WWE RAW RESULTS: Flairs Face Pre Extreme Rules Embarrassment (May, 16th 2016)



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Welcome All to a Report on the Last RAW before Extreme Rules opens its doors! It honestly doesn’t feel like Pay Per View week, but for the women, they went out in style on this weeks Go Home Episode of RAW with another main event contract signing. In addition, an unfortunate injury sustained to a recently promoted Emma opened the door for tag partner Dana Brooke to deal with the current nemesis Becky Lynch in a Smackdown Rematch.

But before we get to either heated event, Maryse accompanies Miz to ringside to commentate during a match that per Shane McMahon and Stephanie’s Switcheroo booking, soon becomes a tag team rematch from smackdown. Per Stephanie’s decision making, faces and heels are forced to work for each other as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn battle Cesaro and The Miz, who is set to defend his Intercontinental Title against the three others this Sunday at Extreme Rules in a sure to be stellar Fatal four way.

Moving forwards, and right after a majorly awesome segment between Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose, we see both Becky Lynch and Dana Brooke walking in the back for their upcoming singles rematch. Unfortunately Emma has been shelved with an injury with no set return but this moment gives Dana a chance to shine as a solo star. Getting mic work before the match, Dana even gets to diss some extras in the back in her typical style before resuming her duty of heading to the ring, and thankfully to her own theme this week.

Becky enters first for the scheduled rematch as we are taken back to last week when Dana made her debut with a callous attack to a blindsided Lynch last week. She is followed by Dana, who (again) comes out to her entrance music. A Strong lock up kicks off the match, before Dana uses her strength to force Becky over to the corner turnbuckles. Dana breaks her grip on Becky then nails a knee to the midsection of the Lasskicker. Dana takes Becky to the middle of the ring, giving her her signature head pat before running the ropes and missing a clothesline to the evading Irish competitor, who fires back with a big uppercut. Becky mocks Dana then arm drags her before she can try to retaliate. She follows with another and then a dropkick, and Dana soon finds herself trying to take a breather on the outside, heading into retreat.

Dana seems adamant on leaving from there but soon sees Becky heading towards her on the apron and clubs her as she leaps forwards, leading to Becky crashing onto the floor. If that wasn’t painful enough, Becky is run head first into the barricade by Dana. An Angry Dana rolls Becky back into the ring right after, and rather than go into a pin, she hits a defenseless Becky with multiple forearms. Dana hits more offense then goes for the first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Becky. Dana stomps down on Becky to follow up the last offense before applying her submission. Becky knees Dana multiple times, managing to break from her grip. Becky hits back with forearms and a kick, and she forearms again. She sets up Dana in the middle of the ring and hits the ropes but ends up being taken out by the scoop slam from Dana. Dana bashes the head of Becky against the mat to showcase further aggression rather than pin. Dana eventually goes for another cover, again getting a near fall on Becky.

Dana charges over to Becky in the near corner, but Becky hits back. After blocking the attack, Becky looks to roll Dana away from the ropes but Dana stays clinging. Becky begins to gather momentum back with fiery clotheslines and an additional knee. Becky forearms Dana against another corner, whipping her back into it and kicking her before nailing an exploder suplex to Dana that sends her out of the corner. Becky takes the leg for a pin attempt, and like the many others, she gets a near fall. Becky thinks up a new strategy, soon scaling the turnbuckles but Dana uses the ropes to knock Becky down a little. After a forearm, Dana lifts Becky out of the corner, teasing using her finisher, but Becky slips free of Dana’s grip. Becky tries a roll up to no avail as Dana sits on her instead for a counter and gets the three count. Dana wins the match.

The feud between Kalisto and Rusev upped a scale this week also as Kalisto went to war with a former nemesis in Alberto Del Rio, only to be cost the match when Rusev attacked Kalisto’s long time tag partner Sin Cara backstage, bringing their brawl to the stage and onward while providing a distraction. After Kalisto’s Match closed, the US Champion saw himself caught in the excruciating accolade hold from Rusev as Lana proudly looked on.

Now for the biggest moment of the night for the women’s division. RAW presented to us another Main Event Contract Signing for the Women as Natalya and Soon to defend WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte would be made to sign the contract to make their match on Sunday, a Submission Match for the Championship which will additionally see Ric Flair banned from ringside, official. Shane and Stephanie, working together to provide the action for RAW in recent weeks, have a little exchange over crowd reaction before hosting the contract signing. Stephanie summons out Charlotte and her father, though Ric provides the massive introduction for Charlotte rather than Steph, while Shane takes the opportunity to call out Charlotte’s challenger, Natalya, before Charlotte can try to (immediately) sign the contract.

Natalya greets the McMahon’s but before she can get to her duty of signing the contract for Sundays Match, there’s something she needs to get off her chest, questioning where the respectful persona of Charlotte went, remembering when she was once a good person, remembering when she went over her to win her 1st Women’s Title back at NXT Takeover. Natalya states Charlotte got that win on her own rather than through the help of her “creepy” father (though he did stand by at ringside for this particular match for those who may need a reminder) and she wishes she was facing that same Charlotte that beat her at NXT but shes more than certain that the particular persona of Charlotte that was once respectful does not exist. After Natalya’s moment of speaking, Shane steps forward, allowing the Number One Contender to be the first to sign the contract for the match on Sunday.

Charlotte is next to speak as Natalya finalizes signing the contract, sarcastically labeling Natalya’s words as touching before stating that the Queen of Harts is Delusional. Charlotte believes the Greensboro Crowd aren’t here for Natalya, seeing them as her people instead due to the many moments the Flairs have shared in the particular city. Charlotte claims the crowd worship her before going off on them booing. Charlotte adds that the crowd cheer for a Flair, and she is just Nattie, before suddenly silencing Ric as he breaks out into Numerous Woo’s. Charlotte continues as she tells her fellow competitor that she is the Natalya she beat at Payback and the Same Natalya who will tap this Sunday at Extreme Rules. She then believes to continue talking about beating Nattie will be a waste of time and wishes to sign the contract which Shane trundles over with.

Charlotte reads over the contract then turns her attention to Stephanie and Shane, questioning the new written statement in the contract that the two McMahons may have snuck in. Ric gets mad over it as Shane explains that he has added a stipulation that will see Charlotte automatically surrender the Womens Title should Ric interfere by trying to appear at ringside this Sunday. Shane summons down Security should an angry Ric try to make any kind of move, then Stephanie announces that if neither Flair sign the contract tonight, they will even have Charlotte forfeit the title tonight. Charlotte hilariously announces that she will have to sign and does so. Stephanie announces upon noticing the contract signed that the match is official for this Sunday but Ric has a few words, angry still over the added stipulation. Ric hints at getting in a fight with Shane as Charlotte begins a near-Alicia-Fox Meltdown at his antics. Shane mentions the respect he has for Ric as the reason as to not fight him, but Stephanie declares otherwise, slapping the veteran Flair and sending him down to the mat. Charlotte is fuming, trying to go for Stephanie but instead the champ is taken down by Natalya, who captures her in the Sharpshooter and forces Charlotte to tap out only days before Extreme Rules.

(Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke)

(Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio; Non Title Match feat Sin Cara, Rusev and Lana)

(Charlotte, Natalya, Ric Flair, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

Thoughts On:
Becky/Dana: It is honestly so gutting to see Emma removed from the spotlight per her sudden injury, especially after how long its taken to send her back to the main roster and after all the hard work she has put into her character since bringing her heel work to the main stage. Regardless, the news opens up the chance to push Dana (and Becky) as singles stars and rivals, though i do believe they should push the feud over Extreme Rules rather than execute last minute booking for a match since more heat between the two is needed, and because despite handling the pressure of now working alone on the main roster, Dana may need more moves in her move-set for a Pay Per View match, even though i do believe she can pull that off easily. In their first RAW encounter, and second overall, its clear how much chemistry the opposers have and it’ll be interesting and nerve wracking to see what direction the Becky and Dana feud will go. Either way the feud should continue for the sake of both competitors in terms of gaining TV time and showing off competitors outside of the title picture to prove what else the women’s division is capable of. Who Knows. Maybe the sudden injury will reintroduce Eva Marie with the addition of Nia to join Dana with Emma eventually returning to make a stable and to trigger a face turn for Eva? Thinking too far ahead but anything is possible in WWE.

Contract Signing: Looking back at this segment, it was so refreshing and a moment of happiness to see additional stipulations thrown in the mix for the title match on Sunday, and i cant help but feel so happy for Nattie to share a main event segment with a fellow wrestler in the women’s division and to additionally come out on top to close RAW, even if this would usually mean the heel leaves with the momentum and victory by time the PPV has come. Looking through this segment shows how far Charlotte has come as a heel and how she has perfected her bratty boastful daughter of the famous Flair character to a point of hilarity and the closing moments were such a tease between Charlotte and Stephanie, almost like another angle that was never fully executed between AJ and Steph. Its evident Stephanie’s Babyface/Tweener run isn’t full course and due to end soon for some McMahon angle, so if an angle between Stephanie and Charlotte was to happen it would have to be sooner rather than later, and if Sasha beating Charlotte for the title is an official statement rather than a rumor for Summerslam this year, then it cant be happening then. The Segment made me additionally invested for Sundays Match and with Ric out of the way, anything could happen in terms of the finish, so it’ll be interesting to see whether the heel wins cleanly or whether even a Dana/Becky brawl spills out during the match like they did with the Intercontinental Title match at Payback, but again with the Submission match, the only way to win is to force the other to tap out, thus no disqualification would be called, so surely even an interference from Paige who may be owed a title match may not play a factor. It seems to me the match is finishing cleanly unless we have another corrupt referee angle. Heck Stephanie could even have the referee make out Charlotte was tapping to further dig into the Flairs. Like in the last paragraph, anything can happen in WWE.

– Catherine


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