WWE PAYBACK RESULTS: Chicago Screwjob Doesnt Entirely Succeed (May, 1st 2016)




Welcome All At Last to The Report on this Past Sundays Post WrestleMania Payback Pay Per View. The Show welcomed us Charlottes first PPV title defense since winning the Newly Introduced WWE Womens Championship at WrestleMania 32, her first challenger being the Generational Rival and Queen of Harts Natalya, whose past chances of success at getting a Women’s Championship reign was thrown off by the scheming antics of the Champions Father, Ric Flair. Regardless, Natalya, knowing the scheming would further continue set out to even the odds, welcoming her Uncle Bret Hart to ringside for the Booked Women’s Championship Match.

Out first, despite the usual rule being Challenger first and reigning champion second, is Charlotte, joined by her Hall of Fame Father, Ric Flair. Its Deja Vu as Just Like at NXT Takeover Two Years Ago, Like Charlotte, Natalya has a fellow Hall of Famer Father in her corner, as she comes out joined by Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Natalya Proudly hugs her uncle at ringside before entering the ring for the Women’s Championship Match, with both receiving intros from none other than JoJo, Natalya as Challenger and Charlotte as the defending WWE Women’s Champion. With that out of the way, the battle can finally commence.

Charlotte woos in the face of the opposition after the bell is rung, but Natalya takes none of it and kicks off the action as she executes a take-down, sending down Charlotte using both of the champs feet. Natalya looks to lock in her sharpshooter early but Charlotte knocks her away, escaping her possible submission attempt. Natalya Kips Up and a Standoff ensues before Charlotte helps herself to her feet and goes for another round of offense, locking up with Nattie. Natalya arm drags Charlotte and the Champ takes a short rest in the corner, eyes directly focused on Natalya before resuming. Charlotte shoves Nattie angrily then blocks Natalya’s counter kick, slapping Nattie in the face while holding the used foot. Natalya executes a counter to send Charlotte to the mat, going to work on the left leg of the defending women’s champion, who reverses into a side headlock after a short amount of time. Natalya elbows Charlotte to try and break free but before she can aim more offense her way Charlotte knocks Natalya to the mat with a running elbow. Natalya returns the favor with a shoulder tackle, taking down the champ as she uses athleticism to avoid further offense.

Charlotte again retreats to avoid another near moment of being caught in Natalya’s submission. Taunting over to Ric only fuels Nattie, who chases the rival around ringside. Charlotte immediately nails a neckbreaker to Nattie upon the foe returning to the ring, also using the rope advantageously. Unfortunately for Charlotte, her first pin attempt isn’t the desired result as she gets a near fall on Natalya. After bashing the back of Natalya’s head against the canvas, Charlotte taunts toward the audience then returns the focus back to the opposition, setting up and nailing more than one knee drop. Charlotte follows with knee shots midway through a rest-hold, tossing Natalya sometime later before she can try to gather momentum. Charlotte slides to the outside, slapping a resting Natalya in the face before commencing with another taunt, mimicking her fathers famous strut. Speaking of Mimicking, the Champ returns to the ring, hitting Nattie with her fathers famous chops. A Last misses as Natalya returns with some of her own to attempt to reverse momentum. Charlotte uses her athleticism to avoid crashing into the corner post after being whipped in the particular direction by Nattie, but stumbles into the hands of the opposition, sent down via a German Suplex. Natalya goes for the cover right there, getting a near fall on Charlotte.

Natalya sends Charlotte over to a corner with a basement dropkick, but any attempt to execute more offense in that corner falls as Charlotte sends a charging Natalya tumbling into the corner. Charlotte blocks a kick from Nattie and targets her knee, also using the ropes. Charlotte continuously knees the challenger, and continues to inflict pain to the same area while shouting over to Bret who can only watch the Flair dominate the portion of the match. Natalya rolls Charlotte into a schoolgirl pin upon Charlotte’s figure four attempt suddenly, getting a near fall. Any comeback for Nattie is diverted when Charlotte locks in a single leg crab. Natalya counters into an armbar that Charlotte gradually escapes through the use of the ropes. Charlotte takes control once again as she suplexes Natalya, and the bad leg, into the ropes. Charlotte cockily steps onto and over the challengers body and begins to ascend to the top turnbuckle, but any chance to land a moonsault is diverted when Natalya forces herself up and knocks her off and to the floor.

Charlotte takes a while to get to her feet, but composes herself in time to block a baseball slide dropkick from Natalya. Charlotte teases possibly power-bombing Natalya into the apron but Natalya reverses into a ringside hurricanrana. Just as it looks like Natalya may have reversed momentum completely, she strides into a sudden big boot by Charlotte as she returns to the ring. Charlotte looks to capitalize with a follow up pin attempt, but like the past few, she gets another near fall. Charlotte readies for the figure four into a figure eight, but Natalya slaps her way out and breaks the possible attempt. Natalya gets back to her feet, aiming forearms at Charlotte and lastly a discus clothesline. Natalya covers and like Charlotte’s last pin attempt, its a near fall.

Nattie glances directly at Bret, setting up a sharpshooter for the Champion ready to take, only for Charlotte to escape and drive the back of Nattie into her knee. If that wasn’t painful enough, Natalya is floored by the follow up Natural Selection from Charlotte which gets the reigning champion another near fall on the contender. Charlotte is furious, attempting a pin again and scoring another near fall. Charlotte climbs the turnbuckles one more time to make up for the last attempt to moonsault onto Natalya, and hits it, but again its another near fall for the Champ on the contender. The Struggle furthers for Natalya to reverse momentum as shes caught up in the Champs body-scissor, but she eventually reverses, applying much pressure to Charlotte’s legs, but Charlotte reaches the ropes once more to force breakage. Natalya is then caught in her own finishing move, performed by the Champ and the controversy begins and mounts there as despite not tapping, Referee Charles Robinson calls for the bell, awarding Charlotte (weirdly) the victory. Charlotte retains the Championship via these particular antics, before both the Champ and her Hall of Fame Father are forced into Sharpshooters by the frustrated Natalya and Bret Hart.

Moving from that to other Women’s Related Appearances, Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon were scheduled to be addressed by their Father and Chairman Vince McMahon in regards to full control of Monday Night RAW. Following debates from both sides over who deserves power and their reasoning’s as to why, Vince ultimately decided to put both in charge and force them to work together. That is surely NOT going to last…..RIGHT?

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Cesaro; Intercontinental Championship Match)

(Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

(Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Natalya w/ Bret Hart; WWE Womens Championship Match)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another Good Match from Natalya and Charlotte, even though it definitely did not compare to their NXT Takeover bout some time back, and the ending was questionable but not foreseen, maybe to some long term historians but i most certainly didnt see Robinson play a factor in this particular match despite the track record. Regardless it opens the opportunity for Natalya to have her rematch clause, officially at Extreme Rules, and in a match im excited to see.

– Catherine


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