WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Generational Rivals Smack Talk In the Asylum (April, 28th 2016)

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Apologies for the delays as Ive had a massively stacked weekend of work to do, thus i missed the chance to post about the latter, but here i am, refreshed, and ready to talk all things wrestling that Ive had chance to catch up on, beginning with this past weeks Smackdown. In an interesting move to promote the Payback Women’s Championship Match, WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose took the opportunity to use his New Show, Suitably Titled “The Ambrose Asylum” to promote the feud between defending Women’s Champion Charlotte and generational contender Natalya in what (i believe) is Deans first segment involving Women since coming into the WWE, taking out anything involving the Authority of course.

After Talking up own issues with Fellow Payback Opponent Chris Jericho, Ambrose moves the attention to his show, and takes the opportunity to welcome Natalya to the ring, the contender to the WWE Women’s Championship. After entering the ring, Natalya exchanges jokes with Ambrose before moving to the topic of the upcoming match with Charlotte. Ambrose points out what lead to Natalya evoking her rematch clause, taking a look back at the past Women’s Championship Match between the two. After looking back at the finish, Ambrose is assured his eyes are working as he saw just what the fans saw, that Charlotte was indeed tapping to Natalya’s Submission a few weeks ago. He brings up how Ric is a nagging factor in Charlotte’s Matches, and questions what will be different at Payback to size things up, and Natalya answers that question, reminding the audience that Bret Hart will be at her side. As she brings the praise to the Hall of Famer, it prompts a fellow Hall of Famer and his Villainous Daughter to step out from the back as both Ric Flair and Charlotte emerge.

Ambrose uses the opportunity to welcome the gleeful Women’s Champion and her Father to the show, and Charlotte receives plenty of boos for her presence. Ambrose informs Charlotte that Natalya has promised for Payback to end differently to their last in ring encounter, and that would be due to Bret’s presence at the Pay Per View. Charlotte remarks that Natalya’s Decision to welcome Bret to Payback to be at her side is disturbing, questioning her over parading him around in front of so many people after his recent illness (which he has now reportedly beaten). Natalya retorts that before she makes such a claim, she needs to take a look at whose at her side, glancing between Ric and Charlotte as she does so. Charlotte states however that this is different, labeling him as legendary while going over his well known accolades, but Natalya manages to soon shut Charlotte up, regarding Ric to be a Lying, Creepy Old Man, and one who knows he has to assist Charlotte because shes not good enough to do it on her own. Charlotte’s previous smile soon turns to a frown but she showboats with the championship title regardless as Natalya carries on. Nattie states that if Ric tries any underhand tactics at the show Bret will be there to stop him, and in turn, she will ensure that Charlotte taps out in the title match.

Ric takes the mic after Charlotte hands it over freely to him, reflecting on the occasions where he has beaten Bret in the ring, but he is quickly shut up by Natalya, who declares to the Women’s Champion that there will be a new era, and in addition the WWE Universe will receive the champion they deserve. Natalya stares down the Champ to close the segment.

In Addition to these developments, The Miz was also competing on the show, accompanied by Maryse as he battled the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns in a Champion vs Champion Match, and days before his own title defense against the Swiss Superman Cesaro. The Contender to Reigns Title, AJ Styles also sat by the commentary desk, overseeing the match and staring down Reigns after his victory over the Intercontinental Champ, ending up in some post match shenanigans involving Bullet Clubs Gallows and Anderson.

(Roman Reigns, Maryse and The Miz Segment)

(Charlotte, Ric Flair, Natalya and Dean Ambrose Segment)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Roman Reigns feat AJ Styles, Gallows and Karl Anderson)

Thoughts On This Segment:
First of all it feels so fresh and also amazing to see Ambrose interact with the Women in what i believe is his first interaction with members of the Women’s Division since coming up to the main roster, but do correct me if incorrect. I’m well aware Ric’s controversial line was cut, and i couldn’t help but wonder if he was intoxicated during this segment, but i loved Natalya’s promo work here even though i do feel the whole feud has been about the lineage and will be for the time that this feud goes on, even if they don’t shy out of mentioning the quality of the two women’s matches in the ring. It was another good delivery for the women on Smackdown, just like some past Smackdown Segments have been given the “work-ability” factor in hyping upcoming matches and of course i understand that there was no physicality because they wouldn’t book Ambrose to get involved, especially with his own angle going on, but to me, WWE should book Ambrose to do segments with the women more because no matter what Ambrose does, hes always entertaining, even talking about a plant pot….Sorry…..Mitch.

– Catherine


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