WWE NXT RESULTS: Alexa Is One Blissful Step Ahead But Are Blake and Murphy? (May, 11th 2016)

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Alongside all that was happening in the Women’s Division on this weeks Smackdown, there was certainly some drama happening in the “Developmental” NXT Women’s Division on this weeks NXT. Alexa Bliss looks to “set a standard” for her Boys whose hopes at championship glory for a second time hopefully look to not be dashed, while Bayley finds herself a very tough opponent before she can look to ascend up the ladder once again and challenge the fearless champion, Asuka.

Austin Aries, who many of you will remember from his time in TNA as a Multi Time X Division Champion and 1x World Champion, or for his run in Ring of Honor, meets with recent Birthday Boy and NXT General Manager William Regal. As they discuss pleasantly, they are interrupted by the presences of Blake and Murphy. Aries labels the former champions as Rude, rude enough to not invite Alexa Bliss into the occasion and the “Spiteful” One steps in from behind Murphy and Blake. Blake and Murphy switch to their own intentions, another chance as Tag Team Champions, and Regal hears out the proposal, but before they can head up the ladder themselves they must gear up to face Aries and a Partner of His Choosing next week. Aries in the ring is enough to indicate where this is going…

So While Alexa’s Boys have next week to focus on, Alexa has a match to go to this week, against Outside Competitor Rachael Ellering. Little Miss Small But Fierce Enters first, followed by Rachael who seems to have snatched Deonna’s Total Divas Music. Indy Feud on the Cards! Anyway, to the in ring action and Rachael and Alexa start off with a lock up. Alexa attempts an early takeover as she applies a hammerlock to Ellering, who leaps out and gets in her own hammerlock reversal. Alexa snapmares Ellering in return, shortly attacking her left arm and after some smack talk, she returns to working on the left arm of the fellow competitor. Rachael locks in a side headlock to counter but is sent to the mat. Alexa steps forward and gets taken down by Rachael, who rolls over Bliss for a one count. Rachael rolls her over again and gets the same result.

Alexa springs back up and forearms Rachael. She goes back to attacking the same left arm, then kicks her around the ring. Alexa attempts to cover her for the first time and gets a near fall. Alexa continues to show off the particular “mean streak” as she chokes Rachael against the mat. Alexa goes back to applying pressure to Rachael’s left arm as the crowd chants in support of Rachael. Alexa attacks the same arm of Rachael with her knee, and on multiple occasions, before unleashing a flurry of furious forearms. Alexa covers Rachael again and scores another near fall. Again Alexa goes back to targeting the left arm before Rachael comes back with a sudden reversal. Rachael chops Alexa in the face then avoids a comeback clothesline, connecting after with a dropkick to Bliss. Rachael seems to be readying for a Samoan Drop but Alexa hits forearms to escape her grip. Alexa rolls Rachael away, turns and grabs her by the throat, eyes signalling vengeance as she viciously sends Rachael backward to the mat, and with force. Alexa climbs the turnbuckles and delivers the Sparkle Splash for the Three Count. Alexa wins the match.

Bayley is then seen backstage in the interview area, questioned on when exactly she will be asking Asuka for a rematch for the Women’s Championship. Bayley cannot deny that back in Dallas, Asuka gave her the fight of her life, but shes been training, shes feeling better and as she looks to declare that shes refocusing on taking back the title, an opponent she had beaten before to retain, Nia Jax steps into the interview area. The Imposing One states to the former champion that the difference between Herself and Bayley is that when she made one mistake, she became stronger. However, with Bayley, when she was choked out by Asuka and lost the championship, she became weaker. Bayley only comes back in her own way by reminding Nia who lost between them at NXT Takeover London back in December, but Nia just rolls her eyes at the stated claim, telling the former Womens Champion that its tough talk coming from someone who knows that next time they step in the ring the outcome will be far from the same. Regardless, Bayley is confident in choking her out again which Nia does not answer to, rather stepping away instead and leaving Bayley to herself. This leads to Regal making a match between her and Nia next week.

(Murphy, Blake, Alexa Bliss, William Regal and Austin Aries Backstage Segment)

(Rachael Ellering vs Alexa Bliss; Nia Jax and Bayley Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
Another Good Match from Alexa and the first time ive also seen Rachael Ellering perform in a wrestling ring and i was definitely impressed, though i did expect a little more offense from her. Corey’s commentary has me wondering whether Alexa will do a vs Legends Daughters angle, vs Blanchards, vs Ellerings, so who next? Though i don’t see it coming anytime soon or at all, i definitely know the angle coming in the next few weeks, though i do worry for Blake and Murphy’s Progression and Status once the angle im trying my hardest not to spoil happens.

– Catherine


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