LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: No Soaring Height For A Particular Luchadora (April, 27th 2016)

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ivelisse velez 73

Following up from my newly posted reports, we cant go a week without some Luchadora sightings and Action within Boyle Heights, so without further adieu its time to talk this past weeks action spectacle aka Lucha Underground. As Booked last week, once dysfunctional partners turned 2x Trios Champions Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico would be competing in a Four Corners Elimination Match as part of the Trios Tournament, as the stipulation was changed to force the Champions into the Tourney themselves and force their titles to be on the line. On Top, Taya has a night of swashbuckling action and antics as she joined Johnny Mundo at ringside to view his surely brutal Cage Match with the Machine Also Known AS Cage.

To Heat up the crowd, Cages Match with Mundo Opens The Show, to one heck of a pop from the Believers of the Temple. Cage enters first, followed by Mundo, who has, as mentioned, Taya in his corner. Although the Athletic Taya had been locked out to avoid any kind of interference like in past times, she didn’t fail to find some way to assist her partner, even climbing up the cage at some point and finding her way into the ring through a top-of-the-cage dive onto Cage himself. However these antics didn’t fully end Cage, who settled the score with Mundo as he pinned him to win the match and win an Aztec Medallion for his hard fought victory.

Following that match, and as the last match of the night, Ivelisse and Havoc, left down to a duo through an injury sustained to Angelico, competed in the Four Corners Trios Tournament Final. The Rules are that if someone on a team is pinned, the entire team is eliminated from the match and if the Champions are pinned, whether early or late, the remaining will compete against fellow competitors, or if they are the last ones standing, be crowned Lucha Undergrounds New Trios Champions. Ivelisse and Fenix attempt pins in unison to Rey and Cisco to begin, and this leads to a standoff. Throwing off Rey’s attempted maneuver, Ivelisse is then superkicked by Fenix. After a recovery, Ivelisse tags out in favor of Havoc.

Later on, after a massive spot fest between numerous competitors, Ivelisse climbs to the ring and seems to be seeking a Suicide Dive to the outside, stopped midway by Joey Ryan as he steps into the ring, staring out Ivelisse. Ivelisse takes major offense and delivers an echoing slap to Ryan, who clutches her mouth in retaliation. Ivelisse arm drags Ryan to another side of the ring, following that with a high knee. She delivers another and a series of slaps, ducking from the retaliation offense by Ryan to deliver a German Suplex. Cortez sneaks to the ring for a possible behind assault, but Ivelisse ducks from this also and nails elbows to the competitor. Ivelisse has her whip reversed, and is yanked into a forearm. Cortez nails a brainbuster to Ivelisse then notices Ryan is desperate for the tag, but denies it, but before he can continue to assault Ivelisse, hes pulled into a small package pin and he and Ryan are eliminated from the match per the pin.

We Return to see three teams remain, with Jack Evans combating Ivelisse in a corner. Ivelisse delivers a boot to Evans then dashes over to Havoc, who gets tagged in. Ivelisse is tagged back in later to further combat with Evans, forearming him into an opposite corner and unleashing more before being booted in the face. Evans cheap-shots Ivelisse before throwing Prince Puma out of the ring, and he quickly returns to Ivelisse, hitting with a kick and soon facing Ivelisses momentum reversal as she chops him, booting him after avoiding his clothesline. Havoc tries climbing the turnbuckles for the possible assist but gets knocked down. Ivelisse kicks Fenix for retribution for his maneuver to Havoc, then she sunset flips Evans into the rings center but before a count can even be made, PJ Black kicks Ivelisse as he runs in and reverses her pin attempt. The Referee switches the attention to the current scenario, counting the pin by Evans on Ivelisse, reaching the count of three. This leads to Ivelisse and Havoc’s Elimination and the match stipulation now being to crown new champions, eventually won by Rey Mysterio, Fenix and Prince Puma.

(Johnny Mundo w/ Taya vs Cage 2.03 – 18.52)

Thoughts On Trios Match:
Its Been a Spectacle of a Show this Past Week, showcasing their women also again to their utmost potential, aka Taya climbing the cage and even entering through use of physicality rather than perform the usual valet code of just distracting or standing at ringside throughout the battle. I Loved Cages Match with Mundo and Tayas involvement, and the pairing continue to not disappoint, even though i still wish to know the backstory of the pairing. The Trios Match was, as said, a spectacle with spots all over the place and Five Star Performances and showcases from everyone, and though im not entirely sure what happened to Angelico as this wasn’t taped recently (as he has an injury right now) i can see this being the reason for the current champions dethroning, paving the way for equally great performers becoming the new champions, with Pumas Reigns in the Promotions continuing to soar. I’m Gutted to see Ivelisse, Angelico and Son of Havoc lose the titles as i feel there could have been more feuds for them outside of the Disciples but it introduces new babyface champions and possibly more teams in the future.

– Catherine


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