Cattie’s Catch Up: AJ Lee vs Tamina on Monday Night RAW (December, 3rd 2012)

aj 756

Welcome All to the 148th Edition of Cattie’s Catch Up. While the earlier reflective women’s wrestling post of the week focused on Women’s Matches of Extreme Stipulations, this post will be focused on feuds that could have advanced to/taken place at Extreme Rules. Remember Post WrestleMania 30 when Paige made an impactful debut by dethroning the outspoken AJ Lee to claim her first ever WWE Divas Title? Imagine if that had happened a little later or not at all, and the feud that had been hinted prior to WrestleMania between Comrades slowly beginning to crack, Tamina and the then Divas Champion AJ, actually happened?

This wouldn’t be the first time a feud between the two never ignited properly as back in 2012, Vickie Guerrero, mid-feud with AJ because of Vickie’s constant treatment towards Lee’s love interest at the time, Former United States Champion John Cena, had summoned Tamina back to the wrestling ring to sneak attack the frustrated fellow woman who back then had yet to capture a championship title, at Survivor Series. It would only be a short time later that AJ would be booked in a match with the “Chaotic, Exotic” One, but it was no problem for the much smaller opposition as despite a thorough beating, AJ managed to escape further harm, leaving the match with a victory per a sneaky roll up on the imposing fellow competitor. Any Signs of a continuing feud sadly seemed to dim out from there, removing another chance for Vickie to work as the mouthpiece to Snuka.

– Catherine


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