LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: For Mariposa There Is Hell to Pay (May, 4th 2016)

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Along with this weeks RAW Report, I, Catherine, kindly present to you last weeks Lucha Underground Report, and last weeks show fed us easily one of the best women’s matches to come from the promotion as the boiling feud between Mariposa and Sexy Star came to a head in a heated “No Mas” (I Quit) Match. If you’re a Women’s Wrestling Fan or overall fan of Lucha Underground, then the match is for your own enjoyment.

But before we can get to that brutal affair, the episode opens with two characters brutal in their own ways, Dario Cueto, head of the promotion and El Jefe, and the Mistress of the Underworld Catrina. Catrina is assured that Mil Muertes almost destroyed the reigning champion Matanza, but Dario assumes otherwise. Catrina labels this as luck, and Dario only quotes as Catrina said “His (Matanza’s) title”. Catrina seems to notice fear within Dario, fear of Muertes, as he should. Catrina warns that if he denies Mil Muertes a rematch for the Lucha Underground title, that it will take more than fear to protect him. Dario soon bursts into laughter before admitting to Mil’s scary presence, but reminding the slinky Mistress of the Underworld that Matanza fears no one. To Add, the power Catrina holds in her mysterious rock doesn’t compare to the Key of which unleashes Matanza, and he is all for Mil getting the rematch for the title, and to prove little fear, he turns this one match into a Grave Consequences Match, but with four coffins rather than the one that seals the door on the fallen opposer at its end. Catrina only smirks as she heads for the exit of the office, but not before telling Dario that after the end of next week, there will be no question as to who destroyed whom.

Catrina returns later, emerging in the locker room in the presence of King Cuerno, who will be taking on the rejuvenated Disciple of El Siniestro De La Muerte. Cuerno warns Catrina that Siniestro is now his prey, standing between him and his Aztec Medallion, and he promises to challenge Mil Muertes again should he regain the Lucha Underground Championship Title.

Sexy Star makes an appearance before her scheduled main event battle with Mariposa, seemingly fearful as she makes little eye to eye contact with Dario upon seating herself in the Boss’s office. Dario recognizes the fear in the eyes of Star, and makes tonight’s Match a “No Mas” Match (the same stipulation as I Quit) and to win, the opposer must be made to scream “No Mas” and if Star emerges victorious, she will prize an Aztec Medallion, only he urges her to not stop the pain unleashed on Mariposa once the match has come to an end.

Beautiful Brenda and Famous B were also present on this show like in past weeks to a capacity, scouting extra talents as they viewed Mascarita Sagrada’s Match with the Machine known as Cage. Only One Could Guess how that turned out for Sagrada. Not going to lie, i definitely need to know more about Brenda because im not sure what background she has in the business or her managerial work but something seems to be there..

We Move to the Main Event where Mariposa enters, announced by Melissa Santos. The Mystifying Mariposa enters without the presence of Marty the Moth for the particular match. Star also enters alone and courageous, without the need of The Mack. The Match starts with Mariposa breaking Stars waist-lock and capturing Star in her own. Star shoves Mariposa to the ropes, only to be taken down by an elbow. Star gets slammed to the mat, and to follow, Mariposa executes a running elbow drop. Mariposa wheels into a covering position, but not to pin but rather forearm Star against the mat. Mariposa drives the face of Sexy Star against the mat to continue her viciousness, then running her to a corner and hitting her with an echoing chop. Mariposa unloads with numerous punches into Stars midsection and Star tumbles to the bottom turnbuckle. Mariposa runs her to an opposite corner, choking her against its top turnbuckle using her foot. The Referee raises the mic to the level of Star, questioning whether she gives in, but the competitor in need of momentum does not.

Mariposa goes for the running clothesline which Star evades. Star slaps and kicks Mariposa against the corner, tripping Mariposa against another while avoiding a possible comeback assault. Star kicks Mariposa multiple times following two corner bronco busters, and she suplexes Mariposa one after another in and out of the middle of the ring. Star captures a screaming Mariposa in a singular leg crab submission, and only the screams are heard as the mic is drawn near by the referee, but she does not utter surrender. Mariposa gets a reversal and forearms Star against the mat, dragging her far from the ropes after as she locks her own variation of an Indian deathlock. As Star clings to the ropes despite taking kicks from behind by Mariposa, she does not select to surrender and continues on.

Mariposa readies for the next attack but as she goes for it, Star yanks the ropes downwards and Mariposa falls to the outside floor. Star Lou Thesz Press’s Mariposa on the floor, hurtling angry forearms at the rival. Setting her up against the apron, Star executes echoing chops to Mariposa before being whipped into the nearest barricade. Mariposa applies a steel chair to the back of Stars neck, and if the pain from that wasn’t enough, a second is viciously chucked at her by Mariposa. Mariposa keeps hurtling chairs until Star is surrounded by a mass pile. Star still remains in the match regardless. Star soon makes the needed comeback as she reverses Mariposas whip, sending the villainess into the steel guardrail. Star finds her own fury as she prizes a steel chair in her hands and hits Mariposa with it. Star follows Mariposa around the ring, locking a rear chokehold for a short time before forearming her away. Star kicks at Mariposa before being driven head first into the staircase banister.

Clutching Star by her strands, Mariposa drags Star up the Temples Entryway stairs. She locks a headscissor upon making it up top, also looking to tear at the signature mask of the fellow competitor. Mariposa shakes her relentlessly then the two trade blows as they head further on in the entryway and into the eyes of spectators. Mariposa climbs the banister after sending Star head first into it, but the babyface hits back and pushes her off it. Star kicks her again as she also forces herself upward, positioning herself on the banister. Star and Mariposa take themselves to new heights as both climb the temples scaffold. Mariposa bashes the face of Star and forearms her as they both hang on the scaffold, and Mariposa chokes Star against the scaffold rail, with Stars feet flailing from many metres up. Mariposa seems to be wedging Star between the scaffold rails, with blood gushing from the babyface competitor as she chokes her further. Star and Mariposa trade kicks then Star attempts to head down the scaffold and make her way to much lower ground. Star is atop the office roof when Marty emerges from out of nowhere to attack her. To Get Payback for the assault, the Mack appears and blows are traded.

As Marty is flung through a door, compliments of the Mack, Star chokes Mariposa against the ground. Like the past time, only Mariposas screams are heard as she again doesn’t utter the wanted words. Star and Mariposa trade fists, with Star even scooping up a bag to hit Mariposa with. Star returns to ringside as Mariposa throws her to the floor. Despite Star trying to evade, she soon ends up in Mariposas clutches, swung right into the commentary table, and multiple times too. Star seems to somehow fend off Mariposa again using her feet, and she discovers a trashcan and smacks the unsuspecting Mariposa with it. Star snapmares Mariposa then takes some fists to the midsection after as Mariposa tries to get to her feet. A Clubbing blow half knocks Star, and the babyface also takes a hit via a trashcan lid from Mariposa also.

The Action returns to the ring as Star counters the follow up maneuver of Mariposa, and she fires multiple kicks to the gut of Mariposa, runs the ropes and unfortunately runs into a massive clothesline. Mariposa prizes the bloodied Sexy Star in a submission again, with the referee asking Star if she wishes to give in, only receiving expletives to a major pop from the Temples Believers. Star fires back with a knee to the crotch and a dragon sleeper. Star being run slightly into the turnbuckles does not break her grip, and as Mariposa seems to be near falling Marty comes back and attacks from behind. The Tormenting heel misses his shot to Star and The Mack storms in and clears Marty off via a wicked stunner. Star leaps and forces Mariposa into the cross arm-breaker. Mariposa eventually speaks the words “No Mas” and the victory (and the Aztec Medallion) goes to Sexy Star in the painful, well fought main event.

(Dario Cueto and Catrina Segment)

(Catrina and King Cuerno Segment)

(Dario and Sexy Star Segment)

(Mariposa vs Sexy Star; No Mas/I Quit Match feat Marty the Moth and The Mack)

Thoughts On This Match:
Nothing can be taken away from these extremely talented women as through that match alone they have defined the meaning of talent by representing their Luchadoras. There is no way that match can be topped if these two were ever to have a rematch in my opinion and i never expected it to go to the heights that it did, but deserved the main event slot regardless as Lucha Underground joins other promotions in defining the goodness in Women’s Wrestling. Also, Mega Praise Goes to the Mack for that GIF Worthy Stunner and the Crowd for being so invested throughout, and the storytelling of this match and how Commentary was throughout the whole spectacle made it even more watch worthy. Brutal Match. Loved It. 5 Stars.

– Catherine


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