WWE RAW RESULTS: Everybody Needs Good Neighbours and Inside Enemies (May, 23rd 2016)


charlotte turns on ric raw

charlotte turns on ric raw 1

Welcome All to an Unexpectedly Short Post Extreme Rules RAW Report, that being because we were served nothing match wise for the Women last night. So while the various take a breather, Charlotte, who is Still Your WWE Women’s Champion Stepped Back into the Spotlight with the addition of her new friend Dana Brooke and of course the Entrance of a Flair cannot be complete without the Main Flair himself, Ric but Oh How Things Went Sour from here…

Upon the Trio arriving in the ring, Ric wants to sound off on how proud he is of his Daughter for her accomplishments since the big title win at WrestleMania, this being despite the cheating tactics she and Ric have taken up to continue their stranglehold over the particular division of course. He adds that Charlotte prevailed last night even with her back against the wall, and additionally praises her for finding someone like Dana Brooke, insisting there would be no Talent Like Dana if it wasn’t for Charlotte. Somewhere Emma is scraping nails against a chalkboard at his very statement..

Ric proceeds to pass the mic to Charlotte, who proceeds to thank herself before being very accepting of Dana for choosing to align herself with the Champ in order to be the best. Dana is equally as happy by the decision, thanking Charlotte for giving her the privilege of sharing the ring with the Dirtiest Player in the Game. Charlotte tries to reflect on some past moments but gets slightly livid at the usual What Chants from the crowd with everytime she speaks, hitting back at them. She turns the focus back to the subject, telling Ric that she remembers her mother telling her that “Daddy will always be there for her” but this wasn’t the case as instead he was on Television, and after going off on the crowd again, she says she understands why Ric was out there and she wasn’t, because shes now the WWE Women’s Champion. She Declares that she couldn’t be anymore powerful or confident and now she understands how Ric Felt to be “The Man” because she is now “THE Woman”. Through this found confidence, she is now able to tell her Father what she has needed the courage to say, and she demands the Supportive Hall of Famer Out of the Ring.

Ric Looks Confused and Baffled as Charlotte continuously demands him out, and when he doesn’t, she blasts the older generation of being the same, of never wanting to leave the spotlight. She adds that she was compassionate enough to allow Ric to bask in her spotlight, and now its not about her being named the Daughter of Ric Flair or being known as that, but rather Ric being known just for being her Dad. Charlotte begins to flip as she claims that her spotlight now shines brighter than what his ever did, and she rips the audience in addition for making claims that Charlotte couldn’t carry out the rest of her career without him. Charlotte mocks her Fathers Heartache and declares him the Second Ranked Dirtiest Player in the Game below herself, and she has no time to be involved with those who are just second place. Charlotte makes it clear that she doesn’t need him anymore, accusing him of abandoning her, and the heartache he may feel is nothing like what she has felt in the past few years. She Refuses to Cry for Ric, but acknowledges how he is seen immortal to the WWE Universe, but Now to Her, Just Dead. She Summons Ric out of the ring, saying he can rather watch her shine on Television instead, and sings away with Dana by her side as the Heartbroken Hall of Famer strides to the back, caught out by his Daughters Menacing Actions.

In Addition, the New Challenger for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Seth Rollins ends up bumping into a face from his past, that being Stephanie McMahon, but doesn’t get the usual Happy Greeting from the Member of the Authority like back in the day when they ultimately backed him. Seth is left dumbfounded as Stephanie notes that things have changed, and rather than embrace, she gives him a business like handshake.

(The Miz w/ Maryse vs Cesaro; Money in the Bank Qualifier Match)

(Seth Rollins and Stephanie McMahon Backstage Segment)

(Charlotte, Dana Brooke and Ric Flair Segment; Ric Flair Face Turn)

Thoughts On This Segment:
I Was Disappointed with how there was no match follow up or any confrontation from any Woman in the Back to Charlotte over her actions, or how there was no explanation as to why Dana had joined the side of the Flairs in the first place, but it was a clear rewrite during the show in what was originally mentioned as a Championship Celebration during the Kickoff show. Charlotte did seem to struggle in small moments, but at the same time also delivered her best heel mic moment to date, almost serving to the level of Stephanie McMahon of Utter Trolling and Agitation towards the crowd. I Think the ending moments served as the best part of her segment, and utter kudos to her for holding herself together as i again mention how she struggled on some parts. As I Question what exactly the script was trying to give off by writing that Ric had “abandoned” Charlotte, I Question who now feuds with Charlotte, and whether Ric not being at her side will be a deciding factor in Charlotte Picking up Victories, like her match a few weeks ago with Paige due to his influence being removed by One Shane McMahon. Unless they are moving towards a filler tag match at MITB with Charlotte and Dana vs Becky and Natalya, i wouldn’t be surprised if Ric brings back Sasha to attempt to overthrow her early, extending into Summerslam, or even manages Nattie for one more rematch, or referees a Triple Threat with Becky and Natalya and swerves by rejoining Charlotte. Hopefully Smackdown brings to light whats going on with the main women’s storyline, and only one right now it appears.

– Catherine


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