TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Evil Maria Closes The Curtain On A Top Knockouts Chance to Re-Shine (May, 17th 2016)

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Welcome All to this weeks somewhat earlier IMPACT Report. Unfortunately this episode sees us bow out to another TNA Knockout last year no thanks to the shenanigans of a Villainous Knockouts Head Maria Kanellis when she went out of her way to randomly target Beautiful People Member Velvet Sky through the use of her debuting apprentice. Lets talk through what happened shall we.

Velvet steps through the back when she is approached by the recently signed Cherry Bomb/Laura Dennis, now known as Allie. Velvet was initially called to meet with the Knockouts Chairwoman Maria Kanellis who seems to be inexplainably elsewhere, thus has passed down duty to Allie. The Bubbly but sneaky Allie states Maria has no time to meet with Velvet, but jumps later to the situation, revealing Velvet has a match, but not a title shot like she could hope as that is clearly scheduled for someone else. One can Guess Who is High Up on Maria’s list. Allie excitedly reveals that Velvet is to challenge Sienna tonight, stating the newest Knockout to be tougher than her, which Velvet takes offense to as she gets in her face. Noticing the intimidation on Allie’s face, Velvet smiles and soon leaves, but not before finding out that an added stipulation in the particular match means Velvet will leave the company if she loses.

Moving ahead, and we see Velvet head to the ring for her possible last match. Her Opponent is, as revealed, Sienna, who makes her entrance second. The Former Allysin Kay is clearly not intimidated by any presence as she steps in the six sided ring. Sienna charges at Velvet right on the bell but Velvet easily moves away, taking advantage of Sienna crashing into the turnbuckles to roll up the tough competitor, getting a near fall. Velvet avoids the clothesline attempt by Sienna to roll her up again, getting the same result as before. Velvet aims a number of kicks as well as forearms at Sienna, then runs the ropes, only to run right into a massive boot from Sienna. Sienna begins to unload and showcase the momentum with kicks in the corner to Velvet. Sienna then whips Velvet into an opposite corner, but before she can unleash the follow up offense, Velvet kicks her, knocking her off temporarily. Velvet avoids the corner charge from Sienna and rolls her up once more. Velvet gets another near fall on Sienna.

Sienna rests up by the ropes, seeing Velvet’s oncoming attack coming and pulling down the ropes, leading to Velvet crashing to the outside ground. Sienna kicks Velvet upon heading to the outside then sets up to whip her into the nearby steel steps, only for Velvet to counter. Sienna crashes shoulder first into the steel steps, and Velvet takes advantage of a downed Sienna to kick her before rolling her back into the ring. Velvet follows Sienna back to the ring then attempts a pin, getting a near fall once again. After Triple Kicks, Velvet sends down Sienna with a neckbreaker, and like past pin attempts, the ending is just another near fall. Velvet clotheslines Sienna against a corner before planting her in the near middle of the ring per a running bulldog. This gets Velvet a near fall once more.

Velvet gets back to her feet, awaiting for Sienna to make it back to her own, then kicks her in the midsection. She Readies her next move but Sienna easily blocks it. Sienna takes Velvet to the ropes and Velvet runs back into a sudden kick by Sienna. Sienna executes her finishing maneuver to Velvet, getting her only pin and the winning pin on Velvet, thus ending the Beautiful People Members Third Run in TNA.

(Allie and Velvet Sky Backstage Segment)

(Sienna vs Velvet Sky)

(Velvet Sky Says Goodbye to IMPACT Wrestling)

(Mike Bennett and Maria Segment)

Thoughts On This Match:
I’m Honestly not surprised to see Velvet out of TNA but i cant figure why but it just maybe seemed like there was nothing more creatively they were going to find for her other than a possible feud with Madison like teased, cut by Velvet’s decision to leave. Maybe a feud with Allie was on the cards bt can they fit a third Knockouts Match at Slammiversary or does it just extend passed the PPV had Velvet stayed? Overall, as good as the match was it has followed the tradition of recent KO matches of being a little too short in length, and i did find it non surprising to see Velvet’s goodbyes to the crowd being cut from air, because something has seemed off between Velvet and Dixie, maybe im wrong. The Video TNA posted did make up for it but there’s no doubt that even if she wasn’t the strongest in ring worker, Velvet has indeed been one of the most popular Knockouts during her time in TNA, even if her reigns didn’t last as long as people would have hoped, and she is indeed classed as a Veteran Knockout, so because of her contributions it would have been a kind move to give her some kind of sendoff. Regardless Good Luck to Velvet in whatever she decides to do next and onward to whats in store for Sienna’s victims in the weeks to come.

– Catherine


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