WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: No Rocky Road For the Charismatic New Competitor (May, 19th 2016)

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Greetings All to the Last Smackdown Report before this weekends hype worthy Extreme Rules Pay Per View. As the Road Closes to the expectedly very extreme show, this weeks Smackdown sets sights on the secondary feud in the WWE Women’s Division as a sure to be aggravated Becky Lynch gets a ringside seat for her recent opposer Dana Brookes First Match on Smackdown since her in ring debut on the show last week, this time against a Certain Anti Diva Paige.

Paige is midway through her entrance while we get a view of Becky Lynch at ringside, having joined commentary and having a few words for Dana Brooke during her entrance, seeing her as very tough but not forgetting her partner Emma inflicting an injury to her some weeks ago. Anyway moving to the in ring action, Dana and Paige kick off their match with a lock up and Dana’s strength comes into play early as to force Paige easily to the ropes. Dana releases and Paige dashes into a lock up this time around, managing to push Dana to the ropes. Dana shoves Paige away, giving her a short mouthful before charging towards the Brit and being tripped to the ropes. Paige makes herself upright and knees Dana and she attempts to knee her again, this time against a corner but Dana sends her over the turnbuckles.

Paige blocks a forearm on the outside from Dana, nailing a shoulder tackle between the ropes and hitting her multiple knees to Dana from the apron. Paige does the signature taunt but in turn, takes her eyes off Dana and is soon sent crashing from the apron by the Killa’ Barbie. Dana heads outside, gesturing to Becky before soon taking the focus back to Paige, whose head she slams against the apron. Dana gestures to Becky again then rolls Paige back into the ring. Dana heads back to the ring, working over Paige with shoulder tackles against a corner to the fellow wrestler. Dana performs a handstand to show off her unique athleticism while choking Paige against the same corner with her foot. Dana rolls out of the corner and floors Paige with a big clothesline. Dana taunts to a booing crowd before attempting her first pin attempt of the match, getting a near fall on Paige.

Dana locks in a hold to Paige and Paige tries to reverse by forcing both shoulders of Dana to the mat for a near fall. Paige breaks free, only taking kicks from Dana before she can try to retaliate. Paige counters an attempted whip from Dana and kicks her in the face. Paige kicks away at Dana to begin to gather momentum, scoring a knee to Dana in the corner to follow it. Paige snapmares her out of the corner, kneeing her after and attempting to cover and getting a near fall result. Before Paige can set up the next move, Dana counters by snapping the jaw of the Brit. Dana places Paige on both her shoulders and executes her finishing move for the finish. Dana pins Paige and wins the match as Becky looks on.

Additionally Lana and Rusev are interviewed backstage by Renee regarding Rusevs upcoming match with Kalisto, set to happen this Sunday for the United States Title. Renee recaps the brutal assault from RAW from Rusev to Kalisto which Lana played no part in restraint wise. Because of this, Kalisto was ruled out of competing on Smackdown, but Lana only sees this as Kalisto being weak and that he is no champion at all. However Lana has much to say praise wise for Rusev, stating her soon to be husband as the Greatest United States Champion of all time. Rusev agrees to such a statement while believing his attack to Kalisto had made Kalisto humble, and after a foreign remark, he declares that at Extreme Rules he will take back the United States Title, and thus no one will chant in support of Kalisto.

(Cesaro vs Kevin Owens; The Miz w/ Maryse on Commentary)

(Paige vs Dana Brooke; Becky Lynch on Commentary)

Thoughts On This Match:
So it wasn’t a squash match like additionally reported. No Shocks There. Moving on. This was a pretty good match between Paige and Dana, and their first against each other. Dana’s charisma has been top notch on the main roster and i cant wait to see what else she adds to her move-set over time. Speaking of move-sets, as good as Paige’s past matches have been, and as much as we know what Paige is capable of as an in ring performer, she has recently been using the same moves, the knee strikes in particular, over and over that its almost predictable to guess what Paige will use in a match of the particular length, compared to her lengthy bout with Charlotte not too long ago. Putting that aside, it was a good match and ideally seeing another current vet put over a rising star. I Just hope WWE don’t lose track or sight of what they’ve got planned for Becky and Dana in the long run since there’s surely nothing scheduled for them at Sundays Pay Per View.

– Catherine


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