TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Can Chelsea Prove Tough Enough Against A Champ? (April, 13th 2016)

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Welcome All to a Late TNA Xplosion Report. Believe it or not, this year TNA have been quick on posting Xplosion Matches that air here in Britain, with a catch….if you miss it, its weirdly blocked from viewing on YouTube. With that in mind, i didn’t get chance to see Jade battle one on one with a Certain Competitor who got an extra showing outside of this years ONO Special, Chelsea Green, until recently. But this is a definite new showing for the Knockouts, and a peak of interest. Lets get to it.

Chelsea enters first with her own tron and theme, and as some of you may or may not know she indeed did appear on the most recent WWE Tough Enough series. Entering second is Jade, who, at the time, worked as part of the presumably dissipated Dollhouse stable. One things for sure, im not going to miss Jade using the Dollhouse’s most used theme, though i would expect Marti and/or Rebel to be keeping it. Regardless, the focus gets to the ring, and the then Dollhouse Member recently turned Knockouts Champion locks up with Chelsea, shoving her some distance away some seconds later. Jade taunts then Chelsea quickly regroups, only to be caught in Jade’s headlock. Chelsea reverses and gets to work on the arm of Jade, and the two get into more reversals, but Chelsea eventually takes control, sending Jade to the mat while applying pressure to the Knockouts left arm. Jade tries to force Chelsea downward to the mat for a pin attempt, getting her first near fall of the match. Jade scoops up Chelsea with much strength, dropping her back first against it. Chelsea regroups again and they engage in another lock up.

Jade sends Chelsea over to the turnbuckles, and if the momentum reverse wasn’t enough for Chelsea, she also takes a vicious chop from Jade. Jade fires another, soon astounded to see Chelsea coming back with her own quicker paced chops. Chelsea executes arm drags and a face-buster. This gets Chelsea a near fall on Jade. Before Chelsea can follow up, Jade trips her, sending her crashing jaw first to the mat. Jade unleashes an additional kick to add to her arsenal, having the momentum currently.

When we come back, the momentum hasn’t turned very much as Jade stomps on Chelsea and kicks her around the ring. Jade slams the face of Chelsea against the mat then takes a few forearms but Jade manages to regain momentum as she throws Chelsea backward to the mat. Jade chucks Chelsea around the ring and goes for her next pin attempt, resulting in another near fall for Jade on Chelsea. Jade steps on the midsection of Chelsea, acting cocky before she sets up another pin attempt, only leading to the same result. Jade reverts to her own variation of a surfboard submission, then runs Chelsea to a corner. Jade charges over to Chelsea, who raises her foot and boots Jade in retaliation. Chelsea scales the turnbuckles and sunset flips Jade for another near fall. Before Chelsea can fire any more offense, Jade fires back with a sudden dropkick that levels her. The Momentous move scores Jade yet another near fall on Chelsea.

Jade stalls Chelsea’s Suplex Attempt, leading to Chelsea hitting a sudden Side Russian Leg Sweep instead. Both women are down, and Jade makes it first to her feet, followed by Chelsea, who bounds over to Jade with a clothesline ready, but the Dollhouse Member ducks it. Jade executes a kick to the midsection of Chelsea, readying her lethal package piledriver but Chelsea attempts escape. Jade knees once again but again Chelsea brings on a reversal, sending Jade over her shoulders. Chelsea sends Jade down with a number of clotheslines, sent through the ropes as she charges at Jade after, but she perfects the outside landing. Chelsea blocks a knee on the apron from Jade and knocks her to the ringside floor. Chelsea makes it into the ring, but only for a meager amount of time as she performs a Suicide Dive back on the outside to Jade. Clenching her by her hair, Chelsea throws Jade back in the ring, following quickly behind. Chelsea heads up the turnbuckles, flooring Jade with a missile dropkick from up top. Chelsea attempts to pin there, but like her past attempts, its another near fall for Chelsea on Jade.

Making it back to her feet, Chelsea throws some forearms at Jade. Chelsea climbs the ropes and turnbuckles, performing a sweet looking hurricanrana to Jade. Chelsea climbs over to the fallen Jade for a last pin attempt, only scoring the same result as before. Chelsea sets up a running bulldog but ends up running to the opposite corner per Jades counter. Jade awaits for Chelsea to return then kicks her in the midsection and nails her finishing Package Piledriver for the three count. Jade wins the match.

(Chelsea Green vs Jade)

Thoughts On This Match:
For Me, it didn’t get competitive until the last few minutes, but there’s no doubt that there’s much chemistry between Jade and Chelsea and there’s additionally no doubt that Chelsea has much in her move-set including the high risk moves she pulled off “To A T”, whether that would be her hurricanrana or suicide dive to Jade. Overall, it was expected for Jade, considering her momentum at the time and status as a signed Knockout, to go over but an enjoyable match no doubt, and it makes me question why TNA hadn’t signed Chelsea, even though i am aware of her current wrestling endeavor.

– Catherine


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