WWE EXTREME RULES RESULTS: Preventing A Victory With a Little Bit of Total Flair (May, 22nd 2016)

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Its not even 24 Hours Clear of a Swashbuckling Night of Insane Action as Just last night WWE brought to us its Extreme Rules Pay Per View of 2016. As Booked many weeks ago, Natalya would evoke her Rematch Clause from Payback and battle the reigning Women’s Champion Charlotte, only it wouldnt just be any match but a Submission Match with the current Authority engaging in the particular rivalry to ensure Ric Flair, the Hall of Famer Father of the Champion Charlotte, does not get involved in the match whatsoever, banning him from ringside with the additional stipulation meaning any attempt to run out would see Charlotte stripped of the very title she captured at the Last WrestleMania.

But before we jump to the expected conclusion of the current women’s feud, we cant leave out the It Couple of the WWE, aka Miz and Maryse. Maryse was on duty to support her husband at ringside for his biggest championship defense yet, a Fatal Four Way which would see him defend the Intercontinental Title against Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. In A Match of the Night Candidate, Miz would ultimately walk out victorious, additionally leaving his wife proud in the process.

She wasn’t the only proud mutual of the night as Rusev squatted Kalisto’s Chances at Victory and his reign and re-established domination by defeating the Lucha Dragon to become a 2x United States Champion. Lana was easily pleased at this, making her declaration earlier in the night that Rusev would once again become champion nothing more than stated truth.

Natalya and Charlotte take up the pre main event spot for this Pay Per View, a Spot the Women of NXT, Charlotte included, wouldn’t fear too much of considering they mainly steal the show in those particular spots on NXT Pay Per Views. Charlotte would be seen giving one last talk to Ric in the back before leaving to face the Challenger Natalya, making her way to the ring. Natalya enters first, followed by the lone defending WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, again sporting the robe reminiscent of the famous Robe worn by Ric in many of his in ring battles, so even if his presence isn’t there, his influence indeed is in a way. Before we get to this match, let me bring up the brought up fact that this would be Charlotte’s consecutive Pay Per View to compete in since her call up to the main roster. Despite noting to be seemingly ill, Eden is on introductory duty, introducing Charlotte and Natalya as Champion and Challenger before this Submission Match can be underway.

Natalya’s stare bores a hole into the Women’s Champion, who readies for combat. The Lone Champ engages in a lock up with Natalya to get the match started, managing to push Natalya toward the ropes. Natalya charges over to Charlotte, catching her in another lock up immediately switching into a take-down. Natalya takes down Charlotte a number of times, but with each attempt Charlotte gets back on her feet. Charlotte paces around the ring, her legs caught following another take-down from Natalya, who attempts to lock her signature sharpshooter early. Charlotte escapes this so Natalya gets to work on Charlotte’s legs instead. Charlotte struggles with Natalya’s grip but manages to counter eventually. Charlotte grips Natalya’s chin, also having the challenger struggle in a simultaneous submission. However Natalya does not submit, pleading no and getting to her feet before snapmaring the champ over her shoulder. Charlotte looks to execute a chop from the corner but Natalya avoids this and slingshots Charlotte to the mat.

Natalya nails a Basement dropkick to the face of Charlotte. She follows this up by forcing Charlotte into a Surfboard Submission, which Charlotte escapes in a unique way, breaking free from Natalya’s grip and rolling her way out after standing for a little time. Charlotte takes forearms after this, and is whipped into a corner, but the champ floats to the apron instead. Charlotte knocks away Natalya with an elbow then heads back to the ring only to be floored by Natalya’s Discus Clothesline Maneuver. Charlotte rolls outside then Natalya follows. Natalya grabs Charlotte by the hair, shouting in her face before taking a barrage of Flair-esque chops from the fellow competitor. After taking so many chops, Natalya looks to counter and does as she sends Charlotte’s shoulder into the nearby ring post.

Natalya follows Charlotte back in the ring, giving no mercy as she furiously fires forearms at her in the corner. A Forearm and Big Boot from Charlotte creates some separation between herself and the challenger, also reversing momentum. As Natalya had done earlier in the match, Charlotte gets working on the legs of Natalya by targeting them. Charlotte looks to set up her figure four submission, only for Natalya to roll through. Natalya secures an armbar to the screeching Women’s Champion, whose strength soon comes into play as she forces Natalya high up off the mat. Both Women are down following a huge power-bomb from Charlotte to Natalya. Charlotte only gives Natalya short time to recover before attacking her legs, locking in another submission on her to follow. Natalya summons up courage to force herself to the ropes as chants break out for her and she grabs the ropes, breaking the hold successfully. A Furious Charlotte stomps at Natalya by the ropes, and applies damage when she suplexes Natalya (and her legs) into the ropes.

Charlotte clambers to the turnbuckles, but not without cockily stepping over her fallen challenger first. Charlotte hits the moonsault from the top turnbuckle to Natalya but obviously cannot go for the pin attempt, and instead leaves the opposer screaming in pain as she applies a single leg crab. Again Nattie refuses to give in to the Champ and escapes the hold, almost instantly planting Charlotte via a German Suplex. Natalya applies the Sharpshooter, even managing to use much strength to prevent Charlotte from going back to the ropes, and as it looks like she may have the win there, a strange predicament happens as Ric Flairs Famous Entrance Music Hits. Believing Ric is about to emerge, Natalya calls for the bell, as this would initially set up for her to win via the stipulation being broken, but instead, in Another of Ric’s Robes, is Dana Brooke! Natalya is taken down per the interference by Brooke, but she throws off Charlotte, turning the attention to the recently promoted Superstar. Natalya grabs Dana by her hair and takes a forearm from behind by Charlotte. Charlotte locks in the Figure Eight and Natalya eventually submits, leading to Charlotte retaining her title, celebrating with Dana and the emerging Ric Flair.

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Kalisto; United States Championship Match)

(Rusev and Lana Backstage Segment)

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Cesaro vs Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens; Intercontinental Championship Match)

(Natalya vs Charlotte; Submission Match for the WWE Women’s Championship feat Dana Brooke and Ric Flair)

Thoughts On This Match:
Though i do believe the length of the match was expected to be longer, cut down by the long and extended match between Jericho and Ambrose, there’s no doubting the efforts Natalya and Charlotte put in in this match, even if it wasn’t their best match to date, plus it does feel fresh to throw in stipulations because it avoids repetitive pinfalls and brings in the ideal of as much damage as possible being inflicted via submission, making submission finishes less senseless compared to the quick finishes seen in shorter matches (submitting to a submission on a body part that hasn’t been exposed). I NEVER saw Dana Brooke being inserted into the title picture as an enforcer/cohort to Charlotte and Ric, and though its a confusing move considering this brings more than one mouthpiece to the heel side, Dana has showcased much charisma and is strong in that and in her mic work, plus getting to work with the Flairs can be seen as a massive privilege to someone still early in their career so this could be a golden moment in Dana’s Career. By the end of the year this could either see Emma and Dana renew their partnership like Natalya and Charlotte had many-a-time on NXT, or Emma return as a babyface and align with Natalya. Regardless i do expect Emma back as a heel later this year. The question remains now as to where the championship storyline goes. Are we getting Dana and Charlotte vs Becky and Natalya at Extreme Rules or a Fatal Four Way or Will a Money in the Bank Match for the Women take the center stage at the PPV (currently unlikely) over and on top of the possible tag match? Maybe RAW can fill these voids tonight.

– Catherine


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