WWE RAW RESULTS: Sharpshooting to Possible Glory as Payback Looms (April, 25th 2016)




Welcome All to this weeks late RAW Report. Again the Busy-ness of Life has caught up with me hence why i write this on a Wednesday Evening/Thursday Morning near to 3am. Admittedly RAW wasn’t an A* for me in terms of lengthy women’s matches, even though we were pleasantly treated to one in the form of a rare bout between Emma and Natalya as the Road to Payback shortens. On Call to watch the action is indeed the nemesis of Natalya and Defending WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte…..and Ric Flair of course.

But before we get to this moment, we see the return of Stephanie McMahon who tries to get in the face of her brother upon returning to WWE Television, only to have her mocking ways grinded to a halt as Shane used his own authority to remove the nagging Billion Dollar Princess from the building.

While Charlotte and Ric find their position by the commentary table, both Emma and Natalya have made their televised entrances and have their match underway. Natalya takes down Emma swiftly following a waist-lock, reverting to a front face-lock of which Emma counters. Emma targets Natalya’s left arm, but only for a short amount of time as Natalya is quick to counter, sending Emma over her shoulder and to the mat to strike back. Emma ties Nattie in a head-scissor to release herself from the pressure Nattie applies to her shoulder, but Natalya leaps out, avoiding Emma’s offense and capturing her in a waist-lock which only leads to her taking a forearm to the face. Before Natalya can chase Emma to the outside, the villainous Aussie sweeps her on the apron. Emma follows this with an equally as hurtful double chicken-wing suplex. She temporarily eyes Charlotte before rolling Natalya back into the ring, hitting the Queen of Harts with a running dropkick to score herself her first near fall of the match.

Emma keeps Natalya busy with a hold applied, keeping it locked as she also manages to knock Natalya’s head against a corner turnbuckle a few times. Emma ropes Natalya into an explosive clothesline and she uses time to taunt before grabbing Natalya and plotting her next load of offense. However this doesn’t seem to cement as instead shes taken to the mat and caught in the sudden Sharpshooter counter by Natalya. Emma gives in to the pain and submits to the Number One Contender to the Women’s Title, awarding Natalya the victory. Post Match Natalya makes her way over to Charlotte, indicating for a possible fight but Charlotte just hides behind her grinning Hall of Fame Father, leaving all action to Payback.

Also appearing in the third hour is the charismatic “It Couple” of the WWE, Miz and Maryse, whose recent boasting only draw Cesaro, the Number One Contender to Miz’s Intercontinental Championship, to come down to the ring and give Miz another beating that Maryse is forced to intervene in. Safe to Say the Massive Forearm for Cesaro was just one of the Cesaro Sections Loving Moments, only to increase should he initiate an assault full fledged enough to take out the Miz this Sunday.

Plus Lana returned to Managerial Duty as the League of Nations Split angle makes a full fledged turn on Smackdown (SPOILERS!) accompanying Rusev for a Mega Match with Sami Zayn that eventually ended in Zayns victory.

(Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon Segment)

(Emma vs Natalya; Charlotte on Commentary)

(The Miz, Maryse and Cesaro Segment)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Sami Zayn)

(Becky Lynch on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Emma/Natalya: Criminally short match between Two Underrated Talents but furthering the story between Charlotte and Natalya, but only on a minimal scale on this weeks RAW. Considering Emma is in an angle outside of the title picture, i question her allocation as the opponent of Natalya on this weeks RAW as the loss did her no favors even if the angle with Becky is on hold and only being promoted via Fallout segments (which wouldn’t be good enough build if the match was to be on Sunday in my opinion as some viewers cant even access these segments at all and therefore may not even know this angle is happening because of it). Regardless im still excited to see Charlotte and Natalya deliver this Sunday, even if the outcome is generally obvious.

Miz/Maryse/Cesaro: As Much as I Miss Zack Ryder looking to get his revenge after being dismissed of a decent reign following a Major WrestleMania Moment, im enjoying the angle between Miz and Cesaro, even if the promo exchanges between Miz and Ryder could have been equally as exciting. Overall i cant see Cesaro winning this Sunday as Maryse is sure to intervene and because Miz’s character has had a much needed rejuvenation upon her return to the WWE.

– Catherine


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