WWE NXT RESULTS: Onward To A Beastly Encounter For the Strong Champion (April, 27th 2016)

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mella aliyah

Welcome All to This Weeks Report on all going on women’s wise within WWEs Developmental System of NXT. This Past Weeks Episode was, again, action-a-plenty as Recently Crowned NXT Women’s Champion Asuka battled NXTs Total Diva and Hopeful Rising Star, Eva Marie. Plus, Carmella, now working alone upon seeing her Male Companions Enzo and Cass head up the road to the main roster, returns to the NXT Ring to battle Aliyah.

Women’s Champion Asuka enters first for the first women’s contest of the night, followed by Eva Marie, who just happens to not have Nia Jax in her corner (at least for now…). Eva avoids a swift roundhouse that Asuka opens with, pacing to behind the ring post before eventually deciding to step back in the ring with the Japanese Grappler. Asuka rolls out of Eva’s Hammerlock, reversing into her own. Eva reverses again, but only for a short time as Asuka counters again, wrapping the same targeted arm of Eva behind her back. Eva tries wearing Asuka down with a side headlock counter but its not long before Asuka is escaping and she snapmares Eva down to the mat. Eva tries to recover from a kick by Asuka, and eventually returns to the ring for another round, caught in Asukas Lock Up into a waist-lock. Eva elbows out, hitting with another before whipping Asuka into a final forearm. After a taunt, Eva runs the ropes, ducking Asukas Offense to attempt to hit her own but Asuka takes her down.

Asuka avoids Eva’s clothesline and mocks her before avoiding another. Asuka takes Eva down again, this time with a running hip attack. Asuka waits for Eva to make it to her feet, ducks her next clothesline and rolls her into an armbar. Luckily Eva escapes possible submission as she forces one of her feet to the ropes. A Hip attack from Asuka to Eva on the ropes knocks Eva to the outside floor from the apron. Eva stumbles around the outside and Nia Jax approaches to cheer her partner on and check up on her.

Eva returns to the ring, hammering Asuka with a number of shoulder tackles. If that wasn’t enough, she also executes a running back elbow to the Women’s Champion. Eva takes to the ropes immediately and knocks Asuka to the mat via a big boot. Eva nails a leg drop but gets a one count. Eva resorts to a hold that Asuka breaks out of, but she avoids the follow up offense by moving from the center of the ropes. Eva takes advantage of Asuka being caught on the ropes to deliver a forearm smash, following it by choking Asuka against the middle rope. Eva and Asuka battle against one another with some forearms, but even a last from Asuka doesn’t send down Eva as she sets up a suplex and executes it instead. Eva reverts back to the earlier stretch, and Asuka tries to break free after a while, only to end up down on a knee per a back elbow from Eva. Eva runs the ropes, but a sudden big boot is blocked by Asuka, who bridges into a pin attempt. Eva breaks out early at a count of one.

Eva hits multiple kicks, whipping Asuka to a corner but Asuka floats, using the speed to position herself atop the top turnbuckle. Both Women are down following a missile dropkick from Asuka to Eva. Eva and Asuka go back and forth with forearms while making it to their feet. Eva runs the ropes, running into a sudden dropkick from Asuka. Asuka hammers one kick after the other to Eva, a last missing as Eva ducks and Eva takes Asuka by her hair and throws her backward to the mat. Eva Misses her follow up offense, and a dropkick by Asuka gets Asuka a near fall on Eva. Asuka charges to the corner but misses her offense to Eva. Eva is floored by a roundhouse after missing her running clothesline and Asuka goes for one more pin, and in turn, definitely the last as she secures the victory as the pin reaches the three count. Asuka wins the match and Nia steps up and into the ring, fearlessly staring down Asuka, hinting at a future match.

The Second Bout of the night sees Carmella, now working as a solo performer upon Cass and Enzo heading out to the main roster, battling a newcomer hoping for spotlight in the women’s division, Aliyah. Carmella comes out to her signature mid entrance promo, followed by the entrance of Aliyah, playing the heel in this particular match. Aliyah takes control in the opening moment with a side headlock applied to Carmella, but her snapmare is averted when Carmella perfects positioning, landing with both feet and upright instead of taking the move. A Little taunting comes from Carmella before she avoids a clothesline from Aliyah to deliver an Atomic Drop. Carmella executes a running dropkick and goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Aliyah.

Aliyah escapes a slam and attacks Carmella from behind. Aliyah drags Carmella backward to the mat by her hair then furiously forearms her against the mat. Aliyah covers, getting a near fall on Carmella. Aliyah keeps Carmella working with a hold applied, but Carmella eventually tumbles out of grip and falls on top of her for another near fall. Before Carmella can gather momentum, Aliyah springs up and executes a knee to the midsection. Aliyah executes a Gail Kim like splash into the corner, soon scaling the turnbuckles. Carmella tries to send her off but Aliyah knocks her to the mat and continues her ascension up the turnbuckles. Aliyah shouts smack to Carmella before nailing a singular leg drop for another near fall. Aliyah isn’t too happy with this and attempts a pin on Carmella again, but like before, Carmella kicks out.

Carmella wheels Aliyah to another side of the ring and hammers her with forearms as Aliyah hangs against the mat. Carmella Lou Thesz Press’s Aliyah and continues with forearm shots, running Aliyah head first into her boot after. Carmella nails a hurricanrana, following with a boot and after a bronco buster in the corner, Carmella executes her side DDT into her finishing submission maneuver. Aliyah taps, awarding Carmella the victory.

(Eva Marie vs Asuka feat Nia Jax)

(Aliyah vs Carmella)

Thoughts On:
Asuka/Eva: Ive been waiting a while for this match to happen and i can see why it wasn’t left for a Pay Per View as Eva still has some improvements to undergo. Regardless i give props to Eva for working against Asukas fast in ring style but all i wish is that she would extend her move set than use the usual moves seen week in week out, and that she would work at a little faster pace to boot, though she has improved much and has shown a lot more than what she had in her first few main roster matches. As for Nia, im excited to see the match go ahead as it was teased a while ago, that being last year, and it has a David vs Goliath type of feel to it to produce an incredible angle in my opinion, exposing weaknesses in Asuka like never before. Personally, i hope it isn’t a side angle for Bayleys rematch to proceed because the size difference is hype enough to give a big match feel, thus makes me want it to be on an actual Pay Per View, plus it would help drive Nia’s relevance rather than just work squash after squash after her first loss. Asuka vs Nia? Definitely Something I Want to See.

Carmella/Aliyah: Another Good Match and i already am a fan of Aliyahs ring work, with a little Gail Kim Inherited Maneuver inherited with the corner splash. Aliyah already feels like an in ring natural, working well against Carmella, and has so much potential. Her first match, like Billies and Peyton’s when first introduced, isn’t a big matter as most try and find their character sometime into their run so im interested to see what role Aliyah has on the roster when she finds a character to work on, but the theme song and very pacy entrance is one thing id personally nix. Other than that, a really good match.

– Catherine


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