LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: One Set of Trios Champions and Contenders and Only One Caged Demon (May, 11th 2016)

lu demon v demon 1

ivelisse velez 74

lu demon v demon 2

On Top of the deliverance of this weeks IMPACT Report, we cant forget about last weeks unforgettable and action packed Lucha Underground episode, delivering some high octane in ring action and perfect acting from the usual. This past week saw Dario give us the booked “Graver Consequences” Match between Reigning Lucha Underground Champion Matanza and the Monstrous Mil Muertes, and in this signature match of which Muertes would usually win, the Mistress of the Underworld Catrina surely wont be far behind.

And the statement just proves true as Catrina approaches Mil within their secret shrine. The Once prisoner of Darkness does not accept a result of Mil being enclosed in a Coffin per the stipulation of tonight’s match, as such an action will see to defeat. She only asks Mil to break every bone within the body of the bloodied up Matanza so she can deliver that final kiss, or should i say, LICK of Death upon the closing moment.

Meanwhile, Ivelisse and Havoc are in desperate need of momentum, especially upon recently losing the Trios Titles and because of the loss of their partner Angelico, who is sadly injured, thus leading to the pair being forcefully tagged with Johnny Mundo, which is indeed another odd pairing. When the competitors hit the ring Taya sneaks to the apron to whisper something to Mundo, which doesnt receive well with Ivelisse, who only gets multiple calm down responses from Taya. It appears Taya may have forced Mundo not to open first as Ivelisse gets to instead, and against El Dragon Azteca. Azteca offers an opening handshake to Ivelisse, of which she accepts. Azteca paces around for a short time before eventually locking up with Ivelisse.

Ivelisse applies a waist-lock, only for Azteca to reverse as quick. Ivelisse gets taken to the mat by Azteca, but Ivelisse soon kips up and applies a hammerlock to Azteca to speedily take control. Azteca reverses, only to end up on the end of the arm drag counter by Ivelisse. Azteca and Ivelisse take one another down but roll out of both pin attempts before there is even a count. Ivelisse and Azteca try kip up at the same time but Ivelisse seems to take a spill but shakes it off for a handshake again, only this time something appears wrong with both legs. Mysterio tags and Ivelisse leaves the ring, tagging Havoc.

Havoc tags Ivelisse back in much later, to the chagrin of the argumentative Mundo. After Havoc splashes Azteca, Ivelisse executes an Inziguiri. Ivelisse kicks down Azteca following a quick double stomp off the ropes from Havoc and goes for the pin attempt, getting a near fall on the Trios Champion. Ivelisse nails a kick in the back of Azteca then drags him to her corner where Havoc tags in again. Ivelisse gets one last kick to Azteca before leaving the ring, while Taya is clearly fuming about Mundo not getting a tag from the female competitor. Ivelisse remains out for the rest of the match, taking a kick off the turnbuckles “accidentally” from Mundo at some point. In addition, Havoc takes the pin that sees to the Trios Champions retaining, and in the follow up to the result, Taya beats down Ivelisse after the match.

Lastly, we see Catrina lead Mil Muertes to his match with Matanza, the Graver Consequences Match for the Lucha Underground Championship which sees multiple coffins perched at ringside, of which a competitor must be sealed in for the other to gain victory. Despite a strong outing from Mil, who even put his hand through a coffin to prevent full closure at one point, he is eventually defeated by Matanza and the Monsters reign continues for a while longer, but what exactly does King Cuernos appearance at the end as the Coffins are dragged from the temple mean?

(Johnny Mundo, Ivelisse and Son of Havoc vs Azteca Jr, Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma)

(Catrina and Mil Muertes Segment feat King Cuerno)

Thoughts On Trios Championship Match:
Overall i wasn’t shocked to see the Trios Champions retain and go over, nor shocked to see a dysfunctional pairing lose, though, due to lack of spoilers on the net, i didn’t expect to see Taya go after Ivelisse, introducing a feud between the charismatic now rivals. Ive Loved Tayas work in Lucha Underground currently and the feud could do wonders for both and set them out as singular stars. The Match was really good, with me questioning Havoc’s status as a babyface at some point, and there’s no doubt this was another fast paced match full of great action.

– Catherine


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