WWE RAW RESULTS: Payback After Payback Comes In Many Forms (May, 2nd 2016)




Finally!!!! The RAW Report Has Arrived. Welcome to this weeks RAW Report, featuring the aftermath and all the fallout from this past Sundays Payback Pay Per View. Still WWE Womens Champion Charlotte addresses the controversial ending of the Payback Womens Title Match, now known only as the “Chicago Screwjob”, Becky Lynch and Emma finally take their feud to the ring and Stephanie McMahon may be secretly pushing some Lunatics Buttons..

The Chairman’s Daughter, now co-heading Monday Night RAW with her business rival and brother Shane McMahon, opens the show, gifting her babyface sibling with the very photo the Chair of the Board aka Vincent Kennedy McMahon broke weeks ago, re-framing it out of kindness as a way to gesture towards a professional partnership, to let bygones be bygones so to speak. She additionally wants to hear Shane’s ideas for the show tonight, and the two are interrupted by a Mic Masterpiece in Kevin Owens. He reminds all that he lost the Intercontinental Title at Mania and is still very much entitled to a rematch, only to be interrupted by last nights championship contender, Cesaro, who lets off at the “resident whiner” for playing a part in costing him in this match. Shane takes advantage of their animosity to book them immediately in a singles match. And for this particular match, still reigning Intercontinental Champion The Miz and his Fabulous Wife Maryse were on commentary.

Moving onwards from that situation to another, and Dean Ambrose encounters Stephanie in Stephanie’s Second Segment of the night, and a conversation between the two, despite past history between Ambrose and the Authority, leads to Dean inviting Stephanie to the Ambrose Asylum and Mitch (the Plantpot because YES IT HAS A NAME) gets an exclusive seat….on its last night. #Y2Jackass

The Only Match of the night, since WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte is expected to address the controversial finish of her title match vs Natalya a night before, sees rivals constantly clashing via social media and backstage segments, many of which weren’t shown for Television, Becky Lynch and Emma go head to head. Highlights of their social media jabs are shown during entrances before this match can get underway.

A Lock Up Between the Two Ladies leads to a close reversal from Becky, forcing Emma into the nearest corner. Becky agrees to release and gets pie faced by Emma as she backs away, and the Irish Competitor blocks a kick from Emma and sends her tumbling to the mat. Becky follows this with multi arm drags and a dropkick to Emma, but before she can do much more, Emma rolls from the ring. Becky eventually bolts to the apron and elbows Emma after leaping from it. Becky rolls Emma back to the ring a little time later and attempts her first pin attempt of the match on the Aussie, resulting in a near fall. Emma knees Becky but takes an elbow near to the corner in retaliation. Clasping Emma’s hair, Becky ascends up the turnbuckles but the potential offense is thrown off when Emma sends Becky crashing off the top turnbuckle and back to the mat. Emma angrily forearms Becky then goes for a pin attempt of her own, getting a one count.

Emma uses Becky’s hair to execute a snapmare, followed with a swift kick to the back. Emma follows this with the usual painful stretch hold, forearming Becky in the back after taking some shots to the midsection. Emma nails a double underhook suplex to score a near fall on the fellow NXT Alumni. Emma reverts to a rest hold that Becky breaks out of via a Jawbreaker counter. Emma sends Becky back down via a dropkick and like before, she gets a near fall. The Aggression continues to be showcased by Emma as she chokes Becky against the ropes, before the suplex attempt is diverted. Emma avoids being caught in an armbar, running Becky to a corner. Emma blocks Becky’s counter and shoves away the foot of Becky, throwing her ruthlessly against the corner. Emma takes advantage of the pained Becky’s position to nail a running cross-body in the corner to get a near fall once more.

Becky tries hard to reverse momentum with numerous forearms to Emma, stopped suddenly as Becky takes a blow with a knee to her midsection from the villainous opposer. Becky takes to the ropes just before Emma can execute offense, flattening her with a number of clotheslines. Becky adds a dropkick to this and clobbers Emma in the corner with a running clothesline, whipping Emma back to the same corner and nailing kicks. Becky looks for the hopeful win after an exploder suplex out of the corner, but its a near fall result. Emma attempts a sudden roll up for a near fall, trying as quick to fend off Becky with a kick of which Becky blocks. Becky sends Emma face first to the mat, setting up the armbar finish which Emma rolls out to the apron to avoid. As Becky tries charging toward her, the referee forces her back, allowing Emma to sneak in a vicious eye rake. Emma kicks Becky and lays her out with a new Michinoku Driver finisher rather reminiscent to that of her former partner Dana Brookes Finisher. Emma pins Becky and wins the match.

Moving forward again and Lana resumes managerial duty as she appears to proudly celebrate the big victory for Rusev as he comes out on top in a United States Championship Contendership Battle Royal that featured two of three of his former League of Nations Comrades. Per this result, Rusev will challenge Kalisto for the United States Championship in the near future, presumably Extreme Rules, and with Lana back at his side.

Onto the Women’s Championship Controversy and Charlotte and Ric Flair, clearly happy over the previous nights result, emerge from the back and head to the ring to address the Stated “Chicago Screwjob” as the Self Professed Queen demands The Particular Matches Referee, Charles Robinson, down to the ring. Charlotte asks the main question on many’s agenda as to whether Natalya officially tapped out at Payback, to which Robinson answers as a Yes, but not physically, but rather verbally as she pleaded to give in. Robinson further insists his respect for the Nature Boy had nothing to do with him costing Natalya the match. Charlotte tries to let out her last question but is bombarded by Cheater Chants. Charlotte returns the focus to the ongoing situation as she asks Robinson whether the referee outcome is final which he additionally agrees to before the Champ dismisses him, only for a former Divas Champ in Nattie to step out and confront Charlotte in the ring, clearly aggravated over losing to her the previous night. Charlotte Mocks the Angry Natalya, only to have her mic snatched from her.

Natalya says the situation ongoing is about Ric rather than Charles Robinson or Charlotte, accusing the 2x Hall of Famer of paying Robinson to cost her the match against Charlotte. She adds that with all the garbage spewed by Flair, there’s no doubt that the people around the world know that between the rivaling families, the Harts are the Best there Is, the Best there Was and the Best there ever will be. Charlotte assures for Ric not to get involved, stepping him away before attempting to lunge at the Queen of Harts, but Natalya easily fights back, clearing the champ out of the ring before locking in a Sharpshooter on Ric. Charlotte eventually pulls Ric from the ring and to safety as Natalya sarcastically waves the villains goodbye. If Charlotte couldn’t be frustrated enough, she and Ric bump into Stephanie backstage, who not only forces Charlotte to defend her title again against Natalya at Extreme Rules, but in a Submission Match with Ric Banned from Ringside.

(Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Kevin Owens and Cesaro Opening Segment)

(Cesaro vs Kevin Owens feat The Miz, Maryse and Sami Zayn)

(Emma vs Becky Lynch)

(Stephanie McMahon and Dean Ambrose Segment; Chris Jericho attacks Dean Ambrose)

(Natalya, Charlotte, Ric Flair and Charles Robinson Segment)

(Emma on Backstage Fallout)

(Rusev and Lana on Backstage Fallout)

(The Miz and Maryse on Backstage Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Emma/Becky: Personally i thought it was a really good match, though again the negatives come from the creative aspect. If their segments aren’t televised and rather on social media, how do those who rarely use social media or even at all meant to know that the two are feuding? Regardless it was competitive and a good showing from both and the ending regarding the use of heel tactics from Emma is convincing enough that the feud is far from over.

Charlotte/Natalya/Ric/Robinson: A Good Start to build the rematch between Natalya and Charlotte that was clearly due because of the corrupt finish from the previous night. Its definitely worth mentioning how far Charlotte has come mic skills wise since cementing her heel status on the main roster and its truly going to be refreshing to see Charlotte work without Ric in her corner since sometimes i feel any reaction she evokes in her entrances is because of his presence. There isn’t much build up time given between now and Extreme Rules so one can only hope they strap the rocket to this feud in the short amount of weeks to come considering their rematch has a particular stipulation added.

– Catherine


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