TNA IMPACT RESULTS: The Hitwoman Continues to Make A Mark in the Knockouts Division (May, 10th 2016)

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Welcome All to a Rather Late Write Up of the Most Recent Episode of TNA IMPACT, updating you on all drama going on within a recently taken over Knockouts Division. This past week One Former Knockouts Champions battle with the current takes a sour turn (but then again when hasn’t Maria made things sour for the Feisty Ninja known as Gail Kim?)

Maria adores her image in front of her adorned mirror back in the Knockouts Locker room when shes approached by a less than pleased Gail Kim and the current Knockouts Champion Jade. Gail demands to know the reason for the two ladies being summoned to her, and the Knockouts President removes herself from her current imaginative state, turns to the two Knockouts and states that she indeed did want to see the both of them. Maria is assured that Gail Kim has learned her lesson from a few weeks ago, as did Jade at the hands of Sienna only a week before. Maria knows too well Gail is owed a rematch for the Knockouts Title of which she lost to Jade, and wants to bring forth a competitive match tonight, thus books for Gail to face Jade for the Knockouts Title. But of course the Villainous Maria has a catch, as this wont just be any match, as they will have to compete under Sienna’s watch. She believes Sienna’s presence will motivate both ladies to heighten themselves as competitors. Maria then excuses herself as Sienna steps up to both Jade and Gail, wishing them good luck. Coldly of course.

Gail heads out for the Knockouts Title Match, but before she can view the entrance of the competing Knockouts Champion, she is instead joined by Sienna who places herself at ringside, surely to do more than just watch the match. Regardless of her presence, Jade enters, but not without having her eyes on Sienna. Jade soon steps into the ring to officially defend the Knockouts Championship against Gail. As Sienna gives both an intimidating glance, the two kick off their match, beginning with a lock up. Gail tries to push Jade to a corner turnbuckle but Jade battles back with her own strength. Jade takes down Gail, only to be caught in her reversal. Gail has the champ caught in a side headlock, but Jade throws her off, only to be taken down by the veteran Knockout. Gail and Jade continue side headlock reversals, and Jade avoids a potential atomic drop attempt by Gail to take her down to the mat with the headlock still applied.

Jade knocks Gail back to the mat after a whip with an elbow. Gail only returns the favor when Jade runs the ropes, only to be slightly thrown off by a comeback arm drag. Gail strikes back with her own and the two engage in a stare-down as they maintain positions at opposite sides of the ring. Its Back to square one for the two as they look for the next lock up, leading to Gail instead rolling up Jade for a near fall. Jade returns the favor, scoring the same result through a body-scissor attempt. More roll ups only lead to the same result for Gail, and she catches Jade in an octopus hold into an arm drag. Gail additionally hurtles Jade about the ring with a hurricanrana. Jade uses her legs to catapult Gail and make the sudden comeback. Gail makes it to her feet regardless, requesting a handshake and seemingly accepting it before suddenly forearming Jade.

Jade and Gail go back and forth on forearm attempts, and Jade eventually takes over as she scores multiple forearms that knock Gail into a corner. Jade whips Gail from the same corner into an opposite, but Gail floats as she hangs to the turnbuckles, and she takes advantage of the landing from Jade to hurl forearms at her. Gail whips Jade back to the earlier corner but she matches up to Gail as she mimics her float in the corner. Jade nails a German Suplex and bridges to score a near fall on the contender. Jade gets to her feet, teasing using the cradle piledriver but Gail slips free with a reversal. Gail tries for a backslide, looking to use her strength also, but instead ropes Jade into a sudden short arm clothesline. Both Knockouts are down.

Gail makes it to her feet as Jade stumbles back to a corner. Gail lodges Jade onto the top turnbuckle, beginning to climb the turnbuckles herself. Jade throws Gail off the turnbuckles and down to the mat, but Gail quickly heads back up and forearms Jade, who springs into sudden action as she captures Gail in an armbar on the ropes. Gail tries hitting back moments later with the hurt arm, also using her leg to kick Jade on the apron and off it completely. Before Jade can do much more upon making it to her feet, Gail dives onto her. Gail rolls the champ back to the ring then warns Sienna to stay away as she tries to return to the in ring action. However the short exchange appears distracting as Gail is suddenly caught on the end of a suicide dive by Jade. Jade makes it back to her feet, rolling Gail to the ring then Sienna strikes, running Jade face first into the ring post and ending the particular match with a No Contest result.

Sienna further assaults Jade as she swings the champ into the steel steps side. Gail looks to avenge Jade and deal with the troublesome Sienna with an elbow off the apron. Sienna counters with a short arm reversal then sends Gail to the ring. Sienna floors Gail in the ring with the same finisher executed before to Jade, looking dominant for another week as she stands over another fallen Knockout in the ring.

(Jade, Sienna, Gail Kim and Maria Kanellis-Bennett Backstage Segment)

(Gail Kim vs Jade; Knockouts Championship Match feat Sienna)

Thoughts On This Match:
The Constant reversals and use of same offense from the fighting Knockouts represented well the competitiveness of the two and the match as a whole, making both look equally as strong, with the chemistry of the two being an added bonus, making their repetitive matches exciting though they tend to be repetitive a little too much. Regardless this was wholly to continue Sienna’s dominance and to represent the new evil stranglehold over the division, and Sienna is playing the role as the dominant Knockout well, and i hope to see them build Jade more and over Gail as a result rather than one feud take up much spotlight.

– Catherine


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