WWE NXT RESULTS: One Road Closes, Another Furthers (May, 18th 2016)

alexa bliss 370

nxt peyton vs carmella

nxt nia vs bayley

Welcome All to a Most Definitely Action Full Write Up of this weeks Women-A-Plenty NXT Episode. This week saw the road close on the run of the Blake, Alexa, Murphy Factor (uncontrollable sob) as well as Carmella’s continuation in showcasing her skills worthy enough of a future title run against a vicious Peyton Royce. But most importantly, per last weeks booking Bayley would meet the intimidating Nia Jax in the ring for the first time since NXT Takeover London, where the two combatants previously battled for the NXT Women’s Championship, a belt now in the hands of Asuka, and a belt Jax is very much gunning for.

Opening the night are Blake and Murphy, joined by Alexa Bliss. The Former NXT Tag Team Champions are set to battle Austin Aries and a chosen partner eventually revealed as Shinsuke Nakamura per a segment last week that set up the clash. Unfortunately for fans of the trio (and for my heart as a big Blake and Murphy fan) we had to watch not only Alexa storm up the stage and out following another loss for the tag team, but Blake then walk out on a surprised and dumbfounded Murphy while Shinsuke and Aries happily celebrated not the first victory of theirs.

Carmella, after sounding off later in the show about Enzo’s unfortunate Payback Injury, is fully set to showcase her in ring ability to propel her towards a possible title match with Asuka, only she will have to surpass the vicious and captivating “Venus Flytrap of NXT” Peyton Royce first. Carmella emerges with her signature promo, followed up with the entrance of Peyton, who has a new entrance theme to accompany her continued gimmick. The Match opens with Peyton slinking into a lock up with Carmella that soon leads to Carmella being sent into a corner. Peyton breaks free when instructed but wastes little time in hitting Carmella with a number of kicks. Peyton gets in additional forearms then chokes Carmella against the top turnbuckle. Carmella is snapmared out of the corner by Peyton, who also elbows her in the shoulder. Peyton furiously applies a rear chokehold against the mat to Carmella, with Carmella soon gathering momentum, breaking from Peyton’s grip and rolling up the fellow competitor to get the first near fall of the match

Carmella jackknifes Peyton into her second pin attempt, this time being a one count result. Carmella uses her leg to drive Peyton to another side of the ring, hammering her with forearms. Peyton blocks the follow up kick from Carmella and sends her into the mat face first per her reversal. Peyton hits an additional knee and goes into her own cover, getting a near fall on the Princess of Staten Island. Peyton executes a series of suplexes to Carmella to get another near fall. Carmella attempts to fend off the vicious Peyton with forearm strikes, but takes a knee as quick into the midsection. Peyton hits a forearm followed by the missed Roundhouse when Carmella ducks. Carmella looks to make a comeback as she Lou Thesz Press’s Peyton against the mat and hits with forearms before sending her back to the mat with the second. Setting up her knee against a near corner top turnbuckle, Carmella runs Peyton into it, heading to the top turnbuckle after and nailing a hurricanrana off it to Peyton.

Peyton rolls into an opposite corner after the super-kick from Carmella. Carmella fires up, hits the bronco buster and executes the Side Russian Leg Sweep into her finishing leg scissor submission maneuver. Peyton eventually taps and Carmella gets the victory. Carmella wins the match.

Sometime later, we get an update on the troubles between Alexa Bliss, Murphy and Blake as Blake tries to talk things through with an easily furious Alexa Bliss. When Murphy steps in questioning the antics of Blake, Alexa hushes both of them then leaves the dead weight, having given up after going out of her way to get chance after chance for them only for them to lose. Blake and Murphy trade angry glances before Murphy steps away from the scene.

Moving onwards and to the main event of which the women share this week. Bayley, looking to earn a rematch against the current NXT Women’s Champion Asuka, takes on someone equally as hungry for stardom and a title run, a recently dominant performer in Nia Jax, with the match being their first since the storied clash from NXT Takeover London. Bayley emerges first, followed by the newly revamped entrance (camera shot wise) of Nia Jax who now appears to work alone. Bayley engages in a lock up with the much stronger Jax to kick things off, is driven face first to the mat but Bayley recooperates as quick. Bayley avoids Nia’s offense to apply a waistlock, but Nia easily breaks her off. Bayley begins to target the arm of Nia, but it does little to shake off the opposition. Despite Bayley avoiding two oncoming clotheslines, she soon dives into the arms of Nia but before there’s a potential slam attempt, Bayley locks in a sudden dragon sleeper. However, Nia, instead of fading, launches Bayley over one shoulder and sends her to the mat.

Nia stomps on Bayley and is caught in a headlock from the former women’s champ to follow. Bayley keeps gripped despite the atomic drop attempt from Nia. Nia floors Bayley with her own chokeslam variation when Bayley attempts to reapply her headlock, and Nia goes into her first pin attempt on Bayley, getting a one count. Bayley tries to knock away Nia as she takes herself into a corner, hitting Nia with some kicks, and tries multiple elbows right after taking a shoulder tackle from the more stronger opponent in the corner. Nia scoop slams Bayley as the crowd cries out for the former w omens champion, and Nia isn’t done there as she chokes Bayley against the ropes. Nia shoulder tackles Bayley, whipping her into an opposite corner but Bayley floats over to avoid the oncoming offense. Bayley forearms Nia but is sent back down via a short arm clothesline. After taking Bayley down, Nia covers and gets a near fall.

Bayley knees Nia, ensuring a little space as she manages to escape the corner and back away from Nia. Bayley runs Nia into the corner, splatting her head against the turnbuckle a number of times. Bayley continues to try make Nia groggy, leading her into the center and possibly into another corner post but instead Nia reverses and runs Bayley head first into the specific corner and Bayley is planted against the middle turnbuckle, collapsing back upon impact.

When we return, Bayley has recovered from the previous state, firing forearms at Nia, who pushes Bayley back and executes the sudden shoulder breaker for a near fall. Nia rams Bayley into the corner turnbuckle, one attempt indefinitely hurting the left shoulder of Bayley. As if things couldn’t be worse for Bayley, she takes only more pain when Nia drives her knee into her left arm. Nia steps and stomps on the same arm as poor Bayley struggles to loosen her up. Bayley tries to back off Nia using the unexploited arm but to no avail as Nia just attacks again. Nia nails a fast snapmare out of the corner and gets an additional kick to the back of the hurt Bayley. Nia applies a rest-hold, attempting to force Bayley into fading in the ring center but Bayley does not, trying to hit with some forearms. Before she can try to make the comeback, Nia flattens her with a reversal into a short arm clothesline. Nia gets yet another near fall on Bayley following the maneuver.

Nia continues with the offense to Bayley, eventually applying a bear-hug while tying the hurt arm of Bayley behind her back. Bayleys guillotine reversal falls flat but she slips out of the corner to avoid Nia’s retaliating offense. She Sunset flips Nia but Nia doesn’t tumble, but Nia is launched to the corner when Bayley uses both legs to kick her away. Bayley tries to get the lead with shoulder tackles and she readies for the elbow into the corner but Nia charges at her. Bayley avoids Nia, striking with kicks to the left leg of Nia to try knock her down a height. Bayley furthers this strategy as she attacks the same area through numerous dropkicks. Bayley struggles to whip Nia, who reverses with her own but Bayley clings cleverly to the ropes. Nia charges and slips above the middle rope and tumbles to the floor when Bayley moves to safety, taking this match to the outside for the first time in this match. As Nia rests up outside, Bayley attempts a baseball slide but Nia catches her. Nia teases a powerbomb but Bayley forces herself to the apron and kicks her before executing a hurricanrana that sends Nia whirling into the steel ramp flooring. Bayley rolls Nia back into the ring and heads upward to the top turnbuckle, readying for her next move. Bayley crashes into Nia per a diving crossbody off the top turnbuckle to get another near fall.

Nia counters Bayleys finisher attempt and chokeslams her in return, but it doesn’t finish Bayley as she kicks out of her follow up pin at two, to the chagrin of the still battling hopeful contender. Nia tries to splash Bayley against an opposite corner but Bayley moves to safety, leading to Nia being caught up tangled in the corner. Nia takes a bit of a landing with the left shoulder, which is soon targeted by Bayley for the Guillotine Choke of which Nia had submitted to before. Despite the near fade, Nia seems to power through but Bayley counters the potential move into a sudden DDT. Like Bayley before, it doesn’t make Nia fall, as Nia kicks out of the pin attempt that Bayley follows through with at two.

Bayley tries to make it back to her feet with the fans backing with much support. However before she can do anything, Nia splashes her against the corner and after blocking out the screeching referee she yanks Bayley to the near center and nails a leg drop to the back of one of Bayleys legs. Bayley is out on the mat and one last leg drop by Nia to the back of Bayleys neck seals the deal as Nia gets the upset victory, pinning Bayley. Nia wins the match, striding away while Bayley is checked on.

(Shinsuke Nakamura and Austin Aries vs Blake and Murphy w/ Alexa Bliss)

(Peyton Royce vs Carmella)

(Asuka Video Package)

(Nia Jax vs Bayley)

Thoughts On:
Carmella/Peyton: Again, Peyton proves a currently misused, yet to be pushed standout in the women’s division with a fully flourished character and ring skills to boot. Though her character relates in no way to Victoria, her whole heel character is giving me vibes similar to it which makes me hope that creative take it to that level should they choose to use her. Carmella is again proving her in ring work even if there wasn’t anything particularly new, but we’re sure to see more in the weeks to come, i expect. But if WWE are really keeping Carmella down at NXT with the scripted intention of giving her a title run, can they actually capitalize on it rather than use it as a backing reason because they may not have wanted to call her to the main roster with her boys? At the moment, NXT’s intentions with Carmella seem questionable to me.

Nia/Bayley: Easily on par, if not above the NXT Takeover London Rematch and for so long Ive been urging for NXT to allow Nia to show an expanded move-set and that match delivered it for me, even if the powerbomb on the outside never came to fruition. What made the match more spectacular for me was the storytelling. It wasn’t about competition and respect like Bayley and Becky Lynch, but rather about Bayleys ongoing, never to fade determination to take down a cruel beastly challenge in Nia and prove to be at the level she was as champion by overcoming whatever odds necessary, even if it didn’t work to her advantage in this instance. Nia’s victory is a definite upset in the eyes of most, and easily earns contendership status for Nia just by overcoming an opponent at the level that Bayley is in terms of how good in the ring she is and veteran status. Even if some aren’t sold on Nia as a competitor yet, some will buy tickets just for the idea of seeing Asuka compete, so its a win win situation for the upcoming behemoth of a clash. Great Match Overall.

– Catherine


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