LUCHA UNDERGROUND RESULTS: A Rejuvenated Sexy Star Looks Towards Big Opportunity (May, 18th 2016)

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As I Slowly round up wrestling reports for the week, another greeting is on the cards as i welcome you to this weeks Lucha Underground Report. Intergender action was very much on the cards this week as we see Kobra Moon featured in four way Action, plus Sexy Star joins many great Luchadors in an all important match to earn the Gift of the Gods Championship with Marty and Mariposa out of her way and reach.

Stars addition to the Gift of the Gods Seven Person Battle is announced by the Temples Jefe Dario Cueto, and the athletic one joins fellow competitors who had captured an Aztec medallion to earn an opportunity at holding the Gift of the Gods Gold. These particular combatants happen to be Cage, Texano, Sir Sleazy Himself Joey Ryan, El Siniestro De La Muerte, Aerostar and The Mack. Each leave the ring after placing their medallions in the coveted gold, minus Cage who has had his medallion stolen by Chavo Guerrero. Since he was unable to fend off Chavo enough to stop him inserting a medallion into the gold centered in the ring, Chavo has indeed stolen his place in the seven way main event as proclaimed by Dario but the Machine is far from fussed as he instead lays out his newest rival.

Famous B and Beautiful Brenda stand by in the ring as B introduces his client of the night Mascarita Sagrada, who is indeed competing against Argenis, Kobra Moon and Daga in a Fatal Four Way Battle. Sagrada is much in control for the first few moments until Kobra knocks him away upon leaping to the apron. Kobra slinks to the ring instantly to cover the smaller opposer, getting a near fall. Kobra ropes Sagrada into her shoulder numerous times before having her whip reversed. Kobra sunset flips Sagrada, who escapes the possible pin attempt. Sagrada misses a roundhouse and is taken down by Kobra who attempts to pin again. Kobra gets a near fall and nails a Scoop Slam to go for the next pin attempt of which Daga breaks.

Kobra seems appealed by the presence of Daga but it proves a rather fatal infatuation as Daga just chucks her from the ring instead. Argenis and Daga go at it for a while with the altercation spilling outside. Sagrada heads up the turnbuckles, noticed by Kobra who returns to the ring and runs into the smaller competitors flying crossbody. Sagrada rolls Kobra into his next pin attempt, broken by a behind dropkick from Argenis. Kobra regroups in the corner and on the outside before eventually returning to the ring only to be on the receiving end of a big kick by Daga. Daga executes a submission to Argenis while having Kobra caught on his back but Sagrada runs in, knocking Daga a little bit and breaking the submission to release Argenis at least. Meanwhile Kobra finds her way out of Daga’s grip, rolling Daga into a pin attempt of which Sagrada breaks as he kicks Kobra in the back. Sagrada rolls Kobra as Famous B continues the motivation tactics outside, but as Sagrada looks for his winning pin, he takes an echoing chop from Argenis.

As Daga takes Argenis back outside, Kobra returns with a basement dropkick in the ring by the ropes to Sagrada. A Hissing Kobra lays out Sagrada but instead of going into a pin she stares out a returning Daga, backing out and sitting by on the turnbuckles as Daga nails an impressive elbow to Sagrada then goes into the pin. Daga pins Sagrada to win the Four Way Match. Kobras intentions of hooking with Daga are given away through simple body language but Daga looks rather confused and leaves the ring as Famous B and Brenda are left to check on Sagrada.

Moving Much Later to the Main Event, and the Seven Medallion Holders, minus Chavo who never even gained a medallion but rather stole from Cage instead, return to the ring to compete in the seven way match to crown a New Gift of the Gods Champion. The Men kick off by dropkicking one another, leaving it down to Sexy Star and Aerostar. Star nails a Hurricanrana to Aerostar, then she charges over to Joey Ryan and additionally nails a kick to the midsection of the Sleazy One. Star uses her athleticism to duck from a clothesline, then comes out of a wheelbarrow reversal from Ryan and arm drags him across the ring. Star backslides Ryan for a near fall. Ryan gets a series of boos as he facepalms the charging Sexy Star, sending her to the mat. He Teases kissing Star, but Chavo storms in. Chavo seems to warn off Ryan then rolls up Star, and taking no chances, Ryan ensures the breakage as he he stomps at Chavo to break up the pin on Star.

The Two get into a verbal spat of which Star interrupts with offense, and she uses her legs to whirl around Ryan and Chavo before the Mack comes in with the assist. Multi Headscissors and dropkicks from Star and The Mack clear the ring of Ryan and Chavo. After clearing off their fellow athletes, intentions turn to there being only one winner as Star kicks off the offense exchange with The Mack, who seemed hesitant beforehand. Mack avoids Stars offense and Stars feet are soon grabbed by an intervening Texano on the outside. Texano and Mack then go at it in the ring. Siniestro soon sneaks into the ring to deal with a momentum filled Aerostar after Texano spills to the floor while Star seems to be checking up on Mack at ringside. Siniestro dives onto Aerostar, Texano and Chavo while Star limps around another side of the ring, seemingly trying to make it back inside. Star finds Ryan trying to make his own comeback as he climbs the turnbuckles, throwing Mr Sleazy by his pants off the turnbuckle. Star then joins the pack of Luchadors on the outside with a massive dive from the top turnbuckle.

Star returns to the ring later to dropkick Ryan after he breaks up a pin attempt from Aerostar. After some kicks, she chokes Ryan by the apron, then Mack joins in as he and Star unload with chops to the chest of Ryan. Mack assists Star with a unique double leg drop team combo to the former GutCheck Competitor before Star is booted to a side by a returning Chavo. However Chavo’s sneakiness and ferocity soon capture the attention of his fellow competitors, including Star, and the rest of the competitors gang up around Chavo, minus Ryan, who is still feeling the effects of some earlier offense in the near corner. Chavo takes a stunner from Mack, a Codebreaker from Star, a Powerbomb from Texano and a Springboard Leg Drop from Siniestro. Aerostar Springboard dives onto Chavo additionally to finish this finishing sequence as Cage emerges. Rather than go for Chavo as initially suggested, he lays out everyone, even averting the diving cross-body attempt by Star and dropping her onto the Luchador’s. Cage then oddly lays Ryan out and pulls Chavo over him for the pin. Chavo wins the Gift of the Gods title per the Supposed Heel Turn of Cage, but rather a set up for him to secretly get Dario to book a championship match between the two for next week.

Thoughts On:
Sagrada/Kobra/Daga/Argenis: An Excellent Fatal Four Way and im majorly impressed by Daga, who proved to be a massive in ring standout and i cant wait to see what else Lucha Underground do with him. Speaking of what could be brought creatively for him, there seems to be much interaction going on between him and Kobra, but Kobras character doesn’t seem the type to turn into a loved up valet as she serves up a sinister aura, so it’ll be interesting to see the segments that may come in the next few weeks to showcase her intentions and where the pairing could go if the trigger is pulled.

Gift of the Gods: Another standout main event. Sure its not to the level of last weeks Graver Consequences spectacle, but the offense was on point from everybody. The Definite MVP of the match for me had to be Aerostar because im just in love with how he executes his moves so crisp and perfectly, and The Finish proved to be one of those moments where you just have to watch the whole thing, defining the closing of a chapter so to speak. It wasn’t a heel turn for Cage, even if his bulky monstrous machine like self would serve easily as a bodyguard for a luchador, but rather a smart swerve of a set up for an exciting bout to execute revenge perfectly. Rather than leave plot holes in the storyline as to why Cage had appeared in the Boss’s office, they used the ending perfectly to give the answer. In my opinion, i honestly don’t know what to expect from Star for the rest of this season storyline wise but just like this match, she additionally continues to amaze.

– Catherine


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