Cattie’s Catch Up: Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne In A Street Fight (April, 17th 2014)


Greetings All to another Cattie’s Catch Up, as I Bring to You Another Midweek Women’s Wrestling Reflective Moment. Just yesterday saw Velvet Sky wrestle her last match for TNA as the former Beautiful People member bowed out of her third run with the company (Report coming soon) and with Sky bowing out, i thought it’d only be fair to look back on one of Velvet’s Matches in TNA, one of many of course. As part of this weeks edition, Ive chosen to jump back to 2014 when Velvet was due a heel turn per the sudden return of Angelina Love.

The Veteran Knockout had returned to the company specifically to reunite her Beautiful People Members Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky with herself but had failed to coax both Velvet and Madison into it over the weeks. Love had eventually won over Velvet’s side, but Madison, who was in her fifth reign as Knockouts Champion at the time, hadn’t forgotten Angelina’s past attitude towards her, which had fully resumed during another segment between the three that saw Angelina try and pressure the champ into a Beautiful People moment. After claiming to understand her decision to bow out of a reunion, Angelina attacked Madison backstage which soon caught the ears of Velvet who wouldn’t be happy over this. However, Velvet turned on Madison later by costing her a match with Love to return to her heel persona, leading to a full fledged street fight between the Beautiful People Member and the Solo Knockouts Champion on the April 17th episode of IMPACT, a tough match of which Sky lost, even with some attempted assistance from Madison’s future challenger, Angelina Love, at ringside.

– Catherine


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