WWE EXTREME RULES PREDICTIONS: Natalya vs Charlotte In A Submission Match for the WWE Womens Championship (May, 22nd 2016)

er submission match

So Here in Britain, it is Officially Sunday which means its time to gather up possible predictions for Extreme Rules, but one match in particular will be on the mind of Women’s Wrestling Fans, because as found out many weeks ago, Natalya will evoke her rematch clause to battle the reigning WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte once more, this time in a Submission Match.

Scheming Tactics from the Rival Flair Family ensured Natalya did not capture the Women’s Championship in her last bout with Charlotte at Payback, seemingly turning family friend Charles Robinson in favor of protecting the Heel Female Flairs Reign. Getting Payback on top of what she already had closing the women’s title match at the suitably named PPV, Natalya locked a constantly intervening Ric Flair, the Father of the Women’s Champion, in the Hart Family’s Signature Sharpshooter a night later on RAW and has since respectfully stood up for herself, and alone, against the Flair Family, and through a seemingly communicating Stephanie and Shane’s agreement, Charlotte will not be able to walk out of tonight’s Submission Match bout as Women’s Champion through any intervention by the Hall of Fame Father as Ric will not only be banned from ringside, but banned from attempting to interfere in the match at all, as any noticeable attempt will lead to his Genetically Superior Daughter being stripped of the Championship she had first captured at the 32nd WrestleMania. The Collaboration of communication between Natalya and the Powers Above have already thrown off Ric Flairs tactics once, showcasing the vulnerability of the Champion as to cause Charlotte to lose a non title bout, and the former NXT Women’s Champion will have to do the same tonight in front of a packed arena with her title on the line and no back up in her corner. ANYTHING Could Happen in this match as it is expected for Charlotte to retain and go on to her next program which could lead to a predicted dethroning at the hands of Sasha Banks. However Natalya could also win and either lose it at Money in the Bank in a booked rematch, or even to Sasha through Charlotte abandoning her scheming father in favor of a Beautiful Fierce Females Reunion for own evil intentions as to screw over Banks and insert herself into the title picture with the former friend in an expected Summerslam Clash. However i do expect a possible unclean finish involving exposed turnbuckles or unnoticed tapping under the ropes from Charlotte that is eventually shown on a replay to overturn a possible victory for Natalya, but as hard as it is to choose a winner as Ive backed Natalya for so long to get a needed title reign, the victory for me goes to Charlotte, with Paige or Sasha Banks waiting in the wings.

Tune into WWE Extreme Rules at 1am UK Time via the WWE Network or Sky Sports Box Office as Generational Rivals Collide in a Battle of the Best Submissions, a Match that will determine the Truly Superior Woman in the Womens Division. That and a rematch clause is additionally evoked in the main title feud as The Phenomenal One AJ Styles Challenges Roman Reigns in an Extreme Rules Match for the WWE Championship While “The Club” Cohorts Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Battle The Usos in a Tag Team Tornado Match.

– Catherine


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