TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Champions Old Friend Brings the Violence in Impactful Debut (May, 3rd 2016)

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On Top of the other post from today, heres a warm welcome to this weeks IMPACT report, which may be a little shorter than usual, but one to remember in terms of solidifying new stories for the Knockouts Division. As TNA returned to None Other than Orlando (you have fans in other countries too..) more matches would be slowly developed for the upcoming Slammiversary Pay Per View, and many can easily guess whats going on with the Knockouts Title after this weeks scary showcase for the Knockouts Champ.

This comes when Maria, looking to further cement her power and control over the Knockouts Division, demands Current Knockouts Champion Jade to join her in the ring. Jade does as instructed after a second demand, emerging to the Dollhouse’s old theme briefly used in the introduction of the stable (ABOUT TIME). Maria notices the fan adoration for the emerging champion Jade and takes credit for the popularity before suggesting that Jade may be a scared little girl who has a mistake to make up for. Remembering her own lust to hold the Knockouts Title, Maria adds that the title would look better around her waist and pulls a Madison Rayne by suggesting the Champ lies down for her. Maria commands for a referee to emerge from the back and one does so, but Jade looks to be a Fighting Champion instead and claims to lie for no one, and No Bitch! Maria is visibly mad at this, but turns things in her favor as expected, and summons out an opponent for Jade, but not for a match, just an old fashioned fight.

In a Flashy Green and White, the Name of Sienna adorns the Titantron and out comes Sienna, known best as SHINEs Allysin Kay, staring out the Knockouts Champion and pacing to the ring with Ill Intentions. Maria stays by at ringside as Jade gets into fisticuffs with the opponent she knows too well, getting into a full fledged brawl which Sienna soon dominates, leaving her lying in the ring at the Command of Maria who states only one thing upon stepping over the fallen Knockouts Champions Body, for her to Believe in Her Vision.

In Addition to those developments, Rosemary introduced the changes in the Newly Crowned Tag Team Champions Abyss and Crazy Steve, allowing Abyss also to embrace his new image that the Decay have undertaken. This Moment of happiness for the Tag Team Champion is ruined by the appearance of One Half of the Former Tag Team Champions James Storm, whose very presence leads to a match with Abyss of which he loses, furthering the domination of the Heel Trio.

(Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Jade Segment; Sienna Debuts)

Thoughts On This Segment:
Easily one of my favorite moments from the Knockouts this year in my opinion. The Focus was wholly on the Knockouts Champion and the story of which she should progress in, while introducing fresh storylines needed for a division that was slowly winding down with the releases of Velvet and Others as of late. I Love How Well Sienna was Portrayed, Facials, overall presence etc and im already familiar with her work outside of TNA which makes the development of her inclusion in the Knockouts Division even more exciting and the way TNA capture the entrances of dominant Knockouts such as Havok, Sienna and LeiD Tapa adds to the intimidation factor. The Altercation alone not only allows the crowd to further get behind Jade like they already seem to have, but builds (at last) a PPV feud and for the first time in a while, Two Knockouts Matches for a PPV with Maria sure to be working in some way (stay tuned). Only One Question remains now and thats what happened with the ending music because im more than certain that will be Maria’s music as a competitor if she doesn’t keep the slow-mo because Sienna’s previous theme used in her official debut fits too well and goes easily with the entrance. Times Like This actually make me wish/wonder if TNA can bring back LeiD Tapa since she has expanded much in the ring since her last run (and recently returned to the ring) but of course one Dominant Knockout making an impact is enough and we cant lose sight of one over another.

– Catherine


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