looked like she was truly enjoying the match, and additionally she also works well against Fox, and the Roundhouse corner counter looked great. Its Always a Treat in my opinion to see Summer win considering how much they didn’t capitalize on her popularity during the time of Survivor Series 2013, especially after that time when they made her do the worm than rather just lay out the Total Divas in the rematch. The Only Negative, as per, is the length of the match, but, again, seeing Summer win is a regular fresh moment whenever the possibility strikes.

– Catherine


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