WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The “Total Diva” Doesnt Need to Flex to Victory (May, 12th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks Smackdown Report written by Yours Truly, trying my hardest to be as explanatory as possible on the events of this weeks show as i have to get some “Shut Eye” in the next few hours as i welcome myself into the world of work for real. Anyway this weeks Smackdown played home to the main roster in ring debut of Dana Brooke, who took on Becky Lynch, days clear of a unprovoked assault on the Lass Kicker with Emma additionally assisting in that. But these particular athletic ladies weren’t the only women on show this week.

First appearing on this weeks show is a displeased and frowning Lana, understandable as Rusev suffered an embarrassing loss to the other half of the Lucha Dragons, Sin Cara, with the Other Champion Half, Kalisto, looking on. Equally as furious, Rusev challenged Sin Cara to a rematch on Smackdown, earning the victory and also getting a cheap-shot on the US Champion he had yet to fully dominate midway, and with Lana’s assistance.

Renee later welcomes Emma backstage, and after a recap of the attack on Becky Lynch that set up for the debut of Dana Brooke this past Monday, Renee wants to know exactly WHO Dana Brooke is. However Emma does not need to provide such an explanation to the question as Dana steps in on the side instantly to answer the question instead. She doesn’t believe there needs to be an explanation as to who this particular superstar is, as the beauty and the bodybuilding accolades of which she holds is explanatory enough. She labels Becky as a reject amongst many other insults, while insisting Emma was initially the leader of the NXT Women’s Division. After the match, one will be asking “Whatever Happened to Becky Lynch?” rather than question the identity of Dana Brooke, because the WWE is Brooke’s Playground and Playtime is Over.

Along come the entrances of Dana and Emma for this particular match, and the evil pairing just happen to hang together like old times, only this time Dana is confusingly using Emma’s music. They are followed by the entrance of the Said Lass Kicking Becky Lynch, and with that out of the way, Dana’s debut match is officially underway. Becky attempts to charge at Dana right on the bell but takes a quick knee from Dana instead. Dana talks smack then ends up on the end of Becky’s reversal, which leads to the platinum bombshell being forearmed multi times in the face. Becky gets a kick in also, mocking the Signature Head Pat used often by Dana before an uppercut sends Dana spilling near to the ropes. Becky runs the ropes, elbowing Dana further to the ropes. Dana takes an additional flying elbow from Becky, and she retreats to a near corner. Becky readies to charge to the corner and Dana slips out, leading to Becky crashing into the turnbuckle.

Dana angrily tosses Becky backward to the mat to begin the momentum reversal. Dana scores a stomp to Becky followed with some furious forearms. Dana chokes Becky against the second rope following another stomp. If that wasnt enough, Dana unloads with some kicks to Becky, followed with a snapmare and Dana then drives both knees into Becky. However, the furious onslaught is surprisingly (to Dana) only enough to get a one count on the fellow NXT Alumni. Dana consistently mocks Becky, attempting to keep her down with some behind kicks. Dana applies a hold to Becky, but the Irish Wrestler soon reverses into a roll up to get a near fall. No Sooner does Becky get up, she ends up getting booted by Dana. Becky blocks a running elbow from Dana, ducking a clothesline and coming back with her own. Becky scores an additional dropkick then elbows Dana against the turnbuckles. Becky whips Dana back to the same corner, hitting with a kick before Dana sends Becky tumbling into the bottom rope. Dana chokes her against it, climbs away as the referee watches, allowing Emma to sneak in and attack Becky like past instances. Dana takes advantage of Becky being blinded again to roll her up and get the pinfall victory, rushing out to celebrate with her fellow heel.

Renee is back on duty again, this time greeting and interviewing WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, who is joined by her Hall of Famer Father Ric Flair once again. Renee labels Charlotte not having Flair at her side this past Monday per the stipulation of the Authority in Charge, Shane McMahon, must have been a difficult time but Charlotte only states otherwise. Renee only continues as she wonders whether the loss against Paige is a sign of her future at Extreme Rules when she battles Natalya once more. Ric steps in in defense of his daughter, stating it to be a ridiculous question, reminding Renee that he has taught his champion of a daughter all he knows. Ric lets out a signature woo, which Charlotte repeats halfheartedly then the two depart from the set.

And Lastly, Maryse, donning a jacket of which she had worn in her last WWE Run, again manages the Miz for a tag team match of which the soon to defend Intercontinental Champion wins per a miscue on the babyface side. Safe to Say Miz has finally regained the momentum needed before his defense.

(Sin Cara vs Rusev w/ Lana)

(Dana Brooke w/ Emma vs Becky Lynch)

(Kevin Owens and The Miz w/ Maryse vs Sami Zayn and Cesaro)

Thoughts On This Match:
I Can Wholly Understand the finish as to keep the momentum on the heels for the week considering how they started it and that they need to continue the idea of “making a statement” from there because a loss for Dana in her debut match wouldn’t make her look strong in any way considering she is Becky’s attacker and she needs to show her skills in the ring rather than just through the backstage attack. I Liked the match, even if Dana’s move-set needs a major expansion, and im sure her using Emma’s theme is temporary so they can make a decent tron for her. I Definitely expect someone to come to Becky’s Aid next week, whether that would be Paige, Alicia or Sasha but im just hoping that if it is Sasha that the constant protection of Sasha from pinfalls doesn’t lead to Dana and Emma’s momentum being ended early.

– Catherine


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