WWE RAW RESULTS: Beginning of the EnD In Omaha (May, 9th 2016)

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Greetings All to Another RAW Report on the road to Extreme Rules and Extreme Batterings for some as the matches continue to be developed. There are interesting developments for a certain WWE Women’s Champion this week, none shes too happy about may i add, and the road to another storyline heats up when Emma summons up an old ally to deal with a frustrated Becky Lynch.

Before we can get to any physicality, the Billion Dollar Princess and Co Owner of Monday Night RAW in recent weeks Stephanie McMahon has an issue to deal with in the form of a Mouthy Chris Jericho who fumes at being upstaged by Big Cass in the opening segment of Monday Night RAW. Stephanie, snatching up some Jericho Realness in the form of his quotes in addition, instead places him in a match with Cass that will indeed be the main event of the evening. HOLLA!

Speaking of Authority Members, Shane is confronted backstage by Charlotte and Ric Flair in what first started out as a sound affair before Shane turned to tell the soon to defend WWE Women’s Champion that her appeal to overturn the stipulation of her match at Extreme Rules that would see her Father stick in the back than rather at ringside would remain, and in turn, would use the stipulation to full effect tonight in Charlotte’s Non Title Match against a returning English Superstar, Paige.

Sitting to do commentary for this booked match is the Championship Contender, Natalya. She stays Calm and Humble as Charlotte and Paige make their entrances for the scheduled match. Charlotte and Paige tie up to kick-start the match, and after a battle of strength, Charlotte ends up pressing Paige against a corner, a break soon forced. Paige escapes from a follow up attack in the corner, blocking a boot from Charlotte and using the same foot to take her down. Paige locks in a chin-lock which Charlotte soon escapes and its back to square one for both women. Paige charges towards Charlotte, thrown over the turnbuckles but Paige secures her landing on the apron. She takes a Shoulder Tackle from the Champ, who mocks her signature taunt before being booted by the retaliating former divas champion. Paige returns the mockery as she performs the Flair strut on the apron while affirming control of the ongoing match.

Paige and Charlotte end up in a chase on the outside. Paige follows Charlotte back to the ring but the champ scarpers as quick. Paige follows, blocking the forearm offense from Charlotte and hitting back with a few of her own before taking a knee to the midsection. Charlotte throws Paige back first into the apron. One last elbow from Charlotte knocks Paige back down to the ringside floor. Charlotte mocks Paige’s taunt once more, along with the signature scream, which sadly wasn’t caught on camera. Anyhow, Charlotte rolls Paige back to the ring, following up behind her and she unleashes with loads of kicks to the midsection of Paige to continue the momentum. Paige gives Charlotte a good kick back but Charlotte comes back with a boot before any momentum can be gathered for the babyface. Charlotte heads in for the cover and gets her first near fall of the match on Paige.

Charlotte knees Paige multiple times with a face-lock additionally applied. A Few punches by Paige do little as Charlotte drives her back to the mat. Charlotte taunts but it proves near costly as Paige pulls her into a roll up all of a sudden, getting a one count on the Women’s Champ. Paige bounds back, ducking the clothesline attempt by Charlotte and knocking her off after multiple kicks. Charlotte stumbles to a corner, taking a high running knee from Paige in the process. Paige rolls her away from the corner and levels her with the same running knee. Paige covers, with Charlotte escaping her pin attempt at two.

Paige takes a standing neckbreaker from Charlotte, but recovers in small time to avoid a boot, returning the favor with one of her own. Charlotte crashes to the mat, and Paige sprints into another pin attempt, with the Champ escaping just after the count of two. Before Paige can bring any offense, Charlotte hits with a forearm and a chop lethal enough to knock Paige down. Charlotte takes herself to the top turnbuckle but Paige gets to her feet and stops her midway with a behind assault. Paige begins to follow up the turnbuckles also, and she executes a massive superplex to Charlotte for another near fall. Paige gets to her feet and grasps Charlotte, who catches the former divas champ in a roll up, getting a near fall on Paige.

Paige glides over the shoulders of Charlotte, trying to roll up the champ from underneath, but Charlotte instead sits on her for a pinfall counter, getting yet another near fall on Paige. Paige instantly bounces back with a boot that sends down Charlotte, and she readies for the Scorpion Crosslock but a screeching Charlotte has to force herself to the ropes and she breaks it before it can be fully locked in. An Angry Paige elbows her against the corner before being tripped back into the same corner before she can execute the follow up attack. Charlotte tries pinning Paige with her feet on the ropes but Natalya removes herself from aside the commentary desk to note the referee of her actions. Charlotte yells at Nattie, but this only allows Paige to take over and the Champ ends up on the end of her Fallaway Slam. Paige goes to cover, getting another near fall and she soon eyes the arriving Ric Flair, who flips at Nattie, despite being previously banned from viewing or even assisting in the match. Charlotte takes advantage of the arrival of her dad to hit a backbreaker to the distracted Paige before a familiar theme hits…

Shane McMahon graces the stage and forces a number of officials down to ringside to instantly eject Ric. As Shane leaves with the various officials and an angry Ric, Charlotte takes a behind kick from Paige. Paige rolls up Charlotte and pins her to win the non title match. Natalya looks on proudly as the furious champ clutches her title.

In the next women’s related moment of the night, Maryse manages The Miz as he works a non title match against another hopeful contender, Sami Zayn. Per the ruling made earlier in the show, Sami gaining a victory would mean he would go on to join Cesaro and Kevin Owens at Extreme Rules as a contender to the Furious Miz’s Intercontinental Title. Speaking of Miz, things aren’t looking good for him in terms of momentum right now, so Maryse better give him a pep talk!

We also see Becky Lynch sound off backstage to Renee about Emma’s vicious eye rake which assisted in her singles victory last week. Becky labels the previous eye injury as an accident, while what Emma did last week was intentional. Becky promises to give Emma a Lass Kicking next time she sees her in the ring, before the Heel Aussie drops in to sound off on her words. Emma tells the Irish Competitor to forget the eye injury of the past, and focus on having eyes in the back of her head, that being for what is about to take place. Before Becky can even get a word in, Dana storms into the shot and clubs Becky from behind, making her official debut for the main roster. She completely enjoys Emma hammering Becky with vicious forearms against the ground before grabbing Becky’s face and introducing herself as Emma’s Partner, dubbing themselves EnD. The Duo have arrived, and Playtime is Over.

And to close out this report women’s wise, it was a frustrating RAW for Lana and Rusev, as on the heels of Rusevs big win last week, it is only overturned by Sin Cara of all people, no thanks to Kalisto. Rusev is furious, Lana is furious and some of the IWC are furious. Poor RuRu.

(Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon Backstage Segment)

(Shane McMahon, Ric Flair and Charlotte Backstage Segment)

(Paige vs Charlotte; Natalya on Commentary feat Shane McMahon and Ric Flair)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Sami Zayn)

(Emma and Becky Lynch Backstage Segment; Dana Brooke Debut)

(Sin Cara vs Rusev w/ Lana)

(Rusev and Lana on Backstage Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Paige/Charlotte: Though i cant stress enough how much Paige needs to add to her move-set, this was a highly competitive match that the crowd were eventually engaged in, and i loved the superplex by Paige to Charlotte and the outside involvements, and the involvement particularly of Shane McMahon rather than just have the usual distraction-causes-the-heel-victory move happen for the umpteenth time, made this storyline feel extra special on the particular night. It really helped dig in also into the weaknesses of Charlotte’s character, exploiting the inability to work like a champion without Ric and I Loved every moment of it, even if Natalya’s role of exploiting it was minute compared to Shane. Shane’s involvement alone is why i hope he never turns heel again.

Dana’s debut: I Honestly did not see the Dana call up moment happen until the rumors gathered last night, as i fully expected Emma to move forwards on the main roster on her own and showcase her potential alone through the feud with Becky which is thankfully continuing. It could have indeed been predictable considering Dana never properly returned to NXT Television after her injury, but i did feel they were saving a big type of return for her to possibly end Asukas title reign if Nia wasn’t to, but considering Dana’s fast improvements and overall work, even if she isn’t the most perfect wrestler, im happy for her and she has proved to be effective in the corner of Emma before. The question remains now. Will Emma soar to another singles victory at Extreme Rules through Dana’s help like one can hope to strap a rocket (so to speak) to Emma’s rejuvenated career or will Sasha step in before her all important angle sets in and lead Emma and Dana down a step like they were before the feud with Asuka emerged? Personally, Emma and Dana cant just establish dominance through this one segment, so losing to Sasha and Becky would knock the momentum early, especially if they were to do a rematch at the following PPV to only end the same way for the babyfaces, so i hope they go with the idea of Becky trying to be a courageous underdog for now.

– Catherine


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