TNA IMPACT RESULTS: New Knockout Leader Continues To Be A Thorn in The Veterans Side (April, 26th 2016)

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Welcome All to a New TNA IMPACT Report, this week beginning the Saga of the Proclaimed “First Lady of Professional Wrestling” Maria Kanellis’s Reign as Head of the Knockouts. Upon winning a Ladder Match last week, Maria was entitled to the role of Leadership and looks to make changes to the Division from this week and forward, adding that the long time nemesis Gail Kim cant stop her.

Entering the ring to a load of boos from the audience, Maria declares that she has gained power over the Knockouts Division, despite no one believing her. As A Clip from last week shows Maria taking out Velvet in the Ladder Matches closing moments before ascending atop the ladder shows, Maria adds that the audience believed she needed to change, that she needed a Women’s Revolution (OOOHHHHH) but initially she didnt need to change, but rather all the trolls out in the world. Maria further boasts about making the Knockouts Division in her own image after proclaiming that the fans need to change, and shes excited to show these changes. Before she can speak further, the long time rival of Maria, Gail Kim, emerges from the back and hits the ring, clearly unhappy with Maria’s position in the division.

With Mic in Hand, Gail stands face to face with Maria, calling the beginning of her reign a sad day for the Knockouts. Gail cant help but show her disgust at Maria having control after everything the Division has built itself to be, but Maria stays proud of her role while stating that no one cares about what Gail has done to build the division, or even about her, labeling the former Knockouts Champion as delusional. Gail retaliates, accusing Maria of setting up for Rosemary and the Decay to remove her from the match last week and kidnap her. Gail Threatens to Kick Her Head In, but Maria believes she wont, and cannot due to Maria being in charge. Maria adds that she can take everything away from Gail if she so wanted, and in addition, questions where Gail’s proof is in terms of whether she played into Rosemary capturing her. Maria says the truth doesn’t matter, only the delusional talk crazy to make people believe they are sane.

Gail interrupts Maria before she can further her statement of defense, calling Maria the Crazy One rather than herself. Maria defends herself, saying she isn’t crazy, and she knows Gail isn’t either, but shes about to make the Knockouts Division in her own image, and shes kindly still going to allow Gail to wrestle. In Fact, speaking of wrestling, she will let the proud veteran wrestle tonight, introducing the Decays Rosemary, Gail’s Newest Enemy, as her opponent.

The Bell rings and instantly Gail charges at Rosemary, pummeling her with forearms near to the corner before running her head first into another corner turnbuckle. Gail knees Rosemary then lets out the same offense in another corner. Gail clobbers Rosemary with a running clothesline and splash against the corner, then takes to the outside as Maria taunts her. Maria backs away slightly, run into the ring post by Rosemary, who followed the former champion out. Rosemary forearms Gail against the floor as Crazy Steve watches proudly at the carnage and ruthlessness his acquaintance unleashes. Rosemary rolls Gail back into the ring as Maria quietly returns to her perch. Rather than cover, Rosemary hits Gail with a flurry of forearms against the mat, then she decides on the cover, getting a one count in her first pin attempt of the match.

Gail tries to fire back and reverse momentum with knees, kicks and forearms, but a forearm from Rosemary knocks her down as quick. Rosemary unleashes offense to Gail against a corner, hitting Gail with a running splash in the corner to add. Rosemary Samoan Drops Gail to keep up the momentum and gets a near fall in the pin attempt that follows. Rosemary locks in a submission that Gail attempts to reverse by forcing Rosemary to the mat for a pin attempt, getting a near fall. Rosemary keeps the submission working regardless. Rosemary rolls Gail over twice with submission still locked for two near falls, and Gail takes the opportunity to counter into her own hold. Following another pin attempt, both Ladies make it to their feet and Gail unleashes her next offense as she aims forearms at Rosemary. Gail continues to dominate as she hits a running elbow, but the second falls flat when Rosemary kicks her away. Rosemary hangs on the top rope, executing a hold to Gail while hanging behind the ropes. As Rosemary and Steve Fraternize on the outside, Gail manages to recover, drop-kicking Rosemary to the floor.

Gail captures Rosemary in the ring post figure four, and she soon returns to the ring, following up that offense with a load of kicks to the front of Rosemary. A Fourth kick misses but Gail makes up for it by knocking Rosemary to the mat. Gail elbows and clotheslines Rosemary and nails a flying cross-body off the top rope, but only getting a near fall. Gail knees Rosemary, setting up for her Eat Defeat Finish but Rosemary counters. Rosemary seems to set up for a Fallaway Slam but Gail counters into a side DDT but doesn’t even get a near fall as she goes to pin as Steve pulls Gail out of the ring. The Former Knockouts Champ fumes and slaps the Decay Member not once, but twice. Turning focus to the match, Gail begins to scale the turnbuckles to set up for another possible finish, but Maria bolts from her seat and tries to grab her attention from the apron. Gail tries to pull her into the ring, and to no avail, and while the ref gives Maria a mouthful, Rosemary spits mist in the face of Gail, blinding the fellow competitor. Rosemary hits her finishing move to Gail for the huge victory, additionally leaving Gails fellow nemesis pleased at the result as she strides up the ramp, smiling evilly at the scene.

Moving from that to another situation, and Reby Sky and Rockstar Spud confront Jeff Hardy to air their hatred for him, additionally blaming him for Matt’s destruction and changes in persona, warning him of whats to come. This leads to Reby spitting in the face of Jeff, restrained by Spud who tries to get physical with the babyface Hardy but falling flat when Jeff fights back, standing tall.

(Maria Kanellis Backstage Segment)

(Gail Kim vs Rosemary w/ Crazy Steve)

(Reby Sky, Rockstar Spud and Jeff Hardy Segment)

Thoughts On:
Gail/Maria Segment: In terms of promo work, this was definitely my favorite promo between the two during this whole feud, and my favorite mic moment from Maria by far, using her power as heel chairwoman to overthrow the Proud Veteran that stands for the Knockouts Division in surely more ways than one. Id Say Creative have been very flexible with how they’ve used Maria considering she is working two roles, managing Bennett and aggravating the Knockouts through claiming power, but so far its being handled very well. My Only Worry is the Gail/Maria feud getting more attention than the Knockouts Champion herself, Jade.

Gail Kim/Rosemary: An Impactful debut for sure by Rosemary having gone over the former Knockouts Champion and first ballot Hall of Famer and top praised, top focused Knockout in Gail Kim. I Cant say enough about how much Courtney seems to enjoy her character, Rosemary, and shes already very impressive in the ring which doesn’t surprise me. It also makes me proud that Decay are Tag Team Champions because we get to see New Talents on the Rise, referring to Decay of course, rather than old talents come back and soak up the spotlight, and we also will get to hopefully see Rosemary evolve and only bring more promo work during the run, however long it may be. I Like the way the match was booked overall because it plays into Marias role in interacting with the Knockouts, booking the heels to play against the rivaling babyface while also being advantageous as Maria has been in terms of throwing off Gail in many ways possible.

– Catherine


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