WWE NXT RESULTS: Another Moment Of Cruising to Contention (May, 4th 2016)

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Welcome All to a Mid RAW Write Up on This Past Weeks NXT Episode, and a pretty short one at that as one would suffer the consequences of facing up to a Woman Rather Dominant as of late in the NXT Womens Division, Nia Jax.

That Woman Offered the spot of suffering a beating to the Dominant One would be none other than a returning Tessa Blanchard, haven’t being seen since her last bout with Alexa Bliss only a few weeks ago. Tessa hits the ring first, followed by Nia, who has a fitting new entrance camera angle wise to establish intimidation amongst other factors that make her the fearless one amongst the division. Nia glances at Tessa and throws a little trash talk before the bell rings, immediately catching Tessa in a choke-hold after a momentary lock up. Nia shoves her to a corner with much force, then splashing her against the corner. The Second chance is diverted when Tessa slips away from the corner and attempts to fight back with a swift attack as Nia turns.

The Few Forearms do little though as Nia’s strength comes into play again, shoving Tessa again with force away from her. Tessa regroups, ducking the attack from Nia, attempting a running cross-body but Nia sends her down with both palms mid flight. Nia fires elbow drops, awaits for Tessa to make it to the corner then attacks further. Nia lobs Tessa to an opposite corner, executing a sudden Samoan Drop which is followed by the finishing leg drop that secures the quick victory for her. Nia Jax wins the match.

(Tessa Blanchard vs Nia Jax)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Do feel the shortness of the match was deliberately set as a squash for the simple story of A Giant making quick work at ease, which is basically how this match v Tessa played out. I Love the new Camera Work during Nia’s entrance rather than Nia simply storming to the ring like some weeks ago, and it really does capture a sense of intimidation effectively. The Only Negative would be the finish, as i feel Nia could easily change up her finishing move to something rather powerful because its definitely going to take more than a leg drop to finish off Asuka, and for an opponent like Asuka, something that targets the legs would be most effective to shoot down her quickness. Lets see how her future matches play out.

– Catherine


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